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Simon D'Amour
quidditch player • leapord animagi


Age 34
Pronunciation Sie-mohn
Family His sister, Cousin
Gender Cis Male
Pronouns He / Him
Orientation Queer
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Languages English
Residence Diagon Alley
Religion Agnostic
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Time
Sorting Forum Here


Eye Color Hazel green
Hair Color Black
Height 6'1
Style Casual
Faceclaim Tyler Hoechlin




Simon D'Amour could have had a luxurious life, could have been a duke, but instead his parents wanted a humble life for their two children and a humble life is what they got. Robert and Theresa met at the age of fifteen in Beauxbaton. Robert, a muggle born, spent years trying to win Theresa over. Love letters, becoming a waiter at royal events just to see her, everything. Call it harassment, but in truth-Theresa loved him so. Just as much. But she knew a marriage with a muggle born wasn't going to be approved by her older brother, even if she was never going to go near the throne herself. But, as time passed, she found herself unable to find anyone like him. So eventually, she began to date him and by the age of twenty five, she came to the conclusion that she didn't want to be royalty anymore. She wanted a different life than the life she was born into. She didn't feel like she belonged–so she left it all for him.

The pair moved to England, muggle England, wanting to ensure that their family was raised somewhat outside of the magical world to ensure that they had a more open mind to the muggle community than some others in the wizarding world did. Their first child was Simon and then, five years later, Celeste. The pair were only together for a short while until the pair were killed in a tragic accident. Ice can be so slippery. But they hadn't written down anyone as god-parents and the officials couldn't track down family so the pair were automatically thrown into the muggle system, separated instantly.

Growing up, Simon only had dim memories of his sister and parents. Being only on the cusp of six years, every memory was like a drop of water in a river, slippery and difficult. So he grew up only knowing that his younger sister was out there somewhere. He was passed between houses and by the age of ten he'd been dubbed a difficult child. Angry and constantly acting out, he was often treated with frustration by social workers. There was a few foster homes that he found friendly faces but he was always moved around that they were few and far between. He had his first magical incident when he was ten years old, just before the cut off for the upcoming school year. He set a bunch of books on fire. Whilst it got him into trouble with the foster parents, it ensure his entry into Hogwarts in the upcoming school year. Sorted into Gryffindor, Simon began to find a home that he felt comfortable in. It also provided him hope–that maybe he'll find his sister again without having to wait until she was eighteen. If he was like this, then surely so was his sister? Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in Hogwarts. He was awkward, stand offish, and barely talked to anyone. But he was left alone, no one hovered around him, breathed down his neck. He liked that.

In the meanwhile, he fell in love with quidditch. He was new at it, especially compared to his more magically inclined peers, but he stuck to it. He didn't make the team in his second year, or his third year, or his fourth, but he finally made it in his fifth year. He was, albeit, a sub but it was better than nothing. Especially when he scored the winning goal in one of the key games when he was put on the field. In sixth year? He was a proper player, becoming keeper. It was here that he befriended Malia Sakellarios and everyone else. He'd finally become less awkward than he was before, feeling more comfortable in his skin. No longer was he a stuttering mess, or seemingly allergic to to smiles and laughter. He found a group. After graduation, he knew what he wanted to do–he had no other interests. Sport. He'd be satisfied he was just a commentator, an umpire, but he got through the trials. He played for the Pride of Portree team and most of his focus was on that. In his personal life? He was happy nurturing his friendships, especially with his sister. His days off were spent drinking tea and wine. He liked going on wine tours across the countryside. He had a few flings but none of them stuck for more than a year.

What he also did during this time was begin training to become an animagi. He wanted to see if he could pull it off. He started during an off season, working with a private teacher. At the age of twenty five, he ended up turning into a leopard cub. Not the most dignified animal, he might admit, but his form aged over the years. In 2038, he began dating Malia. There was feelings, both were interested, so why not? Friends to lovers had the best foundations....right? Two years of dating on the down low. Never really telling anyone, let alone her kids. Simon wanted more, though, he wasn't into flings. He had them before–he wanted to settle down. He was patient, though, but he kept on hinting at taking things more seriously, especially after their two year anniversary. But Malia panicked and it became clear she wasn't ready for it. After that? Well, both of them sort of faced the reality of their situation. They didn't last long after that before deciding that they were better off as friends.

His focus after that became more focussed on quidditch and improving his other skills. He started commentating and going onto news panels, many people thinking he was beginning his transition out of playing. However, at the age of 33, he's giving no hint of leaving it.


Simon is an every day type of guy. He's not exactly a leader and enjoys his time rollerskating and going on wine tours. He's not that complicated. But he is driven, he does do whatever he puts his mind too and hates feeling like he's being left behind or left out. He's not fussed with how long he takes, though, and he knows that practice makes perfect, not cutting corners. He's comfortable with himself, comfortable with his masculinity, and isn't bothered by others people's opinion about himself. He knows who he is, what he is, why bother with the people who say otherwise? But he is an entertainer, especially when he's playing a game, and tends to put on a show for other people rather than focus on the competition. He's good enough to stay on the team, and definitely helps win, but there's been a few times where the crowd loved him more than his coach does. Even though he does things outside of playing, such as commentating, he's not quite sure what he's going to do after retiring and suspects he'll just become a full time commentator. He's a jock, what can he say? He's a little mouthy, though, especially with people who are...less than savoury in terms of personality. This has gotten him a few problems in terms of his public image. Simon does overestimate some of his talents though. Like singing! He thinks he's a great one, he's not. He's really not. If you ask him, the 80s were peak culture. Disco and rollerskating? Some of his favourite things. Like singing, the same thing with pottery, he's still going at it, but he's not that great, but that's more of a hobby. Despite being an animagi, he's not an animal person. It makes sense, leapords tend to be a lone figure in the wild. He doesn't want to be near other animals. But friends have duped him into babysitting a cat and a rabbit and they never came back. Simon, even though he isn't that stubborn in nature, still hasn't grown on the idea of them.

Even though he's an entertainer on the field, he's not when the cameras aren't on him. He's not a party person, and he tends to answers in grunts to yes and no questions. The meaning of these grunts depends on tones and contexts. He doesn't smile a lot, even when he's around his close circle, but he's better with them. He has a naturally brooding type of face. He's not a moody person, and is really one big nerd. The type to collect memorabilia, even the original costumes. He struggles to find himself comfortable in the company of men, though. He's not sure why, maybe it's because his company growing up has often been women, he doesn't really click with the typical masculine circles that he finds within the sporting world. Toxic masculinity? Makes him uncomfortable so he just drifts to other circles. Simon's not the smartest guy on the planet. He means well but he never did that well in school and hasn't picked up a book since he was in school...so more than twenty years.


Interests Disco, roller skating, sport, pottery, singing
Habits Brooding
Pet Peeves Toxic masculinity .
Goals Win the cup
Enneagram The Peacemaker
Star Sign Scorpio
Alignment Neutral Good
Love Language Quality time, quality touch,

Magical Characteristics

Patronus A leopard
Patronus Memory Being reunited with his sister
Boggart Being alone
Blood Status Halfblood
Peculiar Yes, animagus


Song Achilles, Come down
Book None
Movie None
Color Red


Simon D'Amour
quidditch player • leapord animagi