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Sigmund Adolvsson
Member of the Black Parade
Age 21
Birthday August 24
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity Unknown
Accent Swedish
Blood Status Half-Blood
Sexuality Homosexual; Homoromantic
Roleplayer Elsa

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Sigmund Adolvsson
Member of the Black Parade
Species Wizard; Human
Gender Male (cis)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Model Vladimir Ivanov
Height 6'1"
Weight -

Credit to Emma for the base coding.

Sigmund Adolvsson
Member of the Black Parade
House Durmstrang
Year/Occupation The Black Parade member
Wand Cherrywood, Dragon Heartstring, 12 3/4"
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Lion (I AM AN ACTUAL LION)
Boggart Nobody's ever managed to find out.
Affiliation Himself; The Black Parade

Credit to Emma for the base coding.



Sigmund Åke Adolvsson is a Swedish-born assassin, thief, and general lawbreaker. He was recently invited to join the Black Parade and did so.


Sigmund is derived from the Germanic elements sigu "victory" and mund "protector" (or in the case of the Scandinavian cognate Sigmundr, from the Old Norse elements sigr "victory" and mundr "protector").

Åke is the Swedish form of Áki, the Old Norse diminutive of names containing the element anu "ancestor, father".

Adolvsson is a variation of Adolfsson, meaning son of Adolf.


Sigmund Åke Adolvsson was the first child born to the German Gabriele and Swedish Olle Adolvsson in Sollefteå, Sweden. The eldest of two, he was almost the perfect eldest child for the majority of his life before school - adept at Quidditch, adept at keeping his little sister out of trouble, adept at charming adults. Not, however, adept at following rules. His mother often affectionately called him a "ladies' man". He still finds this amusing, because he is much more of a "gentlemen's man", if you catch his drift.

When the time came to choose a school, Sigmund was accepted into four - Durmstrang, Hogwarts, the German Institute and EESM. He chose Durmstrang, much to his father's delight, and was soon shipped off to school. A few years later, his little sister Sieglinde chose EESM, much to his disappointment. Upon beginning Durmstrang, he quickly made a friend in Amalie Falkenrath the pyromaniac part-fire-nymph.

In his fourth year, he fell in with the "bad crowd", though a better description would be "wannabe criminals", all thanks to his good friend Amalie. Neither his parents nor his teachers appeared to notice, however, as he somehow managed to keep up his grades. Outside of school hours, it was a completely different story. He became skilled at taking things that weren't his, and at other less-than-legal pursuits.

Upon graduation, Sigmund left home and went freelance, since the only of his schoolfriends who was even remotely talented enough to make a decent partner in crime went solo. Working up a reputation among the other black market traders, assassins, and thieves, he eventually became acquainted with the master thief Xavier Hartt. Eventually, Xavier invited him to join the Black Parade, and Sigmund accepted.


Sigmund is very independent, as much as he does like to be in a team. Whilst he isn't the greatest mind in the universe, he's fully capable of putting his intelligence to use. He has a suprisingly good memory for details, and is therefore really quite observant. He's been known to tire himself out just by thinking, or to give himself a headache. To most people, he comes across as indecisive at first.

Sigmund is a very loyal person, and would probably take a bullet for one of his close friends, though he really hopes that won't be necessary. Ever. He doesn't particularly want to be shot. He could probably charm someone out of their month's wage, and he loves teasing people. He assumes the latter's the older brother instinct coming into play. He enjoys turning things into jokes, and is really quite bad at making puns. With new people - often the ones he's wary of or dislikes - he's quite formal. With people he likes or trusts to not try to kill him, however, he's either lethally sarcastic or a complete dork. Or both.


Amalie Falkenrath

Amalie Falcon-rat is a schoolfriend, and they sometimes enlist each other to help in missions. She's the only reason he got into his current profession, and he doesn't regret letting her drag him into that friendship group in fourth year.


Gabriele Adolvsson - mother (mutti)
Olle Adolvsson - father (pappa)
Sieglinde Adolvsson - sister (syster)

  • "Okay, fine. I like IKEA because it's cheap and useful. Yes, the Swede likes IKEA. Fight me."
  • He's really quite good at the muggle game Minesweeper.
  • He can't aim with a nerf gun to save his life, but give him a real gun and he's one of the best shots you'll meet.
  • There are always multiple watches on his wrist, all set to different time zones.
  • He's a cat person.

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