séraphine évreux

beauxbatons graduate, auror

- basics
RPer kibethastarael
Age 24
Birthday november 1
Accent french
Orientations ????
Gender female (cis)
Languages english, french, spanish
MBTI estp-a
- physical
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Ethnicity latina, caucasian
Model emeraude toubia
Height 5'9"
- magical
Blood Status pure-blood
Species witch, human
Wand red oak, phoenix feather, 11"
Wand Arm right
Amortentia jasmine, freshly baked bread, strawberries
Patronus wildcat
Boggart losing séverin
- affiliation
Nationality french; french guyanese
Schooling beauxbatons
House ombrelune
Occupation auror
Influenced séverin évreux


Séraphine Cassandra Évreux is the youngest child of an entitled pair of pureblooded French aurors. Her mother, Maryse, originally hailed from French Guiana, and her father, Aurélien, grew up in his family manor outside of Paris. They met at Beauxbatons and discovered a mutual interest in auror-ing. And, well, it went from there.

As their children, Séverin and Séraphine, grew older, Maryse and Aurélien began to train them in the skills needed by aurors. By the time they got to school, they whizzed through the subjects like DAtDA, Transfiguration, Potions, and others that they had been taught at home.

In Séraphine's fifth year and her brother's sixth, they received owls from the ministry informing them of their parents' demise in the field. As Séra went into the custody of the seventeen-year-old Séverin, the siblings strengthened their resolve to become aurors, channeling their very real anger into their studies - and, later, their work.

Upon graduation, both siblings were snapped up by the French auror office within a month. There, they became close friends with Lucien Verlac and Kīlauea Vulgate, and formed a sort of group with them and a guy who had been in Séverin's year at Beauxbatons - Quentin Sébastien. Lucien, Kīlauea and Quentin now stay with the Évreux in their large Paris house, which has been dubbed "the institute".








  • She loves cooking, but she is really, really bad at it. Everyone's too scared to inform her of this, though. She's given her brother food poisoning on multiple occasions.
  • She writes with her left hand but does everything else with her right. She says she's right-handed.
  • She strongly dislikes the sound of chewing and so hums while eating.
  • She has a black belt in karate. ("obviously")
  • She's quite good at playing the piano.


credit to kibeth

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