senna dal-hwan park
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senna (n.)

1. one half of flootuber duo andromedumb
2. he protecc but he also attacc
3. tsundere with anger issues who just wants his parents back

basic information


senna dal-hwan park
park dal-hwan [ 박달환 ]

nickname/s hwannie [ by sasha ]
age 18
birthday 9th of march
sex / gender male / male
nationality belgian

belgian [ maternal ]
korean [ paternal ]

orientations asexual aromantic
relationship status single
species wizard

magical information

blood status half-blood
magical education beauxbatons academy of magic [ 1st to 5th; ombrelune ]
hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry [ 6th to 7th; ravenclaw ]
year graduated
patronus brown bear
boggart his brother dying
exotic? No



claudine de forrest [ mother; deceased ]
william park [ father; deceased ]

siblings sasha [ older brother ]
extended family n/a
best friend/s lysander
pet/s nebula, comet, exo, galaxy [ toy poodles ]


model lee min-ho [ lee know; stray kids ]
hair colour black
eye colour brown
height tol
weight slightly thin
distinguishing marks n/a
scent apples and mint


space — otherworldly, independent to a fault, full moons, sneaking out, creative thinkers, watercolour paintings, tattered sneakers, never apologizing for who they are

Headstrong and independent to a fault, Senna exudes a strong and dominant aura. He is as stubborn as they come and is often fiercely passionate and protective about the things and people he loves. He isn't easily swayed, often sticking close to what he believes in. His fight instict is always on and it can become a problem for him especially when there is no one around to hold him back. Despite that, he isn't stupid. He knows when to back off, albeit begrudgingly, but as much as possible he will defend himself and what he thinks is right.

He likes the feeling of being free. It's why he is almost always found outdoors, either in big open areas or on top of the highest trees. Senna would often sneak out deep in the night to stargaze on rooftops and always on rooftops. He claims that the skies are clearer and the stars and planets are brighter the farther he is from the ground. He also tastes freedom whenever he dances, the flow of his limbs along to the beat of whatever music he has on being sufficient for him to feel as if he was on clouds. Whenever he's feeling particularly happy, he dances under the stars. Dancing beneath the stars has always, always given him the ultimate feeling of freedom and he loves it.

Senna and his brother Sasha share a deep love and fascination for outer space. Their entire life revolves around outer space, something they share with their late parents. It's why he's almost nocturnal. Being under the stars, studying heavenly bodies so far from his reach gives Senna a sense of wonder he can't find anywhere else. Reading very thick books on stars and planets and galaxies and nebulae overshadows his current obligations as a student. Outer space is life, after all.

Beneath everything, Senna is still feeling the loss of his parents. Whenever he sees complete families, he gets that irrational feeling of envy and anger. Envy because they still have their parents, and anger because his was stolen way too soon. He doesn't like opening up about his parents at all and will lash out more violently if he's prodded too much.

He also developed separation anxiety with his older brother Sasha, which is triggered when both are unaware of where and how the other is for a period of time (usually 40-48 hours) and is caused by a deeply ingrained fear of losing each other as well. Both brothers each carry half of a pair of two-way mirrors in order to keep themselves updated about each other. Senna's anxiety also causes him to be overprotective of his older brother and hold hatred for Sasha's work, something both are trying to work on.


William Park & Claudine de Forest's lives revolved around stars and planets, galaxies and nebulae. They were Ombrelunes with a great affinity for Astrology and an obsession with outer space. They loved to joke that their first meeting and eventually their romantic relationship was written in the stars. After graduation, both went on to get degrees in astrophysics and end up working in the same research and development laboratory. Not a year after, they were married.

Three years into their marriage, Claudine gave birth to a son. Sasha Han-Byeol Park was his parent's little star, a breath of fresh air from the hard work both had to pour into their jobs. Four years after Sasha came Senna Dal-Hwan, their moon. Both were brimming with the magic of their youth, literally. At 4 years old, Sasha made all their books fly off the shelves. Senna, at his 5th birthday party, made his cake explode. Their little family was complete, their own perfect constellation and there's nothing the couple would ask for more.

That is until a small spark razed their laboratory to the ground. All they wanted to ask was more time, more time with their sons. They didn't get them.

Sasha was only 13 and Senna barely 9. Their grandparents, Claudine's parents, may have taken them in but the loss of their parents proved to have dug deeper into their psyches. Senna, once he understood what had happened, stopped talking altogether. Sasha went on lockdown, keeping Senna close to him and never let him out of his sight. Both developed a fear of being separated from one another, even for a short amount of time (what if one of them was next they can't go through that anymore—). One could imagine the chaos that came when Sasha had to go back to school. Senna was inconsolable, Sasha more so.

In a desperate bid to help their grandchildren (Senna wasn't coming out of his locked room, and they were receiving notices that Sasha hasn't even stepped a foot out of his dorm room), they gave them a pair of two-way mirrors. They helped. Even if there's a danger of the mirrors becoming a lasting crutch for the siblings, what matters is that the mirrors are helping them cope with the distance and enabling them to function even for a little.

The siblings still kept the two-way mirrors long after Senna had joined Sasha in Beauxbatons. The siblings were getting better, especially Senna who had finally started to speak after close to two years of silence. They could handle being away from each other for a certain amount of time, though there are still times when one of them would get that feeling and immediately take out their mirrors for the sake of security.

By the time Sasha had graduated from Beauxbatons, the brothers had a semblance of normalcy. They are still somewhat dependent on their two-way mirrors, but only during the worst of times like when they're suddenly plagued by nightmares or when their parents' death anniversary had loomed over them once more.

During their time at Beauxbatons, the brothers found another way of coping: video diaries. At first, their videos were shared just between the two of them. They would curl up together in the Ombrelune common room and watch their videos for the day, making commentary for each other and helping each other improve in their videography. Then one day they decided to send their videos and make new ones to send to both sets of grandparents. It became a tradition for them: daily videos for each other and weekly compilations for their grandparents.

Then their friends caught wind of their new hobby and decided to join in the fun until one of them suggested they open a Flootube channel. Several nights of brainstorming and online courses in videography were spent between the two brothers until they were finally able to open their shared Flootube channel: andromedumb. At first their videos were just simple vlogs, but eventually they branched out to dance and vocal covers, unboxings, music and video reviews, reaction videos and even crack vids.

Senna was at his fifth year in Beauxbatons when their grandparents announce that they're getting a change of scenery. They were moving to the United Kingdom. The brothers were skeptical about this, Belgium has been their home since forever. Then again their grandparents had a point: they still haven't fully recovered from their parents' deaths and probably never will... But maybe a change of scenery can help with it.


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