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Ryder Johnathan Cressley
Elizabeth Cressley† (mother)
Johnathan Cressley (father)
Alyssa Cressley (half-sister)
Blood Status
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by Ellie.

Ryder Cressley is a graduated Slytherin and owner of The Retro bar.


Modelled by Alex Turner, Ryder is a complete rockstar. His hair is black, and he often slicks in back into a curled style, unless he isn't going out: then, he lets it fall messily. He went through a long hair stage, which he deeply regrets and is burning every photo he finds with it. He's tall and slightly muscular, and with dark brown eyes and slightly tanned skin.

Ryder was born in California, USA, on the 4th June, and he never lost his accent.

His mother died in childbirth, leaving Ryder's father to bring his son up. Ryder's father was never the most... stable of individuals, shall we say. A heavy drinker, his wife's death only worsened his depression more, causing him to hit the bottle more and leave Ryder to fend for himself. Ryder spent most of his childhood alone, teaching himself how the world works and who to trust. He never knew his mother was a witch, and neither did his father... she'd kept it a secret very well; after eleven years of staying quiet in school and hoping to not get noticed, a letter arrived on his doorstep. At first, Ryder and his dad both thought it was a prank... a wizardry school? But then, more letters came, and more. Finally, Ryder's dad gave up, and let him go to Salem's (which doesn't just accept witches, contrary to popular belief).

Ryder's first year at Salem was confusing, and scary. He was in a strange place, in a strange school, surrounded by weirdos who could all do... magic, was it? But he was a weirdo too. His second year was a little better. He got used to his powers, although still a little overwhelmed, and actually started making friends.

After his second year, Ryder and his dad moved to England, and Ryder transferred to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. Things were going well, but then his dad moved back to America during Ryder's school year, leaving him in England. This jarred Ryder up quite a bit, and his third and fourth year were confusing and Ryder barely did any work. He picked up on his fifth year, though.

He completely flunked off through sixth year, and didn't do any work. He regretted it in seventh year, though; this year, he got his head down and actually began taking this whole thing seriously. His N.E.W.Ts were better, thank goodness, and now he works as a musician, and has his own American diner, The Retro. His father mailed him on his nineteenth birthday to inform him that he had remarried, and that Ryder had a half sister named Alyssa. He has now met her, and the two get on well.

In 2027, he had a very close scrape with death after contracting Scrofungulus - it was a miracle he survived, according to the doctors. It's left him with a scar down his neck which he isn't a big fan of, but at least he's alive.

In normal, everyday conversation, Ryder is just that - normal. He was graced with effortless conversational skills luckily, and will always find something to talk about, though sometimes he's just not in the mood to be social. He's quite an introvert, but is good at acting extroverted when the time calls for it. He can be considered a mix of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin; he's naturally polite and respectful, and dislikes putting people out of their comfort zone. Ravenclaw because he's very intelligent - he always has been. And Slytherin because of his ambition and his shrewdness. Ryder believes he would have been better fitting in either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, and is curious as to why he was placed in Slytherin. He's not sure he really wants to find out.

Ryder himself is quite the complex human being. He's forever stuck in grey, never black or white - between Hogwarts houses, between extroversion and introversion, between happiness and unhappiness. He's never fully sure when he makes decisions, and isn't very good at recognizing his feelings, but he'll always follow his gut instinct, no matter how uncertain he is about it. He's normally right, anyway.

He's far from selfish and will always put others before himself.

One of Ryder's skills is that he's incredibly good at reading people. He can tell one's emotions pretty clearly, and can even sometimes almost read their thoughts, but most of the time, the person has to pretty much scream those thoughts in order for him to read them. He can tell what people are thinking by looking at them. Everyone assumes he's a Legilimens, or a spirit nymph, but he's just been able to do it all his life.

He's incredibly observant too. He sees and picks up on microscopic details, and has earned himself the nickname Sherlock from his sister.



friends, acquaintances and enemies

Amelie HallVia Hillier
There might be romantic links, but the friendship is stronger than steel. Ryder's been through quite a bit with Amelie, from her split personality to her returning from France as a a whole new person, and he has no intention of leaving anytime soon. He adores Amelie, she's the one true friend he's ever really had, and there's not a lot he wouldn't do for her.

Hope Finch
Ryder met Hope in Hogsmeade one day, and once she mentioned Rex, Ryder could read her like an open book. They're good friends, and Ryder enjoys her company.

Evangeline Aleksandrov
Evangeline is a very angelic, ethereal person, and Ryder was instantly intrigued when he met her in a cafe in London. They had a long conversation, with topics ranging from languages to poker to travelling, and he definitely hopes to see her again.

Alexandria Raintree
Ryder met Alexandria at The Three Broomsticks, when she just sat down at his table and began playing cards. He didn't find out much about her, apart from she's very small and very quiet. Damn good at cards, though.

Rex Shaw
Whilst writing in Flood, Ryder finally met Rex Shaw. The pair got along and the conversation lasted hours, and Ryder considered him a friend. However, ever since he found out that Rex has skipped town and just left Hope, Ryder has developed a serious dislike for the guy.

Amelie HallVia Hillier
It took years for Ryder and Amelie to realise they liked each other, but they finally admitted it. Now they're both aware of it... what the hell do they do now?

Ryder has always been skilled at music. He's a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in guitar, and has a nice singing voice. He can also repair and tinker instruments.

Observing and Deducing
Ryder would make a brilliant spy. Nicknamed 'Sherlock' by his sister, Ryder has extreme attention to detail and can pick up on details others simply brush over. Also, with his ability to read people and his skills of deduction, he's basically able to figure out most things about a person before even talking to them.


*He has a tick where he subconsciously runs his hand through his hair.
*He is fascinated by languages.
*Around amortentia, he smells cigarette smoke and new leather.
*He is right handed.
*He is exactly 6 feet tall.
*He's a gentleman, and incredibly polite, especially to women.
*He goes through a packet of mint chewing gum a day - he can't get enough of the stuff.
*He both likes and hates his abilities - there are some things he doesn't want to see.
*It takes quite a lot of alcohol to get him drunk. He's rather immune to the stuff.
*He absolutely loves Firewhiskey and can drink it by the bucket load. Butterbeer is another favourite.
*Once on holiday, he broke both his wrists when he was twelve after falling down a flight of stairs. This resulted in him not being able to play the guitar for several months, and he was heartbroken.
*He's damn good at playing cards. People who have the most convincing poker faces always give something away. However, winning three games in a row often gets you accused of cheating, so he just lets people win a lot of the time.

Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Heterosexual, demi-heteroromantic
Relationship Status Incredibly lucky.
Pets None
Favourite Songs Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles
Paradise City by Guns 'n' Roses
Favourite Colours Black, white, grey
Favourite Sweet Mint chewing gum
Most Treasured Possession His guitars
Where to Find Them In the Retro, or in Hogsmeade.


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