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siren calypso wu
feb 22
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6th year
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hwang yeji (itzy)
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a bright light is directed at the petite girl still squirming on her chair and squinting her eyes at the light.

Siren Wu.


February 22.

“Relations and/or close friends?”
Atlantis Chai - close friend!! ^-^

uhh, alive?? single? why are you asking this smh

”Blood type?”

”First magical moment?”
i left my teddy bear at a supermarket when i was shopping with my mom when i was six. only found out about it when it appeared in my bed again after i got home!

”Special hobbies?”
collecting albums and lightsticks with Atlantis and other merch oof

”Are you interested in K-Pop?”

”If so, why and how did you get into K-Pop?”
bc them vISUALS,,,PERIODT. and their voices and singing and dance talent and ohmigosh yEsS. my sister dragged me to a twice concert and dAHYUN AND SANA AND MOMO GODDESSES>> twice SUPERIOR. thats how i became a once and got into kpop. twice and txt are my bbys dont touch >:(

I used to go to Durmstrang but my sister was like “i wanna go hogwarts” so we went there oof. atlantis didnt want me to leave so he left with me and so now we’re like family :’)

”When did you transfer to Hogwarts?”
this year so someone beTTER GO INTRODUCE ME BC IM LOST :((

”Do you have any occupations?”
well im a student but im a trainee too!! yay.

”How did you become one and which entertainment?”
alohomora. I just went to audition because one was happening where i was going to live in england for the summer before school started so i tried out?? I thought i heard the name somewhere so i guessed it was one of the entertainment labels?? I didn’t know it was Alohomora tho. Anyway i auditioned and they came back to me through owl or something???and told me i was in. I thought this was a prank or something but turns out it was real oof.

”What’s on your playlist?”

  • v extroverted
  • loves socializing
  • annoying too
    • you cant ignore her once she's began speaking with you
  • a troublemaker at heart
  • looks like a little angel!!
  • you'll never know what hit you by just looking at her
  • first impressions aren't everything!!
  • can never be seen without at least a trace of Atlantis' existence
  • if you catch her without Atlantis he's either busy or they had some sort of dumb fight about who really won in mariokart or...Atlantis' preoccupied with his other friends namely jaegyu, like ugh who gave him the right to play with her atlantis
    • or you're just lucky, you'll never know!
  • an absolute control freak!
  • you can't do that, you can do that, no, you have to do that
  • just decides what the people around her does
  • she's sort of scary that way but when she knows she's getting out of hand she knows when to stop!!
  • thats good!! at least she doesnt go all crazy and out of control!
  • controlling people makes her feel...?? nice?? relaxed of some sort??
  • tries not to do that with people she just met tho
  • when she seems like she's reaching her hand to take your cup of tea and put it back on the saucer, or get the straw you were drinking it from and give the tea a smol stir, she'll stop herself before she does bc manners!!
  • she always manages to stop in time bc her mom's drilled it in her head very clearly that manners come before anything else, especially to strangers
  • dad jokes are sort of her thing
  • a kpop stan!!
  • she can blame siyeon for dragging her into this universe but it's got her something good - atlantis as a friend!!
  • twice and txt are her ult groups
  • she can hear anyone talk bad about them for like a mile away but apparently she cant hear what the teacher's talking about even if they're right next to her
  • went to a skz fansign before and yelled at told hyunjin "you're so pretty omg STEP ON ME" which he didn't :(
  • shares lightsticks with atlantis?? she still doesnt know how that works but they once promised each other they would save up for their ult group's lightsticks and share them somehow?? so they always end up going to concerts together bc of the sharing lightsticks policy lol
  • the reason why she's smiling is never known
    • maybe she's prepared a surprise for you! or she just remembered some dumb joke Atlantis said. or, she's stolen your exo lightstick and plans to keep it, but cant keep her smile.
  • dumb-smart
  • wakes up at 3 am and wonders if water is wet
  • or if air was poisonous and it just took 60-100 years to kill us
  • the more you know
  • checks her stan twt and sends funny memes or news to her friends at 1 am
  • if you manage to spend a day with her without at least rolling your eyes or being annoyed you should have an award
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