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Rosalynne Emilia Thorne

Cult of the Forgotten

(This Character Belongs to ChocoKat )


Rosalynne Thorne

Nemesis in Revenge

Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Age 19

Conrad Thorne (Father) †

Amilia Thorne (Mother) †

Blood Status Squib
Birthday 6 June
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5' 7"
Elemental Sword Earth"


Rosalynne Thorne was born to a Muggle-Squib couple - Conrad and Amilia Thorne in England. Originally, the family had nothing to do with the wizarding world (Amilia tried to avoid it and pretended that it doesn't exist as hard as she could) and they led at a happy comfortable life. However, when Rosalynne was four, her parents got murdered by a couple of dark wizards at home right in front of her eyes when she was hiding in her wardrobe. She didn't understand what had happened exactly but she knew it wasn't anything normal - she still has nightmares of the green light and her parents' motionless bodies lying on the floor, as well as the cruel words Avada Kedavra. Yet, no adults believe her. She was sent to different foster homes - some treated her nicely, but most did not. Yet, none of them lasted long. She grew up to be an aggressive teen that she stabbed her abusive foster parent when she was sixteen, receiving a two-year juvenile detention as a result. She often got into fights there until she met her new cellmate who told her that it'd be much better for her to stop getting into fights, gained people's trust instead of making enemies as she could have them work for her instead of against her, and focused on taking vengeance on those whose're responsible for at first place. Since then, she had been plotting revenge against those who had ever hurt her (including her foster parents) and a plan on investigating her parents' death. Upon the release when she was eighteen, she spent her time taking lessons on different martial arts and uses of different weapons, which she has become extremely skilled at. She as well continued her investigation on her parents' death, gradually finding out the truth about the wizarding world (though she had no idea that her mother was a squib). She has now joined the Cult of the Forgotten, determined to eliminate all the magic kinds at all cost.

Personality and Traits []

Rosalynne is quite charming, and is capable of using her beauty to get her job done. She may appears to be a sweet, innocent girl-next-door, but she's very manipulative with a slightly sadistic streak. She is calculating, cold and highly intelligent, willing to take down anyone who got in her way. She doesn't trust the others easily even though she may appear that she does. She looks calm most of the time even when she's in danger. She holds grudges for a very long time - she will (probably) never forget anyone who has crossed her and will definitely take revenge against that person at all cost. She has her own moral principles and she doesn't easily kill innocent people easily, though the definition of innocent is debatable.

Strengths and Abilities []

Rosalynne is strong. She may appears to be a sweet, innocent girl-next-door, she's actually cunning and highly intelligent, good at plotting revenges. She's also good at dealing with people, gaining their trust and using them for her advantages.
Rosalynne is skilled at a wide ranges of weapons and martial arts. Melee combat or combat using short-ranged weapons are the ones that she's most skilled at. She always carries a silver dagger craved with a double infinity sign on it with her wherever she goes. Rosalynne is also good at picking pockets, opening locks and bending in.

Trivia []

  • She hates going to sleep, since every time she sleeps, her parents die in her dream again.
  • She's allergic to peanut.
  • Her model is Lily Smith.