Saanvi Shafiq
  • Name Saanvi Shafiq
  • Age 20
  • Birthday May 17th
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  • Nickname
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Home
    Mumbai, India
  • Status
  • Sexuality
  • Location
    London, England
  • Year/Occupation
    Shop Owner
  • House
    N/A Alumni
  • Species
  • Family Blood
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  • Wand Core
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  • Wand Wood
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  • Wand Arm
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  • Boggart
  • Patronus
    Blue Bird
  • Model
    Neelam Johal
  • Eye Color
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  • Hair Color
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  • Height
  • Distinguishing Marks
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  • Disorders
  • Mental State
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Music Genre
    American Pop and K-Pop
  • Favorite Food
    Chicken tacos
  • Favorite Animal
  • Favorite Book
    Sense and Sensibility
  • Favorite Drink
    Mango Lassi
  • Favorite Song
    Bet on It from High School Musical 2
  • Favorite Movie
    High School Musical 2
  • Favorite Sweets
    Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Quirks
  • Talents
  • Skills
    Dancing, Gymnastics, Sewing
  • Languages
    English, Hindi, Marathi, Japanese
  • Etymology
  • Shafiq -
  • Mother
    Anika Shafiq
  • Father
    Jayesh Shafiq
  • Full Siblings
  • Half Siblings
  • Other

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Saanvi is a sweet girl with a good head on her shoulders. She knows what she wants for her life and is very independant, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't appreciate some help from time to time. She loves to help others, and it's just apart of who she is.

The issues with growing up rich and apart of a sacred 28 family are having everything handed to her on a silver plate. Saanvi has somewhat of an attitude that things should be easy for her and attainable, with little to no effort involved. Saanvi doesn't push people around and isn't a monster, but she does expect things to be done in a certain way.

Saanvi has a good outlook on life, and can't wait to experience more of it. She's still so young that not a lot of things have settled in, and some might say she's a little immature because of it. Saanvi can't help but have that creative childlike wonder stuck in her mind, and she always seems to have a smile on her face despite what challenges she's going through.


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Saanvi was born to Jayesh and Anika on May 17th, the third child to a family fortune and extravagant lifestyle. Saanvi was welcomed with open arms to the family, and her parents were happy to have another child. Despite what some people said about another girl, her parents didn't care. They would love their children no matter their gender.

Saanvi grew up thrown into a world of riches and glamour, her parents came from a long line of pure-blood wizarding families who had a strong presence in India. Her ancestors settled parts of modern-day India, and many of them even went on to help build up other countries around India.

Growing up was quite a ride for Saanvi, as every day seemed to be full of something to do and somewhere to go. Her two older siblings did help take care of her and her younger sister, and she always felt loved despite everyone's busy schedules. Saanvi quite liked to be busy, especially as a child and she loved to be in the spotlight. Her parents noticed this, and put her into ballet.

Saanvi blossomed in Ballet, and loved learning how to dance and performing in front of people. She also loved to learn, and her parents made sure to get her the best tutors around to keep her mind bright and sharp. Her parents also made sure to have her do things with her siblings, and did some family outings together as well. Saanvi loved her life growing up, and even into her teenage years she was quite happy.

Going to Mahoutokoro was quite a big change for her and it took her awhile to adjust, but with the help of her siblings and teachers she was able to fit into the school. Her parents felt it was a better fit for their kids instead of traveling all the way to England, and it would help their children learn more about the countries closer to India.

Saanvi was quite an innocent teenager and didn't do much outside of studying, classes and ballet. She was a good student and graduated the top of her class. After school however, Saanvi was at a loss of what she wanted to do. She tried many things, and nothing really stood out to her. She didnt really like working with animals, and she didn't like working in the ministry with her mother.

Saanvi was glad when her family made the move to England when she was 18, and felt that perhaps she'd be able to find something that interested her. She finally was able to figure out that she loved potion making and anything related to natural things. She decided to make her own line of natural healthcare products, and with the help of her parents it kickstarted off pretty well.

She's currently working with her small business in Lincliff, and is so happy with her life right now. She believes that things are really going to go up from where she is, and she can't imagine how things can get worse.


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