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The Scarlet Beauty.

Scarlet Minha Chang
Father: Xavier Chang †

Mother: Nadia Chang †

Brother:Odin Chang
Fifth Year Hufflepuff
Blood Status
This character is role played by Lissy.



Model: Minha (Nine Muses)

Xavier Chang was a half-korean wizard working in the auror department of the French Ministry of Magic. He was a veteran in the game, having taken in a number of villains in the years he has been there. Nadia Beaufort was a rookie in the Auror department, having worked in a different department beforehand. They got paired the day that a Chinese official with classified information decided to throw a party, giving them a perfect opportunity to stop the chinese Ministry of Magic from overthrowing the South Korean Ministry of Magic.

Nadia and Xavier were chosen not only for their Xavier’s willingness to train her, but because of their chemistry together. They seemed to get along well enough to work with one another. Therefore while they were preparing for this event it wasn’t uncommon to find the two together, forming a professional relationship that would plant the seeds for a romantic one. When the time finally came around, they knew that after this even they might not see one another for a long time, because Nadia was being offered a chance to transfer to another government’s auror department, one that would really push her career forward. That day they did get the information, but they never returned to give a mission report.

Instead, the two had decided to move, to make a life together. They knew they needed somewhere to hide. A place that was off-map from the French MoM. So, they moved to England, and eloped. They had a nice place in the English country. A beautiful farm where they grew most of their food and sold some to the locals to pay for some stuff. They realized they would need that money if they were to raise the child the two had conceived.

A few months later and they had their first child a boy in which they named Odin Chang. They loved him and gave him everything they could afford, even though it was very little. They did have a lot of wizarding money, but that currency didn’t seem to work among the muggle world, therefore they only used money they received from their farm. Not using magic either, because they knew they’d be caught. They lived a pretty mundane life, only providing the things they needed instead of wanted, causing Odin to grow up a sort of humble life.

When Odin was four, they were blessed with a pink little bundle they named Scarlet after Nadia’s grandmother. Odin didn’t like the idea of having a sibling and tried to get attention by any means. Even going as far as to just be rude, which didn’t fly well with his parents. Though that changed a few years later, he became the protective older brother he should've been. Scarlet on the other hand, always loved her big brother, even when he attempted to throw her in the closet and lock her in it. Scarlet was always a very laid-back child, who in the later years when she was being bullied in the charter school she went to as a child, she just brushed it all off, ending up not even telling her parents, who would always point out her occasional bruises. This also really concerned Odin, who would stick up for Scarlet where she wouldn’t stick up for herself. Not because she was shy, but because she just didn’t care. This would end up causing a lot of arguments between the siblings.

Odin, by the age of 5 had started showing signs of OCD. Putting everything in a certain place, things being placed next to each other in a strict colour code, and even making a set schedule he’d follow almost everyday. If any of his things & such were out of place he’d know, and his sister Scarlet would sometimes find it funny to move his stuff out of place, giving him panic attacks when he couldn’t find it. This led to him getting bullied as well, but more so, because people thought he was a freak. What kid acted like that? To other kids, no one did. Therefore he was an easy target, though it usually never got physical, because he’d brush it off, because after all he had other things to deal with; Like his sister.

When Odin was 9, the bullying had been taken a little too far. He was walking with Scarlet when his abusers came up and started teasing Scarlet about her brother’s OCD. This was the one thing she took to heart, really, because just like he hated people messing with her, she hated it when people messed with him. Seeing his little sister get worked up for the first time with bullies set off a chain reaction- Everyone that wasn’t a Chang burst out in boils, and the two siblings turned the table, laughing at them instead of the other way around. Upon reaching home they told their parents what had happened, thinking it was but a funny coincidence. It turned out not to be. Their parents weren’t very excited, but nonetheless they still told them about magic and that the possibility of them being a witch & wizard.

2 years later and Odin received his letter to Hogwarts, except his parents didn’t want him to attend that school, after all they had both attended Beauxbaton. Therefore Odin was enrolled there instead, much to his dismay. His first year was a little exciting he was sorted into Papillonlisse and was a little astounded to find out almost all the crest were super girly. Heck everything at that school was girly, but he didn’t really mind. The school also had more girls who attended than guys. A small chunk of the female students were even part Veela, which was weird, because he had thought that only humans could wield magic, he found out later on that was completely incorrect.

When it came time for Scarlet to show her magic, she was eight at the time and was watching TV in her room with her iPad when she heard her mother calling for her. She went to see what she wanted, which was for her to clean up her room. To Scarlet’s dismay, she did as ordered. To her surprised, about halfway through, things started cleaning themselves. She was overfilled with joy, and everything dropped as she ran out to tell her parents. Scarlet ended up still needing to clean her room.

So when she turned eleven, she joined her brother and was sorted into Papillonlisse with her brother. Odin wasn’t overly ecstatic with sister being sorted into the same house as himself, but he learned to deal with it. The privacy he had when he was at school was near non-existent now. Not that he really had any to begin with, but with his sister there it became slimmer. She started poking her nose into his business and at this point he did care. He loved his sister, but his privacy was also important to him. So he started trying to avoid their common room and instead hanging out in one of the empty classrooms.

A few years later and Odin had graduated from Beauxbaton, his sister going into her fourth year the following year. That summer would prove to be the worst one they’d have. The French MoM had never stopped looking their formers employees, especially with the information they had. They looked for the pair nonstop ever since what had happened 19 years prior. They wanted the information and would go to any length to get it. So when they were finally tracked down, they were questioned and executed. Though the french auror who take part in the killings, didn’t seem to tell someone what she had done, because she had been told to bring them both back alive.

This left them to rot in the family home. When they didn’t come to pick them up, Odin got worried. When they didn’t answer their phones, he got even more worried. He managed to find his own way home, only to find his parents lying on the ground with no pulse.

Police were called, Odin and Scarlet was taken to the psychiatry unit for a while, the French MoM was informed which led to their murderer being apprehended…. And now the siblings were on their own.

Once the initial shock had worn off, the siblings agreed unanimously that they needed a change of scenery- So they sold the farm, and Odin took the money, both Muggle and the money their parents had saved up in Gringotts, and Odin moved them to Hogsmeade, where Scarlet was enrolled in Hogwarts for her fourth year.

Scarlet can be described as a "chill" person, one who brushes off almost everything. Another word used for her is quiet. At least, she is very quiet when it comes to meeting new people, even though she loves meeting new people. Really, she's very outgoing, but usually around people she has met before. Scarlet enjoys partying, and loves to get secretly drunk behind her brother's back. She lives for the day she can legally drink. She an hold her liquor pretty well, thankfully, but she gets drunk really easily. She very much hopes that changes in the future. Scar cares very much for her brother, despite all the problems she knows damn well she causes for him. Protective over him, she dislikes when other people affect how he feels about himself, and she tells him everything. Scarlet always has her nose in his business whether he wants her around or not. She is the definition of a clingy sister.


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