This modern-looking home belongs to Eva Saetre, and her adopted daughter Brisbane. The home is more than enough for two people, as it has three bedrooms, a fine kitchen, and other amenities. The modernist design of the house and thus its distinguishment from the other houses around, was a personal choice for Eva herself, as she did not want to play down her own social status; being the DoM Head comes with a certain standard, or at least Eva believes so.

Saetre Residence
coral gates, lincliff city, magical uk




Eva Saetremiss perfect - stalwart mind

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Head of DoM
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Eva was out in the backyard, having some tea, while also getting some sun. That was perhaps one of the better part of summer; sun, and plenty of it. As far as she was aware, Brisbane was in room. Or so she'd imagine anyway.

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Brisbane WB
Brisbane Woom - Little Parslemouth♠ Fifth Year Hufflepuff

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She was in her room but Brisbane was up to no good. For starters, she had taken over 20 snakes into her room and was letting more in through her window. That was until she saw Eva out in the backyard and a couple of the snakes where getting pretty close to her. She quickly told the snakes in her room to hide before rushing into the backyard.
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