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Rose Gilcrease is role-played by Lissyboo

Age 32
Birthday January 6th, 1996
Gender Female
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Red
Body Type Slim
Blood Status Halfblood
Occupation Owner of Lil Bundles


Rose is a balanced person. She's kind, but she was put into Slytherin for the best of reasons. She's ambitious, powerful, and intelligent. The kind of person to get annoyed easily, but try her best not to show it. She wouldn't be the bully, but would rather be the person helping the Bullied. She catches on easily, and is great at what she chooses to do. Not without faults, she's easily embarrassed and if somebody purposely tried to embarrass her, she would attack them on the spot. She is also a bit protective of her family, and the ones she loves, and would attack anyone who openly tried to hurt them.


Rose grew up always knowing she was to be a witch. She stayed up every day since she was five, trying to figure out spells, and when she was six, she figured out her first spell, Expelliarmus! She was always very determined, she took books from her mother's room all the time and read up, and she was ecstatic when she got her first letter at eleven. Her mother went with her to Kings Cross. Her mother was always pretty protective of her. She always tried to keep her out of trouble, but Rose was her own girl, so despite her mother trying so hard, Rose still got in trouble every once in a while. Sometimes a the fault of her younger sister, Amethyst Wolfskill.

She always tried to get into trouble, only doing minor things. She's usually very mean to people she dislikes, but she's really smart, and caring to people she does like. Though a troublemaker, she was one of the best students in her Transfiguration and Magical History classes. She knew some six year spells and one or two seven year spells when she was only a fifth year.

Rose's first four years were pretty great. She made some friends, a lot of enemies, and favorite classes. She was also really far up in her spells also! She was very proud of herself, and she had to thank her house mates in Slytherin for that.

In her seventh year, she steadily dated Calen Gilcrease, has made many new friends, and even some enemies. She believed she would be quite busy this year, being both a Head Girl, and the Captain for the Slytherin Quidditch team.

She had graduated soon after, and got a job at St. Mungo's. She also married her fiancé Calen. She eventually bought off an old building, and spent years remodeling it, turning it into an orphanage for magical children.

She was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant. And finally, after nine months, Blaise Gilcrease was born, April 8th, 2019. Calen and Rose had a second child, Caterina Gilcrease, July 22nd, 2025.


  • Her patronus is a tiger.
  • Her boggart is the edge of a cliff. She's terrified of heights.
  • She is left handed.
  • Her wand is rowan and fwooper feather, 8 ½ inches.


Coded by Rabbit, inspired by Red.