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Birthday 2nd february
Age 16
Status alive
Pronunciation ROHZ
Family analyn mangahas cuyegkeng (mother)
simone guidicelli (father)
Handedness right
Gender female
Orientation pan
Relationship single
Nationality british (filipino-italian descent)
Speaks english; italian; filipino
Species witch
Blood Status muggleborn
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brunette (natural)
various (dyed)
Height 5'3"
Model beatrice laus

The first thing you'll likely notice about Rose is her hair. It's striking, and she likes it that way; it's been every colour under the sun at some point, but her current favourites are rotating through bright red, turquoise and dirty blonde (though the latter is just a little too plain). If you ever see her with her natural brunette, stage an intervention. Everything else about Rose screams "thrifty". Growing up poor meant she couldn't treat herself to luxury brands or designer labels, instead relying on hand-me-downs and charity shop finds, so her outfits often carry a vague 90s vibe from the baggy sweatshirts (with the Adidas logo drawn on in black marker pen) to discoloured Reeboks - and she wouldn't have it any other way. It's an aesthetic she enjoys, trying to make herself as vibrant and as colourful as possible so she stands out. She needs the colour, too, seeing as she's only 5'3" and as slim as a toothpick. Makeup isn't an accessory she typically wears, seeing as it usually smudges everywhere as soon as she starts dancing, but on her off-days she'll happy line her eyes with thick khol liner. No foundation, though - she likes her freckles too much to cover them.
Everybody always says that university is supposed to be the best years of your life, and for Analyn, that was true in many ways. Also- demonstrably untrue in others. Nobody expects a fling with the third year music tech student with a cute accent to result in pregnancy, but that's the story of how Rose came along. She wasn't born into the most financially stable of childhoods: living in a caravan park, with her mother dropping out to work at a local hospital and her father picking up odd jobs, money was beyond scarce. Frugality was the way of life - living in second-hand clothes, mildly malnourished from the lack of nutrients and shoplifting bargaining what little luxuries she could find was the norm. What little money she could keep came from chores and jobs around the caravan park, walking dogs and mowing laws - and that's when she saw flyers for junior dance classes at a local gym. Her mother wasn't particularly fond at spending hard-earned money on ballet classes but then she saw Rose dance, and realised that she was born to do it. A year in and Rose realised ballet and contemporary isn't really her thing, but then the teacher suggested hip-hop classes, and- well. The rest is history.

Magic came into play a little later on in life. She was merely practising a dance behind the caravan and did a front-flip and- started levitating. It was only for a couple seconds, but that was long enough for her father to see it and understandably freak out at the sight of his daughter floating in mid-air. Although the family lacked any known magical relatives, another resident at the caravan park knew exactly what was going on, having had magical children herself. Thank Merlin. If it wasn't for her, Rose would never have found out about WADA.

The years at WADA were easily the best of Rose's life. After winning a full scholarship to attend and study dance, she fit in like a glove and made tight-knit friendships - and then The Incident happened. We don't talk about what The Incident was - you sure as hell won't get Rose to talk about it - but it was a stupid decision that resulted in her getting expelled from the academy. It was- alarming, to say the least. Her parents were deeply disappointed that she'd thrown away such a valuable opportunity, as well as at all the logistics involved in transferring to Hogwarts and learning the necessary knowledge to pass her NEWTs in the space of two years. Rose knows it's her own fault, but her mindset remains as determined as ever. As soon as she graduates, she's buying a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and becoming a famous choreographer. Merlin knows what she'll do if that doesn't work out.
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Boggart breaking her leg
Amortentia homemade tinola; barbecues; hair dye
Patronus rat
Interests hip-hop dancing; wizard's chess; acrobatics
Pet Peeve messing up a routine
Habits getting lost; being too loud
MBTI enfj-t
Star Sign aquarius
Dreams/Goals move to LA and become a choreographer
Color turquoise
Song the way you make me feel
Show love island
Movie step up
Book the raven boys
Food açai bowls
Drink water

- she's severely allergic to oranges, which sucks seeing how nice they smell.
- she is shit scared of animals, especially dogs.
- she will beat you at wizard's chess every time.
- during the summer holidays, she often volunteers at soup kitchens and food banks; they helped get her family out of some dire situations and she wants to give back.
-she's a huge michael jackson fan. if she ever gets her hands on a timeturner, she's going back to watch him perform. and her moonwalk is, of course, flawless.
- she isn't as in touch with her old WADA friends as she wishes; it hurts a little too much.
- she can't swim and has no desire to learn.
- she loves longboarding, and often goes skating through lincliff at the weekend.
- she hides all her possessions on instinct; under the bed, in shoes and in hollowed-out books are her favourite places.
- kind of has orthorexia? she isn't sure. she eats extremely healthily, though.
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