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Rosabella Gwenivere Phantom (Ghostglare)
Vital statistics
Title Hogwarts Student
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 5'8 1/2
Hair Colour {{{hair colour}}}
Eye Colour {{{eye colour}}}
Race Human, Metamorphagus, Pureblood
House Slytherin
Year 3rd
Wand Ebony 11 1/2, pheonix tail feather
Wand Arm left
Family (Supposedly) Mellissa Phantom

Solomon Phantom

Tuesday Phantom

Solomon Phantom Jr. (Mother, Father, brother, sister)

Alicia Green

Damion Ghostglare

Yuki Ghostglare

(real mother, father, twin)

Affiliation(s) Hogwarts

Phantom Family

Slytherin House

More Info


1 Snowy Owl named Chrome,

1 Pekingese type dog named Puddles

2 Snakes named Yin and Yang

(Er, don't tell anyone about the snakes. They tend to... Bother some people...)






Rosabella G. Phantom is a pure-blood witch who was born on October 28, 2001, with her twin Yuki Ghostglare, making her 12 years old. Rosabella is one sixteenth Japanese and caucausian. She had grown up not knowing her true family because she was kidnapped at the age of 1 and a half. She doesn't know about this, but she always knew there was something "off" about the Phantoms. Ironically, her best friend is none other than her own twin sister. Rosabella and Yuki don't suspect that they are twins, as they both alter their appearances which makes it hard to tell that they look alike. Because of her fun, bold personality, the sorting hat wanted to put her in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but it sensed a darker personality within her, so she was put in Slytherin. Plus the Phantoms hinted that if she didn't get into Slytherin, she would be disowned.


Rosabella is a fun loving, easy-going, and adventurous witch. She is somewhat intelligent and has a modern, almost "geeky" style, but keeps it hidden to avoid getting teased by her peers. She gets in trouble very often, but makes up for it in grades, having some of the best grades in potions, astronomy, and DADA while having average grades in everything else. She is also very sporty, and loves to play muggle and wizard sports alike, especially quidditch. In fact, she's the keeper on the Slytherin quidditch team. She loves playing pranks, especially using magic, because it's so easy. She's very kind, and rarely has enemies. She also loves to talk, and can rarely be found not talking. As mentioned earlier, Rosabella has a darker personality that was built into her by Solomon Phantom, the man who kidnapped her. Whenever Rosabella does something wrong and he finds out about it, he will hit her repeatedly or preform the crutacius curse in a fit of anger. When he's done, he'll obliviate Rosabella's mind so that she doesn't remember. While at home, Rosabella tries to fit in with her family as much as she can. She wears fancy, expensive clothing, mostly dresses her mother buys for her, and puts her hair in a bun. She acts very cold and calculating, compleatly hiding her other personality. She'll also try to speak in a British accent instead of her American/slightly southern accent as that is how the Phantoms speak.


Her natural hair color is a platinum blond, but being an metamorphagus she changes her hair daily. During


classes she sports her natural colored, curly hair with some of it tied in a side ponytail, but between and out of classes she'll change it to something more interesting, like a green, short bob, or grow it to her knees and make it is purple. Her natural eye color is a deep, deep blue, which of course, she changes as well. She's tall and slender for her age, being at 5'8 1/2 and weighing 103 lbs. She has a fair skin tone that she, again, changes sometimes, like to green, to scare the other 1st years. Sometimes she finds that she has rather unsightly sores, scratches, and purple bruises on her arms, chest, and legs, but can't remember where they came from. (From Solomon's abuse.) However, she just disregards them and tints bruise back to her skin color and hides the cuts. Rosabella's voice is somewhat sweet and has a very faint southern accent because she had been brought up in a Brtish family, but she truthfully cames from a Louisiana family, and she had already adopted a little of the New Orleans accent.


Rosabella's Signature

Spell List[]

First Year Spells[]

  1. Bluebell Flames
  2. Cistem Aperio
  3. Protego
  4. Expelliamus
  5. Hover Charm
  6. Incendio
  7. Inflatus
  8. Lumos
  9. Locomotor Motis
  10. Wingardium Leviosa

Second Year Spells[]

  1. Alohomora
  2. Ascendio
  3. Bubble Head Charm
  4. Carpe Retractum
  5. Serpensortia
  6. Dissendium
  7. Flipendo
  8. Fumos
  9. Glacius
  10. Reparo
  11. Inpedimenta
  12. Illegibilus
  13. Jelly Brain Jinx
  14. Ventus
  15. Tarantallegra
  16. Slug-Vomiting charm

Spells Learned in Classes (Admin Approved)[]

  1. Aquamenti
  2. Incendio

Spells Learned Elsewhere (Admin Approved)[]


Standard Classes -

  • Potions
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Transfiguration
  • Herbology
  • Charms
  • History of Magic

Chosen Classes -

  • Wizard Art
  • Wandlore
  • Dumbledore's Army
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Astronomy


Ashley Flame - Has a bad reputation around Hogwarts, but Rosabella likes to look at the best in people, and looks up to Ashley. She hopes to get through her cold exterior and become good friends.

Cleo Cyberstorm - A girl that Rosabella rightfully assumes is not human. She sat in the same booth with her on the Hogwarts Express, and thinks Cleo's nice, but a little weird because of her strange speech patterns. Rosabella only talks to Cleo about homework, schoolwork, and the other geeky stuff she's into to avoid teasing from the other girls.

Yuki Ghostglare - Rosabella's best friend. Secretly, Yuki is Rosabella's twin sister, but they are both unaware of it. They met in a booth in the Hogwarts Express with Cleo. Yuki and Rosabella share similar physical traits and personalities.

Andreana Clockwork - A neighbor of Rosabella. Rosabella's parents told her to stay away from Andreana because she's a muggle born. Rosabella doesn't believe in the whole blood status thing, but she still stays away from her because, in her opinion, Andreana is really annoying. Andreana, however, insists on having a friendship with Rosabella and constantly pesters her.

Maddox Dimension - A boy Rosabella met at the Great Feast. Along with Yuki, Maddox is one of her best friends. Only Rosabella and Yuki know about Maddox's true past, a life in another dimension. Rosabella sees that Maddox is nice and sensitive on the outside, but also realizes that he can be somewhat aggressive and powerful at some times.

Sergius Boniface - Rosabella has a small crush on Sergius. She met him in the Slytherin Common room and explored the Lost Tower together

Life Before Hogwarts[]


Phantom Villa

Rosabella Scarlett Ghostglare was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, three days before halloween. Two minutes after she was born, her twin sister, Yuki Vivian Ghostglare was born as well. Yuki and Rosabella's hair kept changing color, from black to pink to gold to orange. This was not uncommon in the Ghostglare family. The Ghostglare family was rather wealthy, because an important ancestor, Gwenivere Ghostglare, as well as three other people, founded the Hudskell school for Wizards and Witches in New York, USA. When Rosabella was one and a half, the Ghostglare Estate was raided. Nothing was missing, except for Rosabella Ghostglare herself. The kidnapper? Solomon Phantom. Solomon and Mellisa Phantom were enjoying a vacation in America with their two foster children. Solomon has something like a "third eye" and one of the effects is that he can sense how strong a wizard's or witch's power is with just a look. (Along with other abilities.) This is what happened when he looked at Rosabella on the streets of New Orleans with Alicia. He wanted only the most powerful wizards in his family, an he sensed great power in Rosabella, even though she was only a baby. He had gotten his foster children by doing this as well. When the Phantom family went back to their mansion in southern London, Mellissa claimed that she had adopted another child. Rosabella had a fine childhood with the Phantoms. They treated her well and all, but Rosabella always felt that there was something weird about her "family." Before Hogwarts, Rosabella went to Charm School and has some background in charms and other type of magic. She still doesn't know of her true family.

Family (True)[]

Mother Alicia Tess Green was born in a small house in Sacramento, California, on April 5, 1974, to Yuki Green


(née Hashimoto) and Douglas Green. She is half Japanese and half American and comes from a pureblood family. When she was seven, her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to Tokyo, Japan. When was of age, she got her wand (cherry, dragon heartstring, 12 in) and attended Mahoutokoro University of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In her fourth year, her mom died of an illness and she had to move in with her father. She transferred to Hudskell School for Witches and Wizards, America's wizarding-world school, (besides the one in Salem, MA) and was put into the house Ghostglare. There, she met her friend and future husband, Damion Ghostglare. They married when they were both 25, after some world traveling. She gave birth to twins on October 28, 2001, when she was twenty seven years old. These daughters were named Rosabella and Yuki. (named after Alicia's mother.) One and a half years later, The Ghostglare Estate was broken into, and the first born twin, Rosabella, was taken by an unknown kidnapper. Heartbroken, Alicia and Damion sold their estate and took one and a half daughter Yuki to Damion's hometown in northern London, where they moved into Damion's first home in a forest. They now live their lives like any normal wizard would, and now their daughter Yuki is a first year Slytherin at Hogwarts. She has not told Yuki that she has a twin. Alicia is a kind and beautiful witch, with her fair skin and long, curly, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She used to be very cheerful and energetic, until the disappearance of her daughter.

Father Damion Alec Ghostglare was born on December 17, 1974, in a forest mansion in the province of Kent, England, to Anastasia Ghostglare (née Petrova) and Alford Ghostglare. He is one quarter Russian and comes from a pureblood family. Damion lived in a large mansion in London until he was 10, when his parents decided to

File:Damion Ghostglare.jpg

Yes. Rosabella's dad is Leonardo DiCaprio.

move to New Orleans, Louisiana to move into Gwenivere Ghostglare's huge estate was. Damion disliked this idea, because he was looking forward to going to Hogwarts. He still moved with his parents to America. When he turned eleven, he got a letter from Hudskell School for Witches and Wizards, bought his wand, (Oak, Dragon heartstring, 13 in,) and was sorted into the house of Ghostglare. (Naturally.) When he was in his fourth year, he befriended a transfer student named Alicia Green. After graduation, he took her to see the sights of the world, and married her at age twenty five. His wife gave birth to metamorphagus twins, Rosabella and Yuki Ghostglare. One and a half years later the estate was raided and one of his beloved daughters, Rosabella, was taken. Saddended by this, he moved back to his hometown with his daughter and wife back to his hometown. Yuki now attends Hogwarts, Damion's dream school, as a first year Slytherin. He has not told her that she has a twin. Damion is very sporty and fun-loving, being a star Quidditch player. He's a bit more stern and stiff now, without Rosabella. He has dimples,platinum blonde hair, and purple eyes.

Sibling Yuki Vivian Ghostlare was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 28, 2001 to Alicia Ghostglare (née


Green) and Damion Ghostglare. She is one sixteenth Japanese and the twin of Rosabella Phantom. (Ghostglare) her sister was kidnapped when Yuki was only one and a half. She is a first year Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her best friend is, ironically, Rosabella Phantom, and doesn't even know she had a twin in the first place, let alone know that Rosabella was her twin. Yuki's a bit of a troublemaker, like Rosabella, and has rather horrific grades, unlike Rosabella. She doesn't like work. Click here for more information on Yuki.

The Phantoms[]


"Yes, yes, dear, go on ahead, I'm busy. Come on, Solomon, I have more shopping to do!" -Mellissa to Rosabella and Solomon at King's Cross Station in 2012.

"Mother" Mellissa Jayden Phantom (née White) was born in 1973 to Eliza White (née Montrove) and Azerof White. Her history is unknown, only that she married Solomon Phantom when she was 23 and he was 27. She is unable to have children, so her and Solomon "adopted" three children, Tuesday, Solomon Jr, and Rosabella. She is a snobby 31 year old woman who loves to spend her husband's money on clothes and jewelry. She especially favors Rosabella because of her physical features and also favors Tuesday for her intelligence. She has shiny, long black hair that she takes pride in. She has beautiful hazel eyes that, if you look closely at, can see just a glint of crazy.

"You insolent girl! You dare disobey me, your father?! I warned you what I would do! Crucio!" -Solomon preforming the Crutacius Curse on Rosabella for going to Italy with Sergius Boniface without his consent. (Rosabella had an obiviate spell put on her, so she doesn't remember this.)

"Father" Solomon Zach Phantom was born in 1969. His history is unknown, only that he married Mellissa Jayden


White when he was 27 and she was 23. Solomon has a sort of a "third eye," where he can read minds, read behaviors, and sometimes control peoples minds, along with other abilities having to do with the mind. When he uses it, his right eye glows a neon purple. One of his most used abilities is to sense other wizard's powers and weaknesses through aura, something known in Divination that everyone supposedly has where if it is strong, meaning you have great power, a person like Solomon would see a clear red glow around you. (Usually an average witch or wizard has a turquoise color) Because Mellissa can't have children, he chose his adopted children using aura. Both Tuesday and Solomon Jr had a gold aura, meaning they had free-flowing energy. He's stubborn, arrogant, and a perfectionist in every way. He, along with his wife, are pure-blood and hate half bloods and muggle borns.

"Yes, you get to go to the best school the wizarding world has to offer and I get to go to a 'second place school.' I ALWAYS have to be in YOUR shadow, even though I'M the older sister!" -Tuesday, complaining to her younger sibling, Rosabella.

"Psh, who needs good grades when you get all the ladies?" Solomon Jr, praising himself to his younger and older siblings, Rosabella and Tuesday.

"Siblings" Tuesday Breanna Phantom was born in 1997 to unknown parents. When she was 3, she was adopted


by the Phantoms. She is 1 year older than biological brother Solomon Jr, but he wasn't adopted until a year after Tuesday was. She has a gothic style, but with a snobby attitude. She has short, jet black hair with blue, razor cut ends. She has icy blue eyes and a long face. She goes to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and is in the house Ombrelume. (house info here )


Solomon Zach Phantom Jr was born in 1996 to unknown parents. He was 3 when he was adopted, one year after his biological sister, Tuesday. He is very sporty and loves quidditch. He's a brawn-over-brains type of guy, meaning he's a bit stupid, except when it comes to sports. He has a long face like his sister, but with hazel eyes. He has very dark brown hair. He attends Durmstrang Institute and is in the Atticus house. (house info here )

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