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This user/character is inactive for the following reason: She is teaching Potions, and working as a Healer in Uganda.
This user/character will return: Probably not anytime soon... Please excuse the inactivity.

Professor Diallo
Ruby Diallo
Birthdate January 7th 1994
Birth Place Île d'Ambre, Mauritius
Hometown Patonga, Uganda London, England, UK
Accent Mauritian (French)
Heritage French/Native American/African-American
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Family Diallo
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 18 cm (7⅜ inches)
Wand Wood Black Pine
Wand Core Tebo Hair
Boggart People spreading rumors about her life
Patronus Giraffe
Amortentia Boiled and mashed green banana, Roasted groundnuts, Honey
Hecate Grimm

Ruby Diallo - Iridologist
Send Me an Owl! - “Dignity is as essential to human life as water, food, and oxygen.”
“Without dignity, identity is erased.”

Vital Information

Ruby Diallo is a Pure-Blood witch of French, Native American, and African-American descent. She is the daughter of Shayni and Olivier Diallo.

Full Name: Ruby Aneesa Diallo
Meaning of name: Ruby — The name of the gemstone comes from the Latin ruber, meaning "red"

Aneesa — friendly and gentle with others

Birthdate: January 7th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Type of childhood: Normal
First memory: Using "accidental magic" to hurt her friends
Most important childhood event: Proving to herself she was not a Squib
Why: She was afraid of being the only member of her family without magic

Life Before Uagadou

How will I know if I have magic like you and Baba?

–Ruby Diallo

You do asali, you will. You have to be patient.

–Shayni Diallo

Ruby and her friends Noîlla, Gem, and Yeldy were fooling around in the yard. Noîlla convinced Ruby that Gem and Yeldy were cheating at the game they were playing. When Ruby got mad Yeldy and Gem's heads began to hurt them, and it became hard for them to see. The girls; Yeldy and Gem, stopped screaming when Noîlla started laughing. Then her head began to hurt, and it became hard for her to see. Noîlla's eyes were red for at least an hour after that. Ruby's mother Shayni healed Yeldy and Gem, and had Ruby's father Olivier take all of the girls home early that day, even Yeldy who was supposed to stay the night.

She received her token from the Dream Messenger the night her mother and father told her they were having another baby. She was excited to have a little sister or brother, she was nervous about what it would be like. Yeldy, Gem, and Noîlla had brothers and sisters, and they were always complaining about them. Is that what she had to look forward to? She fell asleep dreaming about her mother having more than one baby and woke up with a token for Uagadou in her hand. Her mother and father had not spoken of the Uagadou School of Magic beforehand should Ruby not have been selected.

Uagadou School

Ruby was on the quidditch team for five years straight, she has experience as Keeper, Seeker, Chaser and Beater respectively. It could be said she was a player for seven years, although she was more focused on finding her strongest magical skill set in those early years.

Charms, Transfiguration and Defensive Magic are where her skills lie sans broomstick. She spent a little time working with magical creatures before she fully dedicated herself to the pitch.

She has a gang of old friends from Uagadou, they get together and play quidditch a few times a week when they can. A few of them had played for Patonga or Gimbi at one time or another, and a few had not. They get incredibly competitive when they play against one another, and having a "nimble" Healer (or three) on hand is always a necessity. She tried out for a spot on Patonga's team after her twenty-third birthday against her mother's wishes, she waited until after she became a full-fledged Healer.

Patonga Proudsticks

Ruby has been a member of the Patonga Proudsticks for eight years. Her team nickname Duma (doo mah), the Swahili word for Cheetah, came about because she ALWAYS wears magical body paint from head to toe for every game. She calls it war paint. Wanting to fly high Ruby sought out the Seeker position for Patonga, when she lost out to another, younger teammate she went full out and held nothing back when she tried out for the Beater position. It is a better opportunity to break bones that are not her own.

Match One of the 2025 Quidditch World Cup ended in a Round One loss in Patonga v Holyhead. Ruby put up a strong fight against the Beater duo of Morgan Reese and Lena Schmidt. She took to breaking paddles early in the game as she worked from start to finish to knock out the Harpies. Her efforts were all for naught as the seeker who truly did turn out to be better than her caught the snitch, securing nothing except a loss for the Proudsticks.

She retired from quiddtich after the 2025 World Cup and began practicing Healing magic, again, working as a Mediwizard at Quidditch Games, Magical Tournaments and other Wizarding Events.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Uagadou School of Magic
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Herbology — E
History of Magic — A
Potions — E
Transfiguration — E
Divination — E
Ancient Runes — O
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Herbology — O
History of Magic — A
Potions — E
Transfiguration — E
Divination — E
Muggle Studies — O
Ancient Runes — O

Talents (hidden or not): Charms, Healing
Extremely skilled at: Defensive magic
Extremely unskilled at:
Good characteristics: Ambitious, Fearless
Character flaws: Cruel, Meticulous

Color: Blue and Yellow
Food: Samusa, Pickles, Sesame-honey candies
Music: Sega
Clothing style/Outfit:
Literature: Non-fiction
Expressions: “A dime a dozen.”
Quote: “A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.”

Recent developments:


Eccentric - Ambitious, Cruel, Fearless, Meticulous

Private. Ruby does not talk about her family for any reason. She does not speak ill of or in kind about her close friends, and she rarely ever talks about her own feelings. She is a meticulous planner, and she is overly cautious. She prepares for worst case scenarios. Ruby is convinced that a person will never miss the opportunity to let you down. So, she expects nothing from anyone ever. She is well-organized and hard-working, Ruby works steadily toward her goals. She devoted herself to Quidditch, then Healing, now both. She is hyper-focused, with well-developed powers of concentration, but she can be insensitive to the hardships of others.

Specifically when she is playing quidditch. When Ruby plays Chaser she wants to knock you off your broom. When Ruby plays Beater she wants to knock you off your broom. When Ruby plays Seeker she is going to try to knock you off your broom. When Ruby plays Keeper she wants to see you get knocked off your broom. And she is trying to aim blocked quaffles at you. She has gained the proper knowledge to heal you after words, providing she does not get knocked off her broom in the process.
Mannerisms: Rolling her neck, making a stink face
Peculiarities: Talks to herself out-loud
Worst bad habit: Adheres to her own set of strict standards
Quirks: Randomly breaks into song and dance
Pet Peeves:


Naima Mora

Ruby has a diamond shaped face, small features, and a very pale skin complexion, a trait inherited from her father. Her nose is thin, and in proportion with her lips. She has almond shaped brown eyes, a beauty mark sitting barely above her left eyebrow. She naturally has curly short black hair, she uses a variety of Charms to change the style of her hair.

Ruby does not care about how she appears to other people, the way she looks is for her own personal enjoyment.


Family Member Relationship with them
Mother Ruby and Shayni's relationship is strained since she joined the Proudsticks. Ruby used to listen to her mother's advice and now Shayni feels slighted since Ruby has left behind a valuable Healing career, and the life advice Shayni extended to her.
Father Ruby and Olivier's relationship is constantly rocky. Ruby loves her father and Olivier loves her daughter, they both lack the ability to communicate it to one another. Olivier was crucial in Ruby making the switch from Healing to Quidditch
Younger Brother Ruby and her younger brother Jordan have issues. Ruby adores Jordan, and she often treats him like he is her son and not her brother. Jordan takes offense because he doesn't need a third parent. But, he knows one day she might be the only role mode he has left.

Extended family:

Melody Nott
Davin Okafor
Roubini Guillory
Serge Diallo
Nicolas Conteh
Carine Okafor
Amani Kiprotich
Sebastian Diallo
Noîlla Conteh
Simon Diallo

Friend Relationship with them
Yeldy Maalouf and Gem Geuye Yeldy and GeGe are old childhood friends of Ruby's from Mauritius. She is not as close to them as she was when they were children. She has not had much contact with them since she relocated to Uganda when she began playing for the Proudsticks.
Moise Ledet Moise is what Ruby considers her only "real" friend. He is the only person who can ask about her family. He gets the same treatment as anyone else when it he asks about her personal feelings, but he looks forward to the fight that follows.
Prisca Morel Prisca was the first person to learn the hard way that Ruby does not like personal questions. She was the example to everyone else to never ask Ruby pretty much anything. Prisca and Ruby were not on good terms until Moise made it so.
Acacia Sekibo
Zesiro Okello


Most prized possession: 1987 Mauritius 1 Rupee
Why: She will never tell
(The Rupee belonged to her grandfather. It was his lucky charm.)
Familiar/Pet: Nyota (Agama Lizard)
Wand: Black Tebo Hair