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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.


the hanged man.

Søren Vynter
Blood Status
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Søren Vynter is a Norwegian born wizard, a potioneer working for the Black Parade.



Søren Vynter is a Norwegian born wizard. His parents were affluently wealthy, living in Norway, while owning a home in Belgravia, London. Søren flitted between the two countries often, going to school in England and spending time home at Norway. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, which was unsurprising as people knew him as quiet and bookish. His undeniable talent, however, was potionry. He understood the ingredients and was able to brew his own variants and original potions by fourth year.

When he graduated, he became a potioneer, back in Norway. He was well recieved, but it was too simple a life. He wanted something with more of a thrill. He was 20 and already extremely rich via potion sales. He wanted something more valuable, money meant nothing to him. So he began trading potions in exchange for secrets. He started small, but his exploits increased - he'd place illnesses on important people in secret, and then offer to cure them with his miracle-potions in exchange for crucial political information. Soon he became the grapevine of the Norwegian magical circles - before moving to France. He wasn't well recieved there - especially from one Sabrina le Fey. Her influence was threatened by his presence, and to avoid any of her clients spilling details through one of his truth serums. She sent her best (at the time) assassin, Adèle Bellerose to exterminate the threat - Vynter wasn't a killer, he was a peddler, and one that'd be easy to wipe out. When Adèle went to kill him - she saw his potential firsthand, and decided to sever her alliance with Sabrina in exchange for Søren.


Adèle and Søren caused a storm in France. While he dealt with extraction of information, she'd exterminate their enemies and remove external threats. They worked well. However, things weren't smooth for Søren. A chronic insomniac, he began brewing a very strong (thus effective) sleep elixir, which he drank daily. However, this became a problem. His body began depending on the potion - suffering extreme fatigue (yet inability to sleep) and migranes if he didn't take his daily dosage. The dependency on the potion became an addiction which he still holds till date.

Søren is a chameleon. He hides his true emotions 99% of the time, allowing for his face to be a mask. He's more likely to be silent in a conversation, preferring to listen and hold against. However, he's very charismatic and finds a lot of information by charming those he needs. That's how his business took off. In terms of the addiction, if he hasn't had a kick, he can be quite a mess.



friends, acquaintances and enemies

Adèle Bellerose
Adèle has been through thick and thin with him, and he's truly grateful to her - even though her original purpose was to kill him. He loves her like a sister and wants to protect her no matter what, and this is sometimes misconstrued as obsessiveness.

Sabrina le Fey
He kind of hates to love her and loves to hate her. She's wary of him, and likewise. But she needs him, which he finds ironic, and he needs her to stay alive. The two are cold but they're interdependent on each other.

Xavier Hartt
Xavier is really cute and Soren has a huge crush on him secretly. He admires that Xavier is a formidable thief and a worthy second-in-command while also actually having a personality. But he doesn't want to act on his feelings in case things get messy. Also he's too proud to admit it. He's a good thief.

Via Hillyer

She's a total badass. Completely mental, but he finds that really cool. She's gonna go far, in his opinion. He also likes the fact that she minds her own business and doesn't probe into his.

Jaina Nordskov

He met her Highness briefly. He's convinced Sabrina could take her out with a flick of her wrist.


*Potionry is his main skill and speciality- no one can brew quite as well as Vynter
  • He has a reputation for intrigue and extracting information from his targets - a master interrogator

*His Patronus is a Peacock
  • He is quite a good cards player because of his poker face. He quite enjoys playing with Adèle.
  • His wand is a supple 13", Dragon Heartstring, Pine
  • His model is Jack Falahee

Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Status Single
Pets -
Favourite Songs Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood
Favourite Colours Grey
Favourite Sweet -
Most Treasured Possession -
Where to Find Them the citadel


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