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rosalyn lee
rosie, rosalynni
december 16
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seventh year
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her brothers getting hurt



Marie Jeon [guardian/foster mother]
Blair Lee [guardian/foster father]
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rowan lee, romeo lee
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kim sohee (elris)
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Rosalyn is an emotional rollercoaster and while she's a badass bitch online, she can't even speak to a person face to face properly. Oh well.


Rosalyn knows nothing about her biological parents. All she knows is that they ditched her, her older brother and her twin brother on the side of a road when she was four. Clutching her both of her brothers' hand tightly, they walked until they found the nearest store. Tears were streaming down her older brother's face, who was six at that time. Rosalyn and her twin brother, Romeo, had no idea what was going on. They just followed their big brother like two little ducks, waddling around Seoul. Later, they found a convenience store. Together the three of them went up to the employee who was about to sleep and told her what was going on.

The employee in question was someone called Marie Jeon. She was an underground criminal - but her heart was still kind and soft. She and her fiancé had been moving around constantly to escape the police. Marie longed for somebody she could take care of - as her fiancé was busy all the time trying to figure out new ways to escape the police, her sister was all the way across the world, and her parents were dead. Well that was great.

Until Marie laid her eyes on the three children, all looking tired and unhappy. Marie immediately asked them what happened, and only Rowan - the oldest looking child - answered while Rosalyn and Romeo were distracted by the treats in the store. "Rosie, look at the chips!!!" "How do they have so much chocolate?" Marie's heart melted immediately. She later texted her fiancé while the children were settling in the store (Romeo seemed to like the the area next to the refrigerator, Rosalyn liked the chocolates and Rowan liked the tissues). The conversation went from something like why are there children in the store to okay let's adopt them.

Marie told the children they were going to somewhere else much more comfortable to spend the night. Rowan, of course, was a bit suspicious, but he couldn't turn down the offer of an actual bed. Rosalyn and Romeo still had no idea what was happening, so they just went along with Rowan.

They ended up spending an entire week at Marie's. Marie told them her story - everything, including the criminal parts. Eventually, Marie adopted all of them, married Blair Lee, and settled down in Seoul. She didn't run away any more - she didn't need to, it seemed like the police had let Marie and Blair off the hook.

The three children took Blair's last name and became part of the Lee family. The family was happy. Arguments rarely broke out.

Rosalyn was literally living in money. They were so rich they could afford servants, because Marie didn't know how much money she had until she settled down. She had always been too busy running away to live a proper life with proper things.

Around the age of six, Rosalyn toppled over an extremely expensive vase when she was playing catch with her brothers. Then the vase mysteriously mended itself. Rosalyn was like "????????? wut" Marie found out Rosalyn, Rowan and Romeo all had magic in their blood (but she wasn't surprised because she was a witch herself). She told them magic would be a part of their lives for a long time, and always taught them how to do this and how to do that and blah blah blah.

Rosalyn started to get into coding and computer things when she was eight. She was really bored at that time. Rowan was "too busy", always singing shit in his bedroom. Romeo liked to watch FlooTube and was addicted to gaming. So Rosalyn decided to join Romeo. They watched FlooTube videos over and over until they could memorize what the video was about and every single word in the video. Rosalyn was fascinated by this, and she started to watch videos on how to make these videos herself - along with how to code.

They also moved to England during that year. Somehow the police found where Marie and Dean was, and they began chasing them again. The couple had no choice but to move somewhere else, and they chose to move to England. So they dragged their children along them.

Two years later, Rosalyn was accepted into Hogwarts, just like Romeo was. They went to Hogwarts not knowing anybody except for each other.

Romeo started choosing the crowd. He gained more and more popularity while Rosalyn preferred to stay in the shadows. Looking back, Rosalyn should've probably chosen the crowd, because then she wouldn't have to live in loneliness for practically the rest of her years at Hogwarts.

Rosalyn's still a shy little hermit crab, if you may. She stays in her shell most of the time but when someone pokes her shell she pokes her head out and ponders whether she should give you her attention or not.


  • she makes flootube videos!
  • her skills are making flootube videos, coding, being lame and uploading at the most unexpected time ever
  • her job is loving baby chicks 24/7

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"it's a avocadooo...thanks"
"stop saying i radiate vine energy!! i am not a vine im a flower"
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