Various buildings away, lay a residential building. This is where the trainees and idols under Silencio Records live. The trainees are divided into rooms in which they share with other trainees. The idols on the other hand, live the high life in lovely apartments. nevertheless, both trainees and idols enjoy a high quality of life living here.



The dorm system here works similar to Hogwarts Dormitory system. The dorms are separated by gender, however instead of by house or year, the dormitories are separated by idol and trainee. Trainees stay in the lower part of the building while idols stay in the higher levels. There is a minimum of one to a room and a max of four.

There are nine levels in total in the dormitory building. 1-5 house all the trainees. 6-9 houses all the idols. Room numbers are determined by floor number, room number, and gender. For example, 75G means that this room is the fifth room on the seventh floor for females.

Trainee Rooms

Idol Rooms



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