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This character has been requested to be preserved by Weirdo Guy.

Shadow Berrin
A Man Seeking Redemption

Role-Played by Weirdo Guy
Shadow 2
Shadow Berrin

Vital Statistics
Born June 7
Age 39
Family Morgan Jenner

Arielle Otraz
Amedea Harrison

Gender Male
Species Wizard
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature Shadsig
Magical Characteristics
Wand 12", Yew, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure-blood
Patronus Lynx
Boggart His mask


Early Life[]

Shadow James Berrin was born to Ordo and Eliza of the family, House of Berrin. Like many pure-blood families, they were wealthy folk, though they never achieved true fame like families such as the Malfoys or the Blacks. However, they did keep connections in the Ministry. Shadow, as a young child, grew up around magic. However, being a child of Berrin wasn't as glamorous as you might think. His parents were very neglectful and ignoring of him. His father usually spent most of his time on his work and never really payed attention to his soon when he did have the time. His mother, despite having more time, didn't care much either. And things never got better even when his little sister Iris was born. In fact, it only got worse. And in these desperate times, Iris and Shadow only had each other to rely on. 

Hogwarts Years[]

As time passed, Shadow's life at home grew to be miserable. If Shadow or Iris even stepped one toe out of time, their father would snap. Sometimes he would even goes as far as beating. But Shadow remained strong, for him and Iris. However, Iris and Shadow only grew closer and closer apart as time went by. As Shadow went off to Hogwarts, he was introduced to a whole new world. And it was much better than home. Shadow loved it. He proved to be a promising student and he learned quickly. As Shadow moved up in Hogwarts, he started getting mixed up with older and meaner, Gryffindor students. He didn't care for them much but they taught him spells that the teachers didn't. These were the Dark Arts. These foolish students performed pranks with them, unaware of the danger. Shadow never really cared for their childish antics. It was only a matter of time before these students got in major trouble. After that, Shadow removed all ties to them and refused to associate with them. Shadow would often smuggle some books on forbidden and ancient magic and read them at night where no one would see them. He read about great conquerers and dark wizards. These bold wizards gathered his interested. He learned much from these historical battles and strategical leaders. These books taught him much of what he knows today. On his Fifth Year, Shadow was named Prefect of Gryffindor House. With this title, he earned the teacher's trust. No one suspected an obedient prefect would do harm. After passing his OWLs and NEWTs, Shadow left Hogwarts. Shortly after leaving home, his parents were killed. Shadow didn't really care. He didn't care for his mum and hated his father. Iris was placed in the custody of their aunt. Shadow left behind. It was the last time he saw his sister.

Adulthood and Prelude[]

After school, life began to grow more complicated. With his parents gone and the Ministry under reform, it seemed like the best time to move away and put his past behind him. There was only one complication—Iris. Shadow felt he couldn't force her to move away. The alternative was to leave her with Amedea Harrison. It became her new home, with Shadow chosing to take up a new home in France. 

In France, Shadow eventually attained a job at a local pub as a server. It was menial labor, but it payed the bills. However, such is the way of the world, he fell in love with a local woman by the name of Lillith Jenner. Eventually, the two married and had a child named Morgan Jenner. 

For a number of years, Shadow faithfully stood by Lillith, raising his child. But expenses started going up. In order to secure his family's financial security, he would need more than a mere server's salary. Almost coincidentally, he discovered some sort of scrolls left behind one night. Rather than inform his superior, he looked through the scroll, which described some sort of relic. A mask. The Mask of the Shrouded One, the scrolls called it. He chased this mystical artifact to the point of obsession before he released it wasn't in France or even continental Europe--it was in Great Britain, his home.

He'd gone too far to give up now, so he left his family, hoping to return soon with the treasures. He never did.

When he arrived back home, he met with an old friend; a Gryffindor alumni named Finnick. 

Shrouded  Story Arc[]

Maskless Story Arc[]




Morgan Jenner Daughter After his redemption, he grew to regret his actions and begin to act like a true father to Morgan.
Lillith Jenner Wife He misses her dearly, even if he's too proud to admit it.
Arcturus Rookou Enemy He killed Arcturus after his usefulness ran out.
Jade Knight Enemy He holds a deep hatred for her
Rebekka Kaiser Neutral Dead or alive, she is no longer useful.
Ordo Berrin Father The man is absolutely despicable. Shadow is glad he perished.
Eliza Berrin Mother He doesn't really care.
Iris Berrin Sister He has lost any care or concern for his sibling.
Sabrina le Fey Enemy He depises Sabrina le Fey with a passion due to her insolent behavior and her conflicting goals.


Shadow owns few things, but manages to keep a few personal effects around.