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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

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Sabina Tiera Fleming
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idiosyncratic blitzkrieg
September 3, 2004
Aerich Fleming (father)
Véronique Fleming neé Vernier (mother)
Caitríona Ó Cléirigh (wife)
Sachi Fleming (sister)
Sofia Fleming (estranged sister)
Name Pronunciation
sah-BEE-nah FLEH-ming
Blood Status
Human; Witch
rped by the embodiment of the universe.

Sabina Fleming is a Gryffindor alumna and retired Quidditch player. After her old team, the Ballycastle Bats, fell apart, she married and pursued her old passion for photography.
Eye Color
Silvery grey
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Simple yet classy, Sabine is a lady who demurely sticks to the memo. She is not one to flaunt her figure, preferring to be modest despite her good looks. Her red hair is shared with her sister and aunt, and the strikingly beautiful silver-grey eyes is her only distinguishing mark from her sister. Makeup is not something she fusses too much about, though she does apply some on occasion. Being tall and sylphlike, the Gryffindor alumni fortunately does not need to don feet-murderous heels often.

Irish, French, German
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Getting her camera
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

Early Life

Gryffindor crest

Véronique "Vera" Vernier was a petite but dark-haired spitfire of a French witch. Somewhere in the family line, a Veela was sure to be found, explaining her appearance. Though Vera loved Quidditch, she considered it more of a hobby than a potential career during her years at Beauxbatons. Either way, she was more focused on modeling, flaunting her figure till she was a trendsetting face in many magazines.

It was sort of tradition in their family to try to blend in with the Muggles from time to time, so the long-since pureblood family was gravely persecuted during the two Wizarding World Wars. Vera's mother had been killed during the Death Eater raid in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, and even though it gave her enough reason to avoid the sport, Vera was determined to not let the past get in the way of her future. Which was good.

Shortly after graduation, she made acquaintances with a charming Irish Muggle-born photographer named Aerich Fleming. Aerich was a late-bloomer wizard, and even after he finally graduated from Hogwarts (age 20), he opted to return to his Muggle roots and love for photography.

The two kept in contact for two years before finally going on a date, that led to another, that led to another, that led to eventual proposal and marriage. Photographer and model romance, indeed, it was.

They had their first child, Sachi, shortly before their one year anniversary. However, Sachi was almost a Squib, exhibiting no signs of magic until she was almost eleven. Their next child, Sabina, came a year younger than her sister, but by the time both were adults, strangers swore that Sabina seemed like the elder.

Picking up her dad's camera at age three was Sabina's earliest memory. According to her parents, they decided to buy her a toy camera and she would sleep with it. Even with the piano lessons, etiquette lessons, and all that paraphernalia, Sabina became a lady indeed - a lady photographer. When she turned of age, her father presented her with a camera that she now brings everywhere, except for the Quidditch field.

Sabina showed her first sign of magic when she was a mere month old by changing her own diapers. Though the incident would've been very convenient if it occurred daily, her parents were delighted. She had a mostly normal childhood as one gets when one's mother is a famous model and one's father is a talented photographer. Sabina and Sachi remained close despite their differences. Sachi was clumsy and awkward, Sabina being elegant and quick-witted. The sisters did care for each other, and when their Hogwarts letters came, supported each other through thick and thin.

Hogwarts Years

Gryffindor Crest (Gif)

Gryffindor called to Sabina, Hufflepuff to Sachi.

Magic came naturally to Sab, which surprisingly caused little to no conflict between she and her sister. Sachi was more confident with theories and the such, always stumbling at the more practical work. Meanwhile, Sab was good at both.

The mild-mannered Gryffindor was nicknamed "Lady of the Bat" during her fifth year after a particularly brutal game against Slytherin. Her fellow Beater had received a broken arm early in the game, but somehow they simultaneously eliminated the opposition into a few broken limbs and broomsticks. Sabine found this ironic as she eventually became part of the Ballycastle Bats.

She gained a reputation for playing Quidditch, and the Lady of the Bat title became commonplace during even classes. The more forgetful and carefree teachers often found themselves calling her by such, but awkwardly remembered the moment after and tried to skim over the mistake. OWLs and NEWTs gave the genteel Fleming some trouble, but she passed with above average marks on both. Seeing as her sixth year came with a badge emblazoned with a "P" and more responsibility, this was acknowledged as a remarkable feat among direct family.

Young Sabine also tried to help her sister as much as she could, but after graduation Sachi ended up becoming an actress, gaining more confidence on-screen than she had ever exhibited in real life. Sabina was another case. She had trouble trying to figure out which world she would go for - magical or Muggle. A few wise words from her dear mother screwed her head up right, and she decided. Photography had been something she'd enjoyed since a child, and she'd been part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team for six years running as a Beater or Chaser. Following her mother's advice, she went for both.

Post Hogwarts

Gryffindor quidditch badge

While doing photography on the sidelines, Sabina eventually became a professional Quidditch player. Her Beater position tended to elicit snide remarks for those who had not seen her play - "Love, you should be at a modeling agency, not on a Quidditch field." - but she put them in their places soon enough with a sweet smile and a smack of a bat. Her demeanor tended to throw people off, as she had inherited her mother's lovely looks and her father's mild attitude. The Ballycastle Bats was the Quidditch team that Sabine eventually turned into her second family.

The Quidditch World Cup was a new experience to Sab. Things started out rocky with the Bats barely winning against the Australians, and the redhead Beater was almost certain they could not hold against their next opponents - either the Germans or the Americans. Midway, she managed to find time for some past-sharing with Aerich, and became part of a new fan ship after a wrongly misunderstood talk between her and Puddlemere Chaser Hunter Smith. When the Harriers were kicked out of the running, doubts soared higher than ever. Unbelievably enough, her team managed to get through the semis, allowing them to compete in the finals against the Harpies. Epic smackdowns occurred with the ending of the QWC, and though the Bats only took second, Sab was still quite content with the Harpy injuries.

After all the drama and all the barfights (and RicSel. God that ship was involved with everything), Sab remained a Bat for the upcoming British and Irish League. Unsurprisingly, she was more wary of more upcoming drama than any fatal injuries. Many changes took place, even in her own team, with Keeva switching from Keeper to Seeker and former Harrier Gilbert Schweinsteiger joining them. Her good acquaintance/friend, Julchen Beilschmidt, transferred to the Harpies, though Sab did not look forward to having to play against her. The "Sleming" ship continued to follow her around while she debated getting an actual apartment in Britain instead of going back to France every time.

Caitríona Ó Cléirigh, an old schoolmate, joined as a Chaser, and she and Sabina rented an apartment together. The team did poorly, as sad was Sabina to admit, during that league. They more or less were near the bottom of the rankings, and so spirits were low. Paparazzi continued to hound them, but nothing really came out of the Sleming flirtations. When Smith turned up death shortly after the end of the season, that sure was a shocker. While the media had a bit of a field day with that, a certain redhead was annoyed at their insensitivity.

More disaster struck when Keeva came to her and miserably reported that she had gotten pregnant from a one-night stand, much to Sabina's horror. Keeva, however, did not tell Margo, which led to complications...and Kargo broke up not soon after. When the next league came up, Sabina couldn't curb her guilt and switched teams, still believing she should've done something. Events spiraled down even further when Keeva died from childbirth and Margo presumably died.

Depression clawed away at both Sabina and Cait during those dreadful months. Just as things began perking up again, what else could happen but a very much alive Margo popping back into their lives?

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Open-minded, innovative, and congenial
Worst Qualities
Fierce, competitive, and overprotective
Most Influenced By
Sabina is in every way the epitome of a proper lady. During her Hogwarts years, she was commonly mistaken for a Hufflepuff for her mild-mannered words. That was, until they saw her on the Quidditch field. Quidditch is the only part where Sabina is everything but. A "proper lady" would sit in the stands, loyally cheering for her team instead of getting on a broomstick and showing the Bludgers who was in charge. The transformation is subtle, which gives all the more reason to react to it. What she lacks in the intimidation factor she makes up for in unbridled endurance. Like how a lady must maintain her form in the face of jeering, she has not once been caught complaining about the setbacks of Quidditch. Ladies don't whine. They fix the problem after much deliberation and tea.

Knowing full well how easy it would be to wrap people around her finger, Sabina makes a point to avoid these situations. Her flexibility is tested more often than she'd like, though she always does her best to come out on top with her values fully intact. When they come to be, her judgments are as fierce and unflinching as she is. Bravery doesn't need to be seen by everyone to come to light. It surfaces when it is needed, and not flaunted. That's when it counts. Sabina's whole life has been a motley of cold wars. She knows how to fight them, she does it well, and she doesn't need anyone pressuring her to take it to the streets. Even if she appears to be just another wimp in a world of heavyweights, her perseverance isn't anything to turn your nose up at.

This sweet Gryffindor alumni has a way of defusing people's anger; some people even claim she has a calming touch. The absolute opposite of the feisty Gryffindor stereotype. She is quick about with her wits, capable of stopping a fight before it starts. But you should never underestimate her, because under that veneer of calm is a raging inferno, and Sabina's temper is not one easily invoked or dispersed. Calm before the storm, indeed.

talk bubble

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skills and magical abilities

Something about immortalizing scenes forever called to three year old Sabine, and it was her first love. When she wasn't smacking Bludgers, she was likely to be found with her camera, trying to angle a scene perfectly. As an adult, she sidelines as a professional photographer with her Quidditch career intact.


IF photography was her first love, Quidditch was her second non-rebound one. It all started one day on a casual walk by the Quidditch Pitch in Hogwarts. One moment she was perfectly fine, the next a stray Bludger nearly smashed her to smithereens. Sabine's instincts saved her from a concussion, her slim fragile-looking arms smacking away the ball with her umbrella. The umbrella was torn to pieces, nothing a good charm couldn't fix, and the next day she tried out for her House team and got the place. Her quick wits and stable reasoning were remarkable assets on-field, reacting while changing around strategy as needed.

Post graduation, she took up a career as a professional Quidditch player. Without a doubt, Sabine loses all thought of etiquette and manners and is strictly determined to focus on any game she is in.

Her camera:

Model: Lindsay Hansen

  • Ironically, Sabina used to be somewhat color blind. (dedicated to Noc)
  • Asking people in for tea is a frequent habit of hers.
  • She has carried her magically modified beater-bat-in-disguise-as-a-parasol everywhere ever since the World Cup.
  • When under stress, she has the unfortunate tendency to blank out and forget her manners.
  • Disguises have never been her strong suit. After all, sunglasses, a beanie, and bundling her hair up has always fooled the paps.
  • Back in school, she got into far more fights than she lets on today.
  • She and her sisters are estranged from their parents and the rest of their family. Sabina hasn't communicated with them in any way since she turned sixteen.
  • She was physically abused when she was a child by close family members.
  • Her biggest fear is mini distractions causing her to miss what's most important.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, biromantic
Relationship Status
A suffocating cloud of dust
Pear, phoenix feather core, 12 inches, surprisingly swishy
Favorite Drink
Blackcurrant miwadi
Favorite Sweet
Caramel chocolates
Amortentia Scents
Wild roses, smell of a brand new broom, and ink
Favorite Song
Burn by Ellie Goulding
Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

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