Siobhán Neville

Roleplayed By Kayle


Full Name: Siobhán Maeve Neville
Nicknames: ...
Birthday: March 15th, 2015
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Cis Female
Nationality: Danish & Irish
Languages Spoken: English, Irish & Danish

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Witch
Wand Details: ...
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: ...
Boggart: ...
Amortentia: ...

Schools: Hogwarts (5th-)
House: Slytherin
Occupation: Seventh Year Student
Current Titles: ...
Former Titles: ...
OWLs: ...
NEWTs: ...

Orientations: Heterosexual; Heteromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: ...
Best Friends: ...
Worst Enemies: ...
Pets: ...
Family: Cousin

Model: Saoirse Ronan
Hair Color: Bleached Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'4
Weight: 117 lbs
Body Type: Curvy
Other: Terrible Bangs


On March 15th of 2015 in Liverpool, a baby girl named Siobhán Maeve Neville. While raised right in Liverpool, her parents were a Danish Squib named Seán Neville and an Irish Muggle named Ríona Neville. It was quite enjoyable being the middle child of the family, having Lúcás and Tomás (who were four and three years older respectfully) then Oisín and Caitlín (who were two and five years younger respectfully). They were simply just another Catholic family, with a waiter father and a stay-at-home blogger mother. However, there was a long line of Squibs on her paternal side that had finally revealed itself within her.

Siobhán's life was designed and manufactured perfectly for poverty. Seán worked all-day and all-night at different restaurants in hopes of keeping enough money for basic necessities of life. Whereas Ríona stayed home and received money from her website's advert revenue, but also homeschooled the five children. It was important that they just prayed and believed, for their desired outcome could only be created that way. It was rumored that they occasionally bribed their children into begging strangers for food or money, which was breaking their values in several ways.

Given their extremely Catholic background (and their shared allergy of peanuts), the Neville family easily declined and eased the rumors of their church. It happened that they would be receiving more negative attention one Christmas when Siobhán's firing eight-year-old temper set fire to Auntie Kyla's hair. Naturally, the young girl hadn't even touched the old woman, but had simply stared daggers into the back of her snobbish head. The odd parts of the event seemed to have gone unnoticed which relieved her concern. Perhaps, she had simply created a fictional story in her head to spice up her otherwise dull life.

At least, it seemed that way until a small group of teenage boys approached her. Siobhán had been locked in her room for two days following the events of Christmas, but things were rushing back the moment she was wandering out into the hallway of their Liverpool apartment. Frankly, she still doesn't know how they're related to her, whether through family or church. There's simply the vivid images of her body unknowingly to her being harmed and abused several times following the next couple of years. It was traumatizing, despite not quite understanding the situation until she was old enough to escape it.

While flashbacks have riddled the inside of her temples, the girl has mostly destroyed thoughts of those incidents. They've reappeared in her sleep or her art, unintentionally. It's part of her brain that had been isolated and pushed away for so long that Siobhán has recently noticed it splattering across the memories of childhood. There's times we're forgetting though, where the girl was being taken in by her dying great-grandmother for homeschooling in magic. The Neville family was surprisingly excellent in accepting their daughter's magic (primarily because of their previous neglect), but struggled immensely at first.

They were hesitant in covering it up with spreading lies that Siobhán was attending Woldingham, a Muggle all-girls boarding school in London, but Seán and Ríona caved under the old Danish woman's pressuring. It was never quite believed and some suspected even that the young girl had died, but they never dropped the act. Occasionally, Siobhán visited from Denmark, but mostly only stopped back in Liverpool between July and August. While her siblings were always interested in hearing about it, her parents just watched and tried supporting her in their own special way. When she was coming back to England for Christmas, it was announced that her great-grandmother had passed away which required her to find schooling elsewhere.

After contacting the Ministry of Magic, which had helped them in settling on homeschooling, they were quickly referred to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Siobhán's brief visiting of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade had clearly displayed that Hogwarts was a demanding place filled with people of many backgrounds and backstories. Therefore, she pushed and begged before she was finally allowed to begin attending in February of 2031. Thankfully, her being sorted into Slytherin was not clearly displayed in front of everybody, but she soon realized that that way it seemed as if she was another invisible entity floating the halls. The fifth year witch can only hope and dream (and definitely pray) that her social skills will magically appear to guide her.


Siobhán's infamous record is something that she's failed to recognize through her adolescence. Although portrayed in Liverpool as their daintiest and purest Catholic girl, she's secretly quite the firecracker. It's not important to her if she's believed, but the casual thrill of drinking vodka or stealing is something easily covered up from the people outside of her Muggle group. However, it's quite humorous given her immense belief in God and the Ten Commandments (although loosely in the 7th). There's almost like a secret drive for rebellion given a classic case of Middle Child Syndrome.

For one to properly understand Siobhán, it's necessary that you know the unknown power of her presence. A typical wonder to the eye, she's obviously disinterested in her schooling or well-being. Although she's incredibly uninterested in anything walking the Earth at all, there's still something that attracts people to her. Notably, the young teenager is still informed and educated, but that's not meaning she's necessarily fond of using such information. Most authority figures are capable of noticing more of a slacker attitude, despite her capability of being an intelligent lady.

There's a silence in her commonly morose words and patterns, which she has slowly developed beside her kleptomania and pyromania after she started puberty. While she's struggled in keeping emotional and mental control, given the tragedies of her childhood, she's developed a depressing form of communication. It's like every laugh and smile is forced, no matter the level of sincerity that's disguised behind it. A girl of strength and beauty, she's aspiring for her own sense of greatness. Siobhán is an attractive and mysterious young lady which she knows and accepts as she rocks it.




  • Siobhan's OWLs went as followed: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Charms, Divination (O), Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration (E), History of Magic (A), Herbology, and Potions (P).

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