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sheena myo
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sheena (n.)

1. eternal wine aunt™
2. has evolved past the need for society, could survive in the wilderness alone
3. live laugh love 😘✌️

basic information

name sheena snow myo
myo shin-ah (묘신아)
nickname/s n/a
age at least 2,000 years old.
birthday ~5 bc
sex / gender "an illusion!" agender (she/they prns)
nationality korean (technically)
ethnicity korean
orientations pansexual
relationship status single
species vampire

magical information

blood status unknown, probably half-blood
magical education n/a
year n/a
patronus n/a
boggart "your face, ig" her freedom restricted
amortentia "amor- what now?"
peculiar? yes, vampire


parents unknown (deceased)
siblings n/a
extended family n/a
best friend/s kim hando
pet/s "does hando count? lol"


model kim hyun-ah (hyuna)
hair colour black
eye colour dark brown
height 164 cm (5‘4”)
weight 44.1 kg (96 lbs)
distinguishing marks
scent dried roses and maraschino and sour cherries


As someone who has survived for as long as she did, Sheena is pretty knowledgeable... but not in ways you expect. Her areas of expertise are incredibly niched and random. She doesn't know that the World Wars actually happened nor the fact that the Americas actually existed until the late 1900s, but she does know where the first horse was tamed and the exact silk-weaving techniques of one extinct Chinese family. This still carries on to this day, with Sheena being severely disconnected from global happenings while she hangs out in Germany's Black Forest region learning woodcarving and glassblowing.

Sheena has developed a very carefree attitude towards life. As an immortal, time doesn't hold her back. She has all the time in the world and she spends it as she pleases. She hops from country to country, town to town, staying at least half a year before heading off to find new adventures in the horizon. Dreams and aspirations to some are merely little tasks in Sheena's to-do list. She has achieved a lot in her long life but she doesn't care to keep mementos or trophies. She doesn't need to put her mark on the world, she's simply here to have fun.


Sheena doesn't remember where or when she was born. According to history books and her muddled memories of her early life, she must've been born around 5 BC in what she thinks is the mountainous areas of what is now South Korea. By her appearance, she must've been turned in early adulthood and she remembers slightly being revered as a goddess by a mountain village. She doesn't remember her parents nor her original name.

At some point, Sheena left the mountain village and began to wander around. She remembers those rough days, often coming to the brink of starvation and freezing in the winters. It was only through her sheer force of will and hunting bandits on the road that Sheena survived.

She remembers slaughtering a noble family's house and making it her own, lavishing herself in luxuries she has never seen before. The house became her stronghold, where she would often lure people in for sustenance. Sometimes, authorities would come and try to reclaim the house and Sheena had a few close calls.

And then, Sheena got bored. Maybe she stayed for years? Or months? Nonetheless, she was bored. Sheena gathered the trinkets she liked and left, leaving little to no traces of her.

The years after that became a blur. Sometimes she takes over a rich looking house, sometimes she lives off of a forest, sometimes she goes back to ambushing bandits on the road. One memorable time Sheena got lost somewhere around the Arctic Circle.

In her travels, Sheena often gravitates to the most eccentric of people, usually artists. She would learn their craft, listen to their stories and accompany them for a short amount of time. When they would ask for her name, she'd simply let them give her one for her to use during their time together. This was one of the few consistencies in Sheena's life. She even got her current names from various artists she knew in the past. Not out of nostalgia, no, but simply because Sheena found them pretty.

Because of Sheena's peculiar travelling habits, she has never met a fellow vampire until Kim Hando. Sheena considers Hando her only friend and is entirely the reason why she keeps going back to the UK ever since she accidentally landed herself in the country after taking the wrong ship when she actually wanted to go to Finland.

In the past 50 years, Sheena has spent her time wandering around Italy and France, learning about making cheese and butter the traditional way. Recently she is beginning to feel the familiar tingles of boredom. Maybe a trip to the UK would work?


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