Sekani Williams
that one kid nobody knows • second year gryffindor • class clown




Sekani's a pretty chill person. Growing up in a place with so much tension has taught him to take advantage of the few times where he can let loose so he typically acts in the present rather than dwell in the past or jump to the future. Despite it, he's still highly sensitive about his familial situation and likes to avoid talking about anything relating to his family. Be warned though, if you make a joke about his imprisoned mother, he will punch you in the face just like all the kids he punched in Brooklyn for the same thing. That's the one type of humor he can't tolerate.

Besides that, Sekani usually uses humor to deal with grief and stressful situations as well as normal life. Him cracking a joke in the most serious of times is pretty standard, and instead of panicking about a test, he'll probably laugh about how badly he'll fail it, and then continue to study. That's just the type of awkward person he is. He goes with the flow most of the time and lets the wind take him wherever it feels like taking him. Music is kind of his thing and he especially loves Jazz.


Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, everything's simple. You stay out of the police's way, hope nobody shoots you, keep drugs out your hands, and stay in school, and maybe, if you're real lucky, you'll end up with the big shots. Seven's father grasped the idea and to followed it to a T, and now he runs a barbershop on the corner. Not bad but could be better. His mother threw the whole concept out the window and now she's sitting in prison for the next fifteen years. Sekani sees her once a year.

Sekani's father always used his mother as an example of why you should "stay out of trouble", and for awhile, he did. And then he didn't because trouble began to follow him. He got suspended the first week of fifth grade, and came back more caring less than he did before about following rules. And then one night his dad was closing up shop late so he was heading home later than usually, past the imaginary curfew that people who knew well enough used to stay inside. Police pulled him over and the rest was history.

At first, the death hurt a lot, especially because he was ten. But then it slowly got better. With his mom still in prison, Social Services sent him to his aunt and uncle in the UK, and wouldn't you know, turns out his aunt and uncle were magical. None of them knew Sekani was a wizard since he was a late bloomer when it came to magic. His first sign came just a couple of months before the letter came and even then, it was kind of late. He wanted fresh flowers for his aunt and bam there they were, except they were growing from nowhere and oh, look, now they're thirteen feet tall. That's a problem.

After that incident, his aunt and uncle took more caution in watching him to make sure he didn't do anymore accidental magical until his letter came. Then the letter came, and while Sekani personally could care less, his aunt and uncle seemed uncharacteristically thrilled. Well, guess now he's going to a school for magic kids. Abracadabra.


Full Name Sekani Angelo Williams
Nickname Seven
Birthday March 5th
Age 12
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Home Brooklyn, New York
Status Single; Alive
Sexuality Unsure
Location London
Gender Male
Year/Occupation Second
House Gryffindor
Species Wizard
Family Blood Muggleborn
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Wand Wood Maple
Wand Arm Right
Boggart The Police
Patronus Parrot
Model Tyrel Jackson Williams
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5"5
Distinguishing Marks None
Disorders None
Mental State Stable
Mother Keisha Mitchell
Father Omari Williams
Full Siblings Demara (Older Sister) Miles (Younger Brother)
Half Siblings None
Other N/A


Favorite Color Cool Blue
Favorite Music Genre Jazz
Favorite Food Anything, he loves food
Favorite Animal Pomeranians, surprisingly
Favorite Book N/A
Favorite Drink Chocolate Milk
Favorite Song Paramedic! by SOB X RBE ft. Kendrick Lamar
Favorite Movie Black Panther
Favorite Sweets Literally any type of cheesecake
Talents Singing
Skills Playing the guitar
Languages English

  • Sekani - Joy
  • Angelo - Angel
  • Williams -
  • He's nicknamed Seven because seven was the holy number in the Bible


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