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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

Ruiko Takayama — Side Image
Ruiko Takayama
Slytherin Alumna 🐉 Dragooned Iris
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Slytherin Crest (Gif)
Personal Information
Full Name: Ruiko Takayama
(Takayama Ruiko/高山涙子)
Born: 28 July 2018
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Japanese
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation: Demi-heterosexual
Relationship Status: Sleeping around
Accent: Faded Japanese
Birthplace: Minakami, Gunma, Japan
Native Language: Japanese
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English, Korean
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand Wood: Pine handle, hawthorn body, swishy
Wand Core: Phoenix feather
Wand Length: 12'
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Kamoshika (Japanese serow)
Boggart: Avalanches
Exotic?: Clairvoyant

Embittered by the inexorable taint of the past, Ruiko can no longer distinguish black from white. Grey has subjugated her moral compass, and she can see a yawning abyss in place of the horizon. Out of order tear ducts only emphasize her mordant behavior and sense of humor. If you have a flair for the melodramatic, you could say her spirit's got lacerations no stitches can fix. Behind the indefatigable guise of mischief, perfecting her pranking regime is the least of the pinkette's worries. That smile of hers relays a yen to live — a stark contrast to the truth behind her heaving chest.

The facade isn't entirely composed of ersatz, however. All the years of isolation and lies has nurtured something concrete back into Ruiko. Whether or not time has palliated her psyche is a topic we can't properly tread for now. In the light, you would never see how haunted her eyes have become, and in the dark, you would never see how brightly she blazes still. No matter how many aces you play, she remains the wild card joker. It's less about tipping the scales, and more about the perspective when you're a charlatan as battered as Ruiko. Her depraved morals draw many a scandalized look, but they serve their purpose of keeping her sanity intact. You'll have an easier time shotgunning ten gallons of beer than trying to make heads or tails of her motives.

It is hard to cavil the simple and tempting first impression. Souls of the generality would choose ignorance to ease their own flimsy conscience. Quibbling about the rights and wrongs and morality's purpose will always lead to a moot point; the only good Ruiko has seen of it is the fact that it is a sure way to gyp people out of both their time and moral stability. In spite of her recurring indiscretion, she is still inherently a glib person prone to weaponizing colloquial vernacular. Once upon a time she was drawn to the frisson of debates, but her atypical repertoire has shaved off most of its novelty.

Pushing aside the price of her unfailing prescience, Ruiko is far from being as friable as the snow that broke her. The corona of her temperance huddles behind the skirts of her slyness, its light diffracted. Despite the many contusions that she has suffered over the years, she remains untrammeled and prepared to toss jaunty wisecracks at any given moment. With her penchant for inappropriately sadistic remarks, ice breakers are converted into jaw droppers. Why comport yourself when you can crown yourself? You can be a stud-muffin all you like, but Ruiko acquits herself with another kind of strength.

Ambulatory kindness is not quite Ruiko's default; defiatory blandishments are the loopholes she refrains from abusing. Instead, she prefers to content herself with a more 'basrelief' form. Take that as you may. Joshing anyone regardless of labels, she shrugs off the shrill complaints of the anal-retentive. Lacquered with tenuous mercy reserved for the hare-hearted, she is less than eager to go out on a limb for anyone. Coupled with her sense of civil duty held in abeyance, her inactions and actions are prone to causing an emeto cathartic-like effect on people.


Run. Akin to some droll fantasy TV series backstory, Kaori Arima had two goals in her life: attain freedom and don't get caught. If she was caught, it was all over. Everything her late family had broken backs on wouldn't matter if she was caught. But no amount of training and experience prepared her for Kousei Takayama.

What is love? Kaori did not know. Her family had been too focused on their legacy and their snowflakes to truly show what the common peasant called love. When a young man stood up to deliver a perfectly pitched song on the piano in the small café where Kaori was having her luncheon, she wasn't expecting to hear the most beautiful music she would ever hear in her life. Once the small performance was over and the booming applause had died down, Kaori mustered the courage to ask another customer what the pianist's name was. "Takayama Kousei. Brilliant boy, a prodigy they say. He hasn't lost a single competition. I feel like my arthritis eased after that!" The old woman had kindly replied.

Interest piqued, the young vagabond followed every single performance of his. It wasn't easy for a woman in her situation, but she managed and ignored the nagging voices of her late elders. Perchance the music had resurrected her stillborn rebellion. While sightseeing, she soon became acquainted with Kousei himself. He had taken note of the enigmatic figure who had become a constant to his recitals and was obliged to at least exchange names. Unprecedented, their relationship teetered on the line of platonic and romantic in the most extraordinary of ways.

Secrets - everyone has them, whether they are aware or not. Secrets - the two friends shared them on a constant basis. His mother was deaf. Her life was in eternal danger. He didn't want the fame. She longed to stop running. So many more were whispered and traded, with knowing smiles and stifled laughter. Choice, not fate, intertwined their lives into a single, endless thread. But one pivotal day, Kaori lied. "I don't love you."

Ah, but this is not their story I am to tell. It is their eldest daughter's. Though short-lived, Kaori and Kousei's happiness together bloomed as strength in their children. When Kousei was brutally taken from them, Kaori fled to the farthest hinterlands of Japan. Too late did she realize that isolating herself from her family would be the only way to truly protect them. Every now and then she would backtrack to where she had left her children, but never stayed for long.

As if to challenge nature itself, Ruiko and Haruhi Takayama dared to flourish in the harsh, icy environment among the mountains. In the beginning, they were alone in the protected cabin. Days wriggled by, and the two children struggled to keep themselves amused and occupied. Their mother's next visit provided a solution in the form of a bunch of scraggly kids. Without being prompted, Kaori explained that they were victims of human trafficking and regarded the authorities with suspicion. Under the unyielding protection of the Fidelius charm, they remained undetected and safe. Provisions were easy to come by, for Kaori left more than enough for all of them during each short visit.

Happy and secure in their mountain home, they failed to acknowledge that danger was eternally prevalent. The avalanche came, and the barriers Kaori had set up crumbled. Ruiko awoke to find herself alone and cold. While she had managed to grab hold of her little sister moments before the disaster, Haruhi was colder. Haruhi was gone, and so were the rest of Ruiko's siblings. Everything was blurry after she gasped out the sobs that came.

Presumably someone, quite possibly daring mountaineers, found and saved the unresponsive girl. When she regained consciousness, she was in a hospital bed and hooked up to an IV-whatsit. Ruiko had to undergo plenty of meticulous therapy, but not all of it helped. In fact, her once latent psychic gene manifested in the middle of a therapy session — not exactly the most promising start. That doctor never came back after the mentally impaired girl mocked their childhood mercilessly. Retrocognition— loosely defined as the ability to delve into the past. This was the final legacy left to Ruiko by Kaori; the one legacy Ruiko had never longed for. During her tedious stay at the institution and in between the periods of endless banter she hurled, she kept a firm leash on her rapidly maturing abilities. Against pitiful odds, she proved her ingenuity when she refined and even augmented her mental capacity. Nearing the end of her stay, she accomplished what she had felt was impossible: the capability to throw the switch on her powers.

The doctor who was in charge of her eventually decided to adopt her and bring her to Britain in order to further study her. No one had believed this patient's last doctor when they claimed that the girl's mind was irreparable for she was psychic. Intrigued, Ruiko's new mother tried and failed to coax any signs out of her. The bright-eyed girl strove to be always one step ahead. Fate wasn't done with either of them yet, and not soon after they arrived, her adoptive mother died of an accidental overdose. When she came across the body, Ruiko's magic was triggered for the first time since the avalanche. Everyone within a mile's radius of her started at the invisible explosion that sent their eardrums reeling. Authorities were sent to investigate and found the two. The Ministry stepped in not soon afterwards, and Ruiko was promptly dropped off at Lil Bundles.

Several explosions and detentions later, she was adopted by an Odin Chang whose house she had broken into once or twice. She smeared her record more, met people, had a wild time during the Quidditch Cup, and was deported back to Japan. Turns out she didn't exist in the eyes of the magical community in Japan and that she didn't have a proper birth certificate. It took time before her papers were all deemed fit and she could return to Britain and subsequently, Hogwarts. Japan gave her time to reflect, run, and develop the powers she oh so wished were not. One way or another, she stumbled into trouble bigger than her thumb, and got on the international police's radar. Before they could come snooping, she was allowed back to Britain, met up with her fr- something, stopped him from ending his life, and collapsed into a tumultuous summer. OWL term approached an unconcerned blonde who had better things to fret about other than her future. Namely, her past coming back to eat her whole.

They found her. She was more impressed than anything. "Took them long enough," she had said at the time. What else was to be expected of the Ruiko Takayama who danced on the steep cliffs of the underworld and strung up her own strobe lights? At some point, her over the shoulder glances spun away from their waltz of wariness and into drumbeats of challenge. Steps she crafted all by her lonesome. After all that time of running and fearing, she grabbed onto danger's hip and didn't let go. A gamble in its rawest form, the gamble her mother hadn't dared to take. And she reached out, with the fingers she inherited from her father, and made it hers. She wished Haruhi had been there to see it. But that victory was hers, and hers alone. She was free. As much as her newly appointed best friend was annoyed about it, she came back in the middle of the night, blood on her clothes and no shortage of bumps and bruises, and she was there to stay.

Model: Hirai Momo [TWICE]
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Blonde with pink highlights
Height: 5'4 (163 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (55.7 kg)
Voice Type: ???
Blood Type: ???
Distinguishing Marks: Faded, vertical white lines on the underside of her arms; pink hair
More Images
Ruiko Takayama — 1
Ruiko Takayama — 2
Ruiko Takayama — 3
Ruiko Takayama — 4
Father: Kousei Takayama†
Odin Chang
Mother: Kaori Takayama†
Full Siblings: Haruhi Takayama†
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): Odin Chang
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: ... M I A ...

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Kousei Takayama† Father Unfortunately, Ruiko has the least memories of her father. He left her his talent and love for the piano, but there is little else she can piece together about him.
Kaori Takayama† Mother No words could aptly describe Ruiko's adoration for her mother. There is no wonder in how Ruiko reflects her in more ways than one. Silk hiding steel... that was Kaori, and she has arguably passed it on to her eldest daughter. To date, Ruiko is still unsure of her mother's status or whereabouts. Whether she survived the avalanche or not is up to pure speculation.
Haruhi Takayama† Sister Haruhi is and forever will be a tender subject for Ruiko. Her little sister was an irreplaceable beacon. She had one duty: protect Haruhi at all costs. She failed, and the guilt and self-hatred is still eating away at her.
Unnamed Adoptive siblings Oh, her adoptive siblings breathed new life to Ruiko. Every part of her, she's sure, has been influenced by them one way or another. Their deaths hit her as hard as Haruhi's, and she's determined to live through hell for them.
Odin Chang Adoptive Father She broke into his house when she was thirteen and he gave her a meal. He ended up adopting her years later, much to everyone except Ruiko's surprise. She saw that coming from a mile away. Though she moved out as soon as she could, she still appreciates him taking her out of Lil Bundles.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Mackenzie Birkeland-Chung Ex-Crush They had a growing flame at one point, what with Ruiko being fascinated by his strangeness. He tried to kill himself, she stopped him, and since then she hasn't seen him. She's dead sure he hasn't fallen down the waterfall yet, however, she isn't ready to accept having feelings again which is why she hasn't gone to find him.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Diana Payne Sin Sister/FWB Although their relationship is confusing and unlabeled, Ruiko's formed some sort of loyalty to the other girl. Together, they can raise Cain enough to discombobulate an entire city. Ruiko keeps her emotional distance, but Diana has definitely found a way for an LDR with said emotions, lust being one in particular.
Wolfie Stone Flatmate/Coworker They started off on the worst foot possible. Ruiko is everything that Wolfie dislikes in a person, and Wolfie just happens to be everything that Ruiko likes pissing off. Their years at Hogwarts were sown together by too many biting remarks and far too many instances where they got each other in hot water. Over time, the molten layers simmered down and they settled on an unspoken peace (or as peaceable as it could be with Ruiko being involved). They ended up splitting rent for a flat and Wolfie's decision to become an Auror had Ruiko signing up as well.
Rin Sasaki Pen Pal Brother Mahoutokoro worked with a few hospitals during Rin's school days and many programs were made. One of them was the pen pal program that led to Rin meeting Ruiko, who was at the time still in the long-term wards. Over time and through many scrawled letters, they developed something of a brother-sister bond. Yes, you can blame Ruiko's corruption partly on Rin. This shattered when Rin learned of what she knew and her not telling him. She can't bring herself to apologize when she was minding her own business, but she does miss having him around.

Name: Relation: Feelings:

Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: Ruiko (涙子) -> tears/sympathy child
  • Surname: Takayama (高山) -> high mountains
Nicknames: Rui
Favourite Colour: "Peach."
Favourite Movie: "Eh."
Favourite Song: "Hard to say."
Favourite Food: "Chicken or eggs. Unfertilized."
Favourite Drink: "Yakult."
First Kiss: "Not important."
First Crush: Mackerel
First Love: n/a
First Time: heh
Most Important People: "Ha."
Most Treasured Possessions: "Myself."
Custom Trivia:
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