Roleplayed By Kayle


Full Name: Saffron Harper Carter
Nicknames: Saffi, Saff
Birthday: April 9th, 2010
Age: 23
Gender: Cis Female
Nationality: English
Languages Spoken: English

Blood Status: Muggle-Born
Species: Witch
Wand Details:
Wand Arm: Left

Schools: Hogwarts (1-7)
House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Head of Magical Education
Current Titles: Department Head
Former Titles:

Orientations: Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status: Complicated, Single
Best Friends: Bradley Carter & Dorian Webb
Worst Enemies:
Family: Bradley Carter; Ambrose Webb-Carter

Model: Emma Roberts
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'1
Weight: 109 lbs
Body Type: Skinny


On April 9th, the bright little flower of a child named Saffron Harper Carter was brought into the world, the youngest of four children and the only daughter, which definitely put her first before her older brothers, something she'd never complain about. Of course, as a toddler, the young girl caught loads of attention and time spent into her, for that's what happens when you're the child who gets hurt easily and is the sweetest thing, never to do anything wrong. It'd forever continue this way, although things would change through the phases (she was a rebel at one point, and boy crazy at another, they didn't fully support her then), but it would mostly always be her as the angel, from the day she was born.

Saffron's childhood years were quite spectacular, in her little mind, at least. At a young age, she'd clung to her eldest brother Bradley, who would stick with her through the annoying boys picking on her and later those boyfriends who hurt her, because he was just the easiest one to get along with, and he protected her, it was nice. Then, when she was four, the times they got to see each other became fewer and fewer as he attended Hogwarts, something that bugged her a lot, and then her other two brothers followed soon after and she was alone. Although, the two remained close, as close as they could be given the seven year age gap, quite a while away from each other, to add, through the years.

Saffron's first sign of magic wasn't much of a shock, yet was for the reason that in a Muggle-Born family, there shouldn't have been all four kids attending a magical school, surely. When the eight year old girl was getting in a fight with one of her older brothers, for picking on her over something she was incredibly insecure over, she had slammed the door to the room behind her and as she dramatically flopped down onto her bed in frustration. In the process, a bunch of books from the blonde's shelves when soaring towards the wall that surrounded the previously stated door. Actually, she hadn't really noticed, but small things happened after that, and by the time she was eleven, she received her letter to Hogwarts.

Saffron's arrival to Hogwarts wasn't very fun, being sorted into Hufflepuff (although she really wanted Gryffindor, like Bradley, but she wasn't cut out for it, she supposed) and continuing on with a cool group of friends for the next several years. As she went through the years, she'd have a couple of boyfriends who broke her heart (quite terribly, it was an actual shame), a rebel phase that included dying her hair and wearing messier clothes, even having a summer fling with a girl friend of hers... It'd be quite the ride. It was supposed to continue on as she graduated, but there seemed to be nothing but nasty adulthood, something she wasn't prepared to deal with.


Saffron acts like one would expect a princess to (and in her mind, she is very much so a princess, from time to time anyways). She's very polite, not enjoying swear words or people who don't say the common "thank you" or "please," and quiet, preferring to keep to herself unless acknowledged first as to not break thought processes that she knows she shouldn't mess with. She's still constantly happy, however, a sweet smile on her face, that could melt souls and convince anybody of anything, but she doesn't want to manipulate people (she might sometimes though, oops). Either way, she's always cheery and sweet to everyone, to help them out in time of need, lending a hand, because that's just how she was built, to be nice to people.

Then again, Saffron has a temper sometimes, so never piss her off. If you dig deep enough, into that sensitive exterior (every little comment could send her crying, if it's terrible enough), you'll get to the point of annoying her, and one rarely returns from that, definitely not right away at least. After all, the young woman is precious, and at some point she has to turn around her sadness into a side of her that's a bit more angry and shady, for sure, but it's rare, thank goodness for that, because it's never nice seeing it.




  • Saffron's OWLs were as follows: Astronomy, Charms, Divination, Muggle Studies (O), Arithmancy, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions (E), Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration (A).
  • Saffron's NEWTs were as follows: Astronomy, Charms, History of Magic, Muggle Studies (O), Arithmancy, Divination, Herbology (E), and Potions (A).

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