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Rosaline1 (2)


Birthday 21st january
Age 18
Status alive
Pronunciation ROSE-ah-leen (or -lyn, she doesn't care) CRESS-lee
Family mother; uncle; cousin
Handedness right
Gender female
Orientation "no clue" (probably a lesbian)
Relationship single
Nationality american
Speaks english; latin american spanish
Species witch
Blood Status halfblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color dark brown
Height 5'7"
Model natalia castellar-calvani

It's no secret that Rosaline is beautiful, even though she puts minimal effort into her appearance on a good day and absolutely none on the bad ones. Her height must be from her father because her mom was nowhere near 5'7", and her figure is on the toned and slender side thanks to so many years swimming and hiking in California. Her pride and joy, if you can call it that, is her hair: long and thick, along with her eyebrows (yes, they're natural - also a gift from her father), though she's noticed that her hair has changed colour recently, from a light sandy brown to almost black. How strange. Her eyes are also dark brown and extremely expressive - her mother always said they sparkle when she's happy.
Following a very lacklustre graduation from Hogwarts and an uneventful few years pottering around London, it didn't take long for Alyssa Cressley to pack her bags and head back to the States on her twenty-first birthday. She landed in Los Angeles with little more than a hundred dollars in her pocket, her older brother's phone number scribbled in a notebook and - yes, you guessed it - a dream. Can you see where Rosaline gets it from? It wasn't a very successful dream either: a talented potioneer, Alyssa had hopes of integrating herself into the thriving potioneer community on the outskirts of the city but what do you know? The American DreamTM sucks. LA was expensive and crowded and she barely lasted a year and a half before selling pretty much everything she owned for the second time in her life and relocating to a one-bedroom condo in the small town of Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County in California. There she met a Muggle elementary school teacher, Jaime de Reyes, and thus Rosaline came into the world.

Three kids appeared inside five years before Jaime decided that happy families wasn't really his scene and bounced, leaving them behind with one wage and all the debts; though they got by on what little money her mother could bring in, working three jobs and writing short stories for the local newspapers, it taught Rosaline early on that you have to work to get anywhere in life. And not to trust men. Call it an overreaction, but the disappearance of her father so selfishly has left a bitter taste in her mouth; if a man can leave after having three children, what's keeping them there in any other commitment? The estrangement also detached Rosaline rather forcibly from her Puerto Rican heritage, though she quickly grew to convince herself that was a conscious choice. She barely even speaks Spanish, and what little she does is due to its prevalence in California.

Speaking of California, Rosaline has mixed feelings over the tiny beach town she spent her childhood in. The beach was beautiful and she learned to surf before she'd even started school, and barbecues in the back garden with bottles of cola as the sun set are some of her most treasured memories. But her favourite thing about the place? Its perfect location: situated on Route 101 and equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Road trips were a common occurrence in her childhood once her mother had enough for the gas; sure, brooms are fun and Floo gives you a rush, but there's nothing like soaring down a highway with the windows down and your feet up on the dash. Why do you think she likes cities so much? Half of the fun is getting there.

Magic was always expected of Rosaline, especially after her brother began showing signs when he sneezed and the teapot exploded. That was a fun afternoon. But her first sign didn't come until she was nine years old and totally unsuspecting, getting so frustrated at her inability to master a piano arrangement that she was about to kick the stupid thing when every single key detached and flew off. Literally. They sprayed like bullets across the room and gave her a nasty black eye for the next three days.

Ilvermorny was a nice school to attend, if somewhat demure; its diversity and focus on wandless magic excited Rosaline and she quickly made some friends, if you can call them that. Her personality typically doesn't allow best friends but if she ever had some, they were there. So imagine Rosaline's utter joy when it was announced she would be participating in the Ilvermorny-Hogwarts exchange program in her fourth year, setting off from the Damen Blue Line subway station and carrying on straight into hell. Merlin, she hated it. No friends were made and she felt out-of-place in every possible way amongst her peers, most of whom were incredibly... weird. The weather was shit, the knarl she befriended in Magical Creatures club was taken away after it bit another student (he deserved it) and, most importantly, her mother was sent to Azkaban.

Now, this is where things get weird. The owl came on Christmas Eve, of all day, and explained in size-12 typewriter font that Alyssa Cressley had been arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban Prison with no possibility of release. To this day, Rosaline still doesn't actually know what her mother did; it was extremely out-of-character for a quiet and mousy woman who painted book covers by hand in her spare time. There was no crime in the letter and the aurors never sat Rosaline down and actually told her what happened, and in the one and only visit she had with her mother, the woman didn't say anything. She just sat and cried for the whole hour, shivering in her stripey jumpsuit, and Rosaline made a promise that day that she'd never go back. That chapter of her life is over.

Of course, having your mother ripped away from you and then being stuck in a foreign country for the rest of your education is a pretty disorientating experience. Not wanting to look for her dad or bother her uncle and his perfect family, she decided to take the hit and move into Lil' Bundles, then into a random Muggle hostel when she turned seventeen. Her mother's work ethic stays imbued in Rosaline's bones and she picked up two part-time jobs on top of studying, with all the wages stashed in jars under her bed and one goal: to hire a car and run away to Las Vegas. At least there, she can be a new person.

But still, she's always had the feeling that something is... off about her family, and she can't quite put her finger on it. After Azkaban!gate, she spoke to her uncle Ryder and learned of his genius-level intellect and his wife being an ex-assassin, and apparently her father was a shady piece of shit too? Huh. And her hair's been getting darker recently. It's probably nothing.
To say that Rosaline is a bit of a wild card would be an understatement. There is a very specific image that she's going for in her mind and in order to achieve it, she simply must live outside of the box a little: and if that means drinking, getting illegal tattoos in back alleys or running away to foreign countries at the drop of a hat, then that's what she will do. Her impressionable nature is responsible for the majority of the shit she gets herself into. If you catch Rosaline on the right day at the right time, she will say yes to just about anything; she has an extremely open mind and doesn't judge anybody's situations, especially since it's not like she can much with a mother in Azkaban. She is, however, very quick to judge whether she likes you or not - within a few minutes of meeting you, she'll have sized you up and put you in one of two categories: "worship the ground you walk on" and "want you dead". What can she say? She works in extremes, always has.

Her attachment issues are a direct result of both of her parents being ripped away from her, completely out of her control; assuming people will leave is now her default setting, which often leads to her being utterly devoted to the object of her affection for a while then leaving before they have the chance to leave her. It's a backwards philosophy but it seems to have kept her safe so far. It does make it very difficult to find friends, though; if she doesn't immediately like you on instinct then she simply won't bother to even try, but if there's a chance, she will do practically anything to get you to like her. Well - if you're a woman, she will. You won't catch Rosaline dead trying to impress a man.

Once the Friend™ has been acquired, she'll warm up a little bit, and you might be lucky enough to see the genuine California calm underneath all the Vegas outer shell. Fiercely loyal, Rosaline is the type of friend who will go and hex the person giving you shit without you needing to ask; mostly out of genuine protectiveness but also so she can earn some kudos from you and level up in the friendship ranks. It's extremely rare for her to do anything that doesn't benefit herself at least a little. Anything more than friends is another issue in itself - she's a lazy flirter, happy to exchange heated compliments or more if she's drunk comfortable enough, but don't expect to get much further than that. There's a whole lot of growing she needs to do before she - ugh - commits. Besides, she gets bored far too easily for that, and will catch the ick over the slightest of things. If she ever ends up genuinely falling for someone, they'll have to be, like, her soulmate or something. And they don't exist.

She's a smart girl, too. Intelligence runs in the Cressley family and Rosaline's no stranger to it; while she may lack logic in her social interactions, it prevails in her academics, with a long line of straight Os even during the time her mother went to prison. Chess and card games are her specialty (which when combined with her impulsive nature tends to lead to playing poker with real money) and she's particularly skilled at wandless magic, having been encouraged at Ilvermorny and further strengthened at the few duelling club meetings she attended before being kicked out for using "hostile" spells (what the fuck else is duelling supposed to be?). She also got kicked out of the Wizard Collector's club for stealing rare cards that people refused to trade. There's a pattern here, isn't there?

Underneath it all is a ripple of concern that Rosaline often tries to pretend isn't there, so she doesn't end up thinking about it every waking movement. Something is- not right. And she's not talking about the very obvious borderline personality disorder that she refuses to see a quack about, it's something else. You know when a part of your body randomly hurts for no reason? It feels like that all the time. Oh well. It's probably nothing.

Boggart seeing her mother again
Amortentia quill ink, gasoline & coffee
Patronus black bear
Wand she prefers wandless
Interests muggle cars; literature; potions
Pet Peeve people pronouncing her name "rosalyn"
Habits swearing; making impulsive decisions; collecting
MBTI entp
Star Sign aquarius
Dreams/Goals run away to las vegas
Color dark purple
Song when the night is over
Show the end of the f***ing world
Movie dead poet's society
Book the bell jar
Food avocado toast
Drink sprite

*not to be a total cliche but yes, she can surf.
*her most prized possession is a notebook with all her plans of how she's going to survive in vegas.
*she's a huge muggle car fanatic.
*she collects buttons, postcards, guitar picks, quills, pressed flowers and wizard cards (tell anyone and i'll kill you).
*she will beat you at poker and chess.
*ilvermorny encouraged wandless magic and she enjoys it far much more than wand-aided.
*she really likes pokemon. shush.
*she only smokes menthol cigarettes. normal ones taste vile.
*she loves wearing funky or mismatched earrings.
*such a literature nerd, especially shakespeare, and her favourite play is macbeth.

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