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Slytherin Dorm Room

Welcome to Slytherin's 61G! It's currently occupied by Rainbow Rockefeller and Ophelia Jareau.

Slytherin Dorms 61G
Girls' Dormitories


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Ophelia WB

Ophelia Jareauilvermorny transfer • not a good seelie

「 Age 」
15 y/o
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
mooncalves' caretaker
「 Relationship 」
single • not looking

It's been a stressful few months, and the pace is only picking up. Needless to say, Ophelia's anxiety and stress has been through the roof, and although her grades have been nothing short of stellar, it's come at the heavy cost of her mental health and sanity. Today has been another long day, and Ophelia is looking forward to doing nothing more than diving into her bed and rereading her comfort book. It isn't a literary masterpiece by any means — far from it, honestly — but it's the only book she ever really got into with her step-mother as a little girl, and tonight is one of those nights where she's missing her family. As she rounds the corner and enters the dorm room, she makes sure to shut the door behind her and lock it as an added security measure before dropping her bag on the corner of the bed and kicking her shoes off. Plopping down on that bed feels like heaven on Earth, and she sighs, shoulders sagging in relief. To think she has to be up early tomorrow to finish her Transfiguration homework. It's a pitiful cycle.

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