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This character has been requested to be preserved by GoldenGail3.

Sam Richards
Gryffindor Alumni
Role-Played by GoldenGail3


Sam Gryffindor Alumni/ Car Dealer
-"Hate me or love me, but don't mess with me'

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"What do you guys what?" Sam asks with no emotion in her face.
"Bring it on! Your nothing compared to me!"
Samantha Ella Richards
Parents David & Bella Richards
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual (mostly straight)
Friends Max Grey- Companion, troublemaker
Year 7th year
House Gryffindor
Dream Job None yet
Current Job None
Status Alive and Living
Age 18
Birthday October 5th
Enemies (None Yet)
Favorite food Nachos
Boggart Killing a kid
Happiest Memory With her mother when she was 11.

About Sam

She was born in a rough and tumble family in America. But, she was acually pretty decent in school, compared to most of her family she was. She acually had a troubled childhood, not with crime or anything, just her behavior in class sometimes.

\She acted quite rebillous and sometimes studied, but not often. She was very serctive, only trusting her best of friends to keep her serects, Sam was a helpful girl, if you deserved the help, she gave it to you. But she was known for being a big trouble-maker. Sam also loved Quiddich in her days at home. She often speed around quickly on her broomstick.\

But at the age 11, her family moved to England so she may attend schooling, her family was rich enough so it didn't really effect them once they moved.

At the age of 11 years, she was presneted with her letter to come here. She did, and her years here have been great! She's enjoyed them alot, her first year was intersting, she meet her best friend, and she made the teacher's permant bad list. Her second year was dull, nothing much happened that year, her third year was acually quite fun, she made the quiddich team and was a chaser that year


She's a very friendly person, but she is very headstrong and proud. She is a poliet person around teachers, but sometimes she fakes polietness to get into a teacher's good book. But mostly she loves to cause trouble. She loves pranks, she is a creative person once it comes to that. Sam is a very brave and good hearted person. She is serctive to a level, but not really. She can be very corky and sweet heatred sometimes.


Sam is one the top trouble-makers

Sam hates crying\ or having emotion in front of people.