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queen of swords.

Roxane Oduba
Thara Oduba (mother)
Olaseni Oduba (father)
Fourth year
Blood Status
Human, Witch
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Roxane Oduba is a sixth year Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Roxy is average height, with different coloured hair (a specialty of hers that she found after charming EQ's hair platinum). She's very pretty and curvy, and loves flaunting it. She is extremely vain and will judge people based on their looks.

Roxane's parents, Thara and Olaseni Oduba were muggles who moved from NIgeria to London. They weren't the richest of families, living in a small apartment in Brixton. They had one child, a young daughter named Roxane. Due to their insufficient funds, they didn't have many plans for Roxane - she'd go to the local public school (Which was one of the worst in the Borough that they lived in) and hopefully do well enough to get her a job straight after her graduation at 16.

Unbeknownst to the parents, Roxane was gifted. Not only magically, but also academically. She grasped concepts quickly, and was very attentive to minor details. Growing up in the rough neighbourhood that she was raised in resulted in her concealing her smarts in exchange for brawn and strength. It made her self confidence boost highly, and she often used her femininity as a tool to step over boys.

When she turned 11 and recieved the letter from Hogwarts, her parents were overjoyed as it meant that she could now recieve a proper and full comprehensive education at an affordable cost. Roxane excelled at theory subjects such as history of magic and astronomy, but also in charms and transfiguration. Her favourite spell is the colour-changing charm, which she uses on her hair as much as possible. She is currently in her fourth year.

Roxane is a loudmouth. She's fierce and knows that sometimes it's hard to find the words to say. But she'll go ahead and say them anyway; as she's quick-witted and very sassy. She won't back down from an argument and will backchat teachers and students alike, yelling aloud all the time. She's very loud, and when happy can be seen in corridors dancing and singing and making jokes, usually at her own expense. Roxane has many friends, but few that she considers close. She is, however, very protective of her inner circle.

Alongside this, Roxane is highly ambitious. She comes across as shallow and vain, but she's got big big plans ahead and always thinks about the future. She's got great business acumen and either wants to become a business tycoon or work in the ministry. She goes from ditzy to serious in a matter of seconds, much to the surprise of her teachers and peers.



friends, acquaintances and enemies

EQ Evans
EQ is Roxane's best friend. She loves him like he's her blood, and she wouldn't have it any other way. They're like fire and ice but they just get each other. Roxy is super thankful that EQ is such a big part of her life, and she wouldn't trade him for anything.

GC1 'Jessie' Evans
Jessie is like the little sister Roxane always wanted. She's Roxy's go-to for gossip and drama, and the two have a really strong bond. Jessie makes her laugh and is really cute - and Roxy wants to mould her in her own image. It seems to kinda be working.

Yetzel 'Zel' Evans

Zel is adored by Roxane. She sees a lot of herself in the young Evans kid, and respects Zel a lot - from her steadfastness and her thick skin to her ability to include 14 different swear words in any given sentence.

Elsabet Kjærgaard

Roxy briefly met Elsabet in the lavatory, and did her makeup for her. She thinks Elsabet is super cute and adorable, and really admires her. She sees a potential friendship between the two.



*Her wand is a 10 3/4" Dogwood and Dragon Heartstring, surprisingly swishy
  • She is a talented singer and rapper
  • She has such a loud laugh
  • Her patronus is a chameleon

Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Single
Pets None
Favourite Songs Diva by Beyonce
BAd Girls by MIA
Favourite Colours Pink
Favourite Sweet Raspberry BonBons
Most Treasured Possession
Where to Find Them With EQ


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