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Rosalea Fern




8th March 2001




John Fern, Christine Fern (adoptive parents), Janette Stone, Alecai Stone and Lyrica Stone (real family)

Blood Status:

Pure-blood (real), half-blood (fake)






Hazel wood, Dragon Heart string, 11 and 1/2 inches

Rosalea Jane Fern is a 1st Year in Slytherin and is the lost sister of Lyrica Stone who is in Gryffindor. Rosalea's parents are Janette Blengton and Alecai Stone. As a child Rosalea was kidnapped by a pure-blood named John Fern who raised her with his wife Christine Fern until she got a letter from Hogwarts. She has common interests with Lyrica Stone but are against each other as they are in the opposite houses but still they are friends in a way. She is a twin in birth with Lyrica Stone so she is exactly the same age as Lyrica but is older by a few minutes. After she met Lyrica she found out that Lyrica is her sister but they don't talk about it that much. Rosalea has an interest in Charms.

Rosalea is a metamorphmagus so that means her appearance always changes if she feels like it and is best friends with Lyrica Stone


Lyrica Stone - Lyrica Stone is Rosalea's long lost sister and is the best of friends with her.

Stella Starr - Stella Starr and Rosalea met during their first year.


Rosalea is a metamorphmagus but her usual look is blonde hair with a blue eye and a brownish gold eye with pink lips.


Rosalea was raised okay by the Ferns but still has some traits from the Stones such as bravery and beauty. Her personality is bad in a way that she is short tempered and is rude to people who anger her. She is a good person to know if you are very close to her.


  • Flying - The Ferns taught her how to fly on their family broom and she gained a lot of experience from flying.
  • Quidditch - Rosalea has not ever played a Quidditch match yet but her father taught her how to play all positions while she was living with them.
  • Magic - Rosalea is an average witch at doing magic.

Spell List

  • Anapneo
  • Anti-Cheating spell
  • Bluebell Flames

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