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name. sasha seokra choi
nickname(s). seokkie, raie
age. nineteen
birthday. september 2nd
sign. virgo
nationality. south korean
ethnicity. korean
home. something, south korea
status. single
sexuality. homosexual
location. magical uk
occupation. sr trainee
house. slytherin alumnus
school. hogwarts graduate

species. wizard
family blood. muggleborn
wand core. phoenix feather
wand wood. hornbeam
wand arm. right
boggart. leo
patronus. hexophthalma hahni (spider)
model. lee daehwi (daehwi of ab6ix)
eye color. brown
hair color. brown
height. 5'11"
mental state. stable
fav color. blue
fav music. pop

fav food. blueberry pie
fav animal. spiders
fav drink. mint oreo milkshakes
fav song. give you hell by caspian choi
fac sweets. popsicles
quirks. rolls his Rs, very energetic, hardly sits still
talents. dancing, singing
skills. songwriting
languages. korean, english
mother. oh sujeong
father. choi jiseok
full siblings. aisha, mincheon, minyeon

sasha is a loner. clean, cut, lone wolf. it's not his fault, really, he only had one true friend growing up and that was his twin brother, aisha. for a long time, aisha was all he really needed, and when he lost the close relationship he had with aisha, he convinced himself he no longer needed people to rely on, and thus began to solely rely on himself. as a result, he has a very introverted personality and mindset. he likes doing things by himself at his own pace on his own time. he likes having control over the things he does and works on, and as a result, is difficult to cooperate with or collaborate with. he's used to being by himself for long stretches of time, and when he needs entertainment, he seeks only himself and the internet.

a large part of the reason sasha is a loner is because of the bitter jealousy he harboured for aisha from their younger years. he didn't understand how aisha could so easily connect with and befriend people, and he would become even more bitter when he attempted to replicate what aisha did and said, only to get no results. he doesn't know how to be a social person, and both his social behavior and health reflect this. he's developed social anxiety, that gets worse in crowded in environments or big venues. he tends to come off very cold and blunt without realizing it, and is rarely in check of his expressions. he says what he's thinking with little to regard for anyone else around them and how they feel, because he never learned how to filter himself or why he should filter himself.

the older sasha got, the more antisocial he became, especially because he didn't know how to make friends or even acquaintances. he dreaded group projects, and would just opt to do all the work and let other members of the group present if it meant he didn't have to actually work with them on the project. he rarely said more than a word or two in largely public settings like classes or quidditch matches, and was more than likely to avoid these gatherings altogether. in fact, it became kind of a running gag for awhile for aisha to stand in for him for classes, simply because he couldn't muster up the courage and/or the desire to attend himself. he has an inherent fear that people are judging him for every single thing he does or says, so he tries to keep himself as invisible as possible and only speak when being spoken to. he sits in the back of the room and takes notes or doodles or writes lyrics, but he wouldn't even do as much as look up and glare at other students whispering over the lesson, because it wasn't worth bringing that attention to himself.

despite sasha's lack of social skills, or rather lack of developed social skills, he's a very brilliant individual. he sees things in a very poetic and philosophical way that often catches people off guard. however, that doesn't mean he doesn't see things for what they are. he's very in tune with reasoning and common sense, and despite his own anxiety and social fears, for the most part, he rarely misconstrues things. he's not one to assume ulterior motives or jump to conclusions unless he's in an extremely emotional and psychologically fragile state. this also makes him somewhat naiive, as he rarely assumes ulterior motives altogether, meaning he can't tell when he's being taking advantage of or manipulated. he is completely blind to people's motives and can only judge people's actions on the surface level, because that's simply how he observes other people, and he hasn't had anything to counteract that view.

between aisha and sasha, sasha is definitely the more expressive and creative of the two. while both of them create music, sasha has always been more innovative and creative with his work, often reverse engineering songs so he can use parts of them in his own. he's been working with music and its composition since he was little due to his mother, and naturally, music has a very strong importance to him. it is also the only way he tends to express himself. although he comes off as blunt when being spoken to, he is truly very reserved and unless he's directly asked about his view on a situation, he will rarely share unprovoked. as a result, he tends to put these views and expressions and thoughts into his music, letting them be the introspective messages and conversations he wants to have with people, but doesn't know how. his ability with lyricism is amazing, but it doesn't translate into his everyday conversational abilities. he struggles to talk with people, and unless he is told what to do or say before hand, he struggles with spontaneity.

we've talked about james, we've talk about jack, now let's talk about jiseok. the one everyone thought was going to have completely normal children. wizarding world superstars? no, no, jiseok was sure his kids would grow up to be something normal like an office worker. but when your wife is oh sujeong, what can you really expect? if you're wondering, oh sujeong was once a beloved singer in south korea, who retired and married jiseok choi. the two seemed like an odd couple in the eyes of the korean public, but they were happy so who cares? once settling down, they had four children—two pairs of twins.

the younger pair of twins include the one we'll be focusing on today, sasha choi. now, sasha and his twin brother, aisha, have always been attached to the hip since they were kids. they learned complementary instruments together (they make a great two-person jazz band, by the way). even their first magical incident is tied to each other. in the early years of their childhood, there was no aisha if there was no sasha. the two of them were literally inseparable. sometimes it got ridiculous. sasha was always particular protective of his twin brother, especially in the school environment.

when sasha and aisha were seven, another kid was bothering aisha on the playground, so sasha pushed them into the sandbox they had been playing by, and magically the kid started sinking in the sandbox like it had suddenly become quicksand. the kid was successfully rescued by the school staff, but to this day, no one truly knows what happened and why. regardless, the two continued to mind their business, sticking to each other as tightly as they had the day they were born. they even received their letters to mahoutokoro together, standing in the same room, right next to each other, and reading their letters aloud to each other.

when they got their letters, they really thought it was an acceptance letter to a middle school they just happened to have never heard of. but they didn't think much of it. jiseok wasn't very freaked out because at this point, all three of the twins's cousins were already attending magic schools, and his own brother had gone to a magic school. he was pretty much in the loop at this point. there was no drama, no tedious last-minute shopping, they were ready. but they didn't expect for school to be the one thing that would manage to split them apart.

their first year at mahoutokoro, they stuck together for the most part like they always do, but the years after that, they started getting further and further apart. aisha took an interest in other things immediately such as the quidditch team and the drama club, while sasha kept to himself. eventually, sasha joined the potions club and even started a club titled the fashion society, but had to abandon post as president when their family moved to england when they were fourth years. by the time the family moved, the two barely talked during the school year, if they talked at all. the new environment of hogwarts helped them become closer again, but the moment aisha found friends, it seemed their usual habits were already beginning to resurface.

regardless of them growing apart, they decide to audition for silencio records together, managing to make it in as trainees in their fifth year. however, when the first line-up for silencio's new boy group was revealed, things changed once again. aisha already knew ahead of time he would make it, but after expressing desire that he'd only debut with sasha, he was removed from the lineup as well. he then defected to alohomora, expecting sasha to follow him, but when he didn't he was quite astounded that he'd be joining alohomora alone. sasha decided to stay with silencio, knowing that he wouldn't work well within in a group and was banking on the chance of silencio letting him become a solo artist.

graduating from hogwarts as a slytherin alumnus, sasha found a new normal renting a decent apartment in lincliff city and working at oodle noodle while he trained at silencio records. he's still trying to negotiate a solo artist contract with the company, and things are beginning to look up for him. perhaps he'll be the next choi to break into the superstar scene.


Sasha Choi