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The Roscarrock Residence

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Roscarrock Residence

Nobody can say Endelyn Roscarrock isn't petty. She put the money she got from her divorce to good use and purchased in hard cash a traditional English manor far away from the prying eyes of the magical public. It's very spacious and counts with more rooms than she needs, but being honest? Endelyn doesn't care. She likes the aesthetic of it all, and suffice to say, the weekends she nurses a bottle of wine and waltzes through her manor in an expensive ballgown are more frequent than she would ever admit.


Endelyn and Hudson[]

Dianna WB2

Endelyn RoscarrockRavenclaw Alumna • Adviser to the Minister

「 Age 」
24 y/o
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
Ministerial Staff
「 Relationship 」

After spending some months back at Godric's Hollow with her parents, Endelyn is proud of herself for dragging herself out of her slump and purchasing her first home. She's ecstatic that she was able to use the wealth she inherited via the divorce for the acquisition; it's an empowering final fuck you to the man who isolated her from the very family she lives close to now. What isn't empowering is having to assemble all the furniture she purchased to match the aesthetic she'd envisioned for the interior. It's precisely why she summoned all 3 of her brothers via owl weeks ago. (She's pointedly aware Witchagram is a thing, but since when does Endelyn Roscarrock opt for the conventional way of doing anything?) Only Hudson got back to her, to the surprise of nobody. Still, she promised him his favorite meal in exchange for help with the delivery, unpacking and assembling, and as such, is now holding up her end of the deal as she saunters around the kitchen in a leisurely manner, fixing up her older half-brother's plate. Endelyn is a proud feminist, but she hates sweating and straining her muscles in ways that don't result in back-arching pleasure; she's more than happy to fall back on an outdated mindset for the time being if it means getting what she wants (i.e., out of putting all this furniture together). Hudson is due any minute now and, knowing this, Endelyn moves around with more urgency. He cannot come in until everything is perfect.

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