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seven darling
professional racer
i heard you die twice

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Birthday April 16
Age 24
Pronunciation SEH-vehnn DAR-ling
Family Darling Family
Gender Male
Pronouns he/his/him
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Languages English
Residence Darling Residence, Lincliff Apartment
Religion Catholic
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'0"
Style Casual
Faceclaim Taylor Zakhar Perez

It is very obvious to anyone that Seven is adopted. He looks nothing like the rest of his family for obvious reasons but that has never made him feel like an outsider, given his great relationship with his siblings. He has dark hair that is typically very messy because he can't be bothered to fix it, and dresses in whatever is most comfortable (though you can expect him to clean up nicely for formal occasions). He stands tall at 6'0" and is the type to use his short friends as arm rests.

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Severin is the third child of Bethan and Grayson darling and second after Spencer to be adopted. He was adopted when he was just a baby and grew up in his parents' care. He has three four siblings: Edward, Malachi, Alena, and Tristan. All six of them get on splendidly and were all subjected to the same humble upbringing... Save for the fact, of course, that both their parents were quite big names in the entertainment industry.

Severin Prince Matthias Darling has a mouthful for a name, so you really can't fault the baby for only being able to say 'Sevin' whenever asked what his name was growing up. It stuck. 'Sevin' became 'Seven' and that is how he's been referring to himself ever since. Ironically, his first sign of magic happened when he was seven-years-old. After watching the Incredibles for the first time, he was inspired and gave himself super speed after one particularly intense sugar rush.

Seven eventually got his Hogwarts letter at age eleven and was sorted into Slytherin due to his intense ambitions to be famous and leave his mark on the world. That wasn't very expected by those who knew him, seeing as Seven was typically lazy and did not excel very much in school. In his third year, however, he became captivated by Muggle Studies and in particular, the automotive industry. He eventually got a position interning at Penelope Bostwick's company for flying cars when he was fifteen and worked there until his graduation.

Seven got mixed up with the wrong crowd of people around the time he was sixteen. He was far from being the perfect child his parents wanted (though he did have an immense desire for fame, he did not want to go about it using his parents as a crutch) and would often hang out with a couple of older teens who were already out of Hogwarts. They would often take portkeys to deserted places and race against one another, and he's been caught for underage driving more times than he would like to admit.

When he was seventeen, he got into an accident while racing with his friends that left him with a pretty bad concussion. Panicked, one of his shadier friends tried a spell to reverse the damage but their wand was wonky and the spell was executed poorly. They managed to get him to St. Mungo's in time, however, the damage had been done and he was told that a curse (albeit accidentally) had embedded itself into his brain. Because of the accidental nature of the spell, no one is entirely sure how to go about fixing it. His older siblings and his parents all know about what happened, and until now Seven regularly visits St. Mungo's in hopes of finding a cure.

It seemed though, the Sorting Hat was right after all, and the Darling parents did not have to worry very much about Seven never finding his niche in the entertainment industry. Around the time he graduated, he began working with the Bostwick company to develop flying cars for racing and the sport became a massive success. He is credited with being one of the pioneers of the sport and it has developed a small cult following, not as much as Quidditch, but hey, they're getting there. He is passionate about his job and loves racing with his whole heart, but he has also resigned himself to the fact that he may not even live until he's thirty. Because of that, he is determined to live life to the fullest and leave behind a legacy that will surely last.

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(+): witty, charming, daring
(-): reckless, pessimistic, guarded

Seven has taken the phrase "Live fast, die young." a little too seriously. He is very hedonistic in how he goes about life, but does have a set of morals that keep him grounded. He wants to end up in the Good Place, after all, once he passes. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to find him indulging in things that make him happy or seizing nearly every opportunity that comes his way. Life is too short to say no, after all, and he is determined to try everything at least once.

Though he may come off as reckless (which he is), he is actually very careful and self-preserving. He doesn't engage in vices like drinking or drugs because he is of the opinion that his body is a temple that should be taken care of, and he doesn't want to exacerbate whatever this curse is doing to his body. He claims that he has accepted and is not afraid of death, but it is actually very much the opposite. While he does not fear dying in particular, he is afraid of what he will leave behind and what he will miss out on.

Seven is well-aware that he was probably the disappointment child growing up and is a bit embarrassed by it. He cringes when looking back at his younger self and how desperate he was to be aloof and seem as if he was above everything at Hogwarts, but knows now that he was being bigheaded and full of himself. I wish I could say that this self-reflection has softened his ego but he is still just as arrogant, just more self-aware. Seven often likes to joke that he is a god, and is completely and utterly convinced that he is meant to do something great with his life before he passes.


Interests Racing, muggle technology
Habits Talking too fast
Pet Peeves Lack of ambition
Goals Leave a legacy
Enneagram 8w7
Star Sign Aries
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Love Language Physical Touch

Magical Characteristics

Wand Hornbeam, unicorn hair, 11 inches
Amortentia Gasoline
Patronus Jaguar
Patronus Memory First time placing in a race
Boggart An unmarked tombstone
Blood Status Presumed half-blood
Peculiar N/A


Song Ultralight Beam - Kanye West
TV Show Money Heist
Book Picture of Dorian Gray
Movie Baby Driver
Color Gold

*Ever since the accident, Seven has been victim to chronic migraines.
*It is not uncommon for people to ask Seven to slow down while he's talking.
*Despite his name, his favorite number is actually 34 for no particular reason.
*He does not have many friends from his Hogwarts days. After the accident, he shut them all out and is afraid to rekindle those friendships.
*He loves spicy food.

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seven darling
professional racer
i heard you die twice