roshani singh

fourth year, gryffindor

- basics
RPer kibethastarael
Age 14
Birthday december 13th
Accent middle-class english
Orientations bisexual, biromantic
Gender female (cis)
Location common room, library
Languages punjabi, english
MBTI entp-t
- physical
Hair dark brown
Eyes dark brown
Ethnicity south asian (indian)
Model neelam gill
Height 5'4"
- magical
Blood Status muggleborn
Species witch, human
Wand spruce, phoenix feather, 8"
Wand Arm right
Amortentia cinnamon and old books
Patronus crow
Boggart blood
- affiliation
Nationality british, indian
Schooling hogwarts
House gryffindor
Year fourth


Shiraz Kaur and Bhaskar Singh were two ordinary muggles born in a poor part of Punjab, India. Both raised in devout Sikh families, they began courting at the age of fifteen - not dating, can you imagine the scandal? Aged 18, they were married and moved away to Amritsar where Bhaskar had been accepted into the Guru Nanak Dev University. A year into his studies and along came baby Roshani.

Raised in Amritsar for her first four years of life, Roshani never really had much contact as a toddler with her father. She read somewhere, once, that this meant she never got the chance to develop an attachment to him, and she wholeheartedly agrees with this. While she's incredibly attached to her mother, to her father she's fairly indifferent.

Following his studies Bhaskar was offered a job in the UK, and after obtaining himself a permanent visa was able to bring his wife and daughter over. Roshani, now aged seven, settled in at her new British state school, completely eliminating her accent in a matter of months, and quickly proved herself a precocious kid. She takes pride in having gotten good scores on all of the level six SAT papers.

Aged eight, Roshani mentioned to her mother that she could feel other people being touched, or hurting themselves, if she saw it. Naturally, this freaked the latter out a little, but her father gave her a diagnosis: mirror-touch synesthesia. Basically, her sense of sight and sense of touch are really messed up. On top of this, she also has the usual synesthesia: chromesthesia. She sees sound, and feels sights. Weird, right?

Aged eleven, Roshani received the most ridiculous sounding message of her life: she was going to Hogwarts. Her first sign of magic having been years before, vanishing a pan in the communal kitchen at her local gurdwara, she supposes she should have been a little less surprised than she was, but cut her some slack, okay?


+ smart, generous, opinionated
- sarcastic, irritable, defensive

Roshani tries so, so hard to be the nicest person you'll ever meet, but she loves drama too much, poor girl. She's super friendly at first meeting - unless she's heard some shit about you, in which case maybe not. Sharing is second nature for her, due to the nature of her community back home, and she still gets surprised when it doesn't come as naturally to everyone else.

Raised in a devout Sikh household, Roshani's pretty skeptical that God truly exists. However, she loves the community that exists within her religion and now views the worship as more of a cultural thing than anything else. Regardless of her level of devotion, she still doesn't take kindly to people who make fun of her religion.

A naturally very opinionated person, Roshani is far from shy, and if she has a problem with you or your viewpoint she'll let you know. She believes that while "everyone's opinion is valid" is great in theory, in practice it most certainly is not. In fact, she takes a kind of pleasure in ripping arguments - and people's egos - to shreds, and is a great debater. Sarcasm is her favourite pastime.

Truly, Roshani does want to be friends with everyone, but her loud, stubborn nature makes this a little difficult sometimes. Just give her a chance, though, and she'll be one of the best friends you can ever get.


  • she never watches horror or war movies. people say it's because she's scared but it's actually just because they physically hurt.
  • she really wants to watch game of thrones but she can't because of how violent it is.
  • she has a really high pain tolerance.
  • she hates rock and metal music. it looks ugly, in her head.
  • she's really afraid of blood (from injuries), most likely because it usually means pain.
  • she paints songs, sometimes. she's getting good at it.
  • she's highkey salty she can't access netflix at hogwarts.
  • she still prays every morning. there aren't any gurdwaras nearby, though, so she makes do with her copy of the nit nem (a prayer book) and of the dasam granth. it's not great since she can't have a copy of the guru granth sahib, the sikh scriptures, but it does the job.


credit to kibeth

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