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fourth year slytherin student, victoria faye and brooke leann's dormmate, all-around bitch.
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Full Name ||

scarlett angela irvine

Meaning Behind Name ||

scarlett - from the color.

angela - from the greek αγγελος "messenger"

irvine - from a scottish place name, "green water".

Nicknames ||

letta (close friends only)

Age ||


Birthday ||

february 1st

Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Marital Status ||

she's 13.

Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||


Species ||

witch (human)
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Hair ||


Eyes ||


Skin ||


Height ||


Body Frame ||

the frick frack does that mean

Tattoos ||


Piercings ||


Voice ||

well, the kind of voice 13 year olds have.

Scent ||

various perfume scents

Style of Clothing ||


Face Claim ||

natalia dyer
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magical info.

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

hogwarts (in progress)

Year ||


Wand ||

pine, dragon heatrtstring, 11.5 in

Wand Hand ||


Boggart ||


Patronus ||


Amortentia ||


Exotic? ||

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scarlett was raised in a specific way- wrapped in cotton wool, yet strictly watched and not allowed many things most kids do. that shaped a huge part of her personality. she learned to be very disciplined, and focus on eliminating any behaviour that might be considered inappropriate. being surrounded by adults rather than peers, she's become somewhat reserved in communication. that doesn't mean she doesn't feel at ease with people her age, no. she just doesn't exactly see them as equals and potential friends, like a normal ten-year-old would do. they play a far more practical role in her life. the innate intelligence the girl started to show already as a toddler, was always considered remarkable. but it didn't make her childhood easier at all. on the contrary, actually, it caused nothing but difficulties for her. instead of letting her have fun, her parents, knowing her abilities to learn, focused on pre-school education. by the age of ten, scarlett was already fluent in latin and an excellent chess player (the only part of her lessons she really enjoyed). maybe that's the reason she underwent a drastic change after coming to hogwarts, free from constant adult supervision at last. she's now often very rude to people she doesn't like (and that's many) and gets frustrated very easily. oh, well, everyone goes through that phase.
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nathaniel irvine was your typical pure-blood, always proper and conservative. his parents spoiled their son rotten: he was used to being given whatever he wanted. and that continued for most of his youth. maybe that was what made his sixth year at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry such a shock. because during that year, when he was sixteen, he didn't get what he wanted for the first time in his life. and what he wanted was nothing more than any sign of attraction coming from caitlyn o'hara. his gorgeous classmate, however, was clearly not interested. he did all he could think of to change the way she thought of him, with no success. he wasn't able to understand how could she decline several date proposals coming from the current head boy, slytherin quidditch team captain and top student in his year. and this situation could go on and on forever- if it weren't for caitlyn's younger sister, genevieve. the girl had developed an unrequited crush on nathaniel, with caitlyn suddenly discovering she had something against the two's potential relationship. after that realization, caitlyn and nathaniel got together very quickly. soon after graduation, they became engaged, and were already husband and wife at the age of 20. all they wanted now was a family with, preferably, a daughter to call their own. however, they were to discover an universal truth: nothing in life comes easy. even to those who know magic. they had trouble conceiving a child. after several failed attempts tears and dozens of different healers, their dream came true. little scarlett was born. scarlett's childhood wasn't the definition of unhappy, yet she doesn't like to think about it too much. Her parents and entire family wanted to keep her 'safe' at all costs, even to the point where their efforts were bordering on the ridiculous. under all circumstances, she was strictly forbidden to ice skate (she might drown!), ride pegasi (what if she fell down?), swim (that's dangerous!) or even take care of flowers (what if she gets poisoned somehow?). the girl was being wrapped in cotton wool like this for years. all she could think of was her first magic sign and the happy day she'll start school.

both of these things were to come in time. her magical abilities had been confirmed when she was just five, in a rather spectacular way. annoyed by the amount of education her parents wanted her to have before going to hogwarts, she managed to burn several books they gave her. teaching them not to try forcing her to read again. and the first ady of school was approaching her fast, just about to come now.
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Likes ||

tea (both meanings)

Dislikes ||

being disciplined

Loves ||

the color beige

Loathes ||

not getting what she wants

Passions ||

cross-stitch. yep. that's a thing.

Hobbies ||

sewing. see above.

Skilled At ||

see the two points above. also annoying others.

More Trivia ||

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