Rosie Glance


Birthday May 7th
Age 13
Status Alive
Pronunciation ROW-SEE
Family Ollivander Family
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Orientation Heterosexual
Relationship Single
Nationality British
Speaks English,
Species Witch; Human
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5'5"
Model Mackenzie Foy

Rosie Look
- Garen and Talwyn were adults when they met. They were adults when they fell in love, and got married, and eventually, gave birth to a girl. They had met at work, really. They had seen each other in the halls for years, but it wasn't until Talwyn broke up with an ex, and Garen finally asked her out, did sparks cause the fire for them. After Nessa was born was when their life came together. One year after Nessa was born, Rosie was born on May 7th. Her father, Garen Ollivander, a cousin of the great wandmaker of Ollivander's in Hogsmeade. His family being one of the Sacred 28, though widely ignoring the blood purity. Garen was a half-blood, and Talwyn, of an olden Shamanistic family of Finland, known to have been the ancestors of Giants and spellweavers, Vinunen. Least to say, Nessa heard some interesting stories.

The family made shop in Brooklyn, and the family spent time in both the Muggle and the Magical world. Rosie was almost a perfect child, save for her attitude. It wasn't that she was a horrible child, it was just that she had to ask so many questions and always ask why or how come. She would argue and try to understand things, but her parents just got frustrated with her. She loved to watch them work, but would ask too many questions and distract them.

Rosie didn't become bitter, but she did feel left out. As a little kid she learned to keep things to herself, and didn't talk as much as she got older. Keeping everything inside wasn't good for her, and she became quicker to snap at someone or argue with what people would say. Her parents took notice of this and set to work on snipping her attitude and getting to the bottom of it.

Having her parents help her made it so she didn't become so harsh and bitter, and she worked through her issues and opened up with them. It took about a year for her to completely clean up her attitude, but when she did she became the sweet and curious little girl she always was.

Her magic first appeared when she was 8 years old, just after hearing about what her older sister had done. She wanted to experience magic as well and tried so hard to do anything involving magic. She nearly strained herself so badly that she almost passed out, but she was able to shatter a window and got so excited that when she went to tell her parents she tripped and hit her head against the stairs, causing her to pass out.

When she was old enough to go to Ilvermorny she was sorted into Pukwudgie, and instantly felt like she had a place to belong. It was a little hard to adjust, but she absolutely loved everything about the school, and especially since she was surrounded by magic 24/7.

It was the summer between her 2nd and 3rd year that things switched up. After her sister received multiple warnings, and almost being expelled, the Ollivander family consider it a good idea for them to change things up. So, they decided to move to England, to reconnect with family in Hogsmeade. Nessa began her fourth year in Hogwarts with Rosie beginning her third, and she isn't very happy about it.
Rosie is a sweet girl with a curious attitude that has a bit of spunk to it. She isn't one to back down from a challenge, and doesn't think that there's anything keeping her from achieving something. Rosie believes that she can have the world in her hands, and no one can tell her otherwise.

Despite her curious nature, it doesn't mean she's that smart about it. If she wants to investigate something, she'll follow her desire without stopping to think about the dangers. It's caused her to get into some pretty sticky situations, and into some deep trouble. It's not that she does it out of bad intentions, it's just that bad things happen to her.

Rosie has a strong sense of what's wrong and what's right, but that doesn't mean she won't use some tricks to get what she wants. She isn't deceiving, but she does know how to get her way if she needs to go down that path. Rosie would never intentionally hurt someone to get her way, but if she has something she needs to do and someone is in her way, she'll figure out a way to get them out of the picture.
Rosie 1

Boggart Dogs
Amortentia Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coffee
Patronus Dove
Wand Hawthorn, Phoenix Tail Feather, 8 inches
Interests Baking, Sewing, Makeup, Reading, Dancing, Crafting, Photography
Pet Peeve Misplaced Hair
Habits Fidgeting with her clothes
MBTI Unavailable
Star Sign Unavailable
Dreams/Goals Be a professional dancer
Color Mint
Song Any Lady Gaga Song
Show Doctor Who
Movie Titanic
Book Romeo and Juliet
Food Fish and Chips
Drink Frosted Lemonade


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