Full Name Sobek Ra Aten
Nickname Sobek, Bek (Shida's nickname for him)
Birthday October 12, 2004
Nationality Egytian, distant English
Relationship Status Married
Sexuality Straight

Species Part Giant
Blood Status Half Breed
Wand Core Unicorn hair
Wand Wood Vine
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Shida dead
Patronus Crocodile

Model Jason Momoa
Gender Male
Height 2.31m
Weight 97kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Skin Colour Tan


Living in the area around Cario, Sobek's mother and father, two pure-bloods and living in a muggle house, were kinda obsessed with Egyptian mythology so they named they're first and only son after the Egyptian crocodile God, Sobek. All through his childhood, Sobek was taught by his parents about Egyptian mythology, drilling it into him that it was important. This however, made Sobek hate the once beliefs of his mother's people but he still respected them as powerful wizards. Sobek had always been a big and bulky child which would help him latter in life. The first time he ever did magic was when his parents forced him to go to bed ealier, and when they tried to turn the light off, it stayed on, even when his father had take the bulb out. His parents were exicted for Sobek while Sobek on the other hand didn't know what was going on.

When he came of age, Sobek went to the only magic school in Africa. Being only able to do a few simple spells without a wand in his first few years of school, Sobek had gotten a wand from one the best wand makers ever, Olivander, over in England. Sobek's wand was in the same style as an ancient Egytpian wand and over time, Sobek had found a way to crave pictures of the god he was named after onto the wand. During his time at school, Sobek's parents had arragened for Sobek to marry Rashida Zidan. For a while, Sobek thought this was a terrible idea until he got to know Rashida and considered it wouldn't be to bad to of a way to spend his life. He lived with his parents until his father had tried to do some spell experimentation when Sobek was 15, leaving Sobek's parents in a irreversible sleep. After that day, Sobek started to live with his grandparents and found out he had giant blood in him, told by his grandfather, and decided that having giant blood may him a good beater.

After graduating from school, Sobek was giving the offer to play beater for the Patonga Proudsticks, thanks to a few of the players knowing his father because of them going to school with them and one of them was Sobek's father best friend, so he thought it was his duty to at least help Sobek after school. Sobek took the offer and moved to Uganda, living with his father's best friend. After playing on Patonga Proudsticks for four years, Sobek traveled the world for 4 years before he was offered to play beater for the Egyptian National Quidditch team since he was born in Egypt and again he accepted the offer but this time told the Egyptian National Quidditch team to give him a year so he could at least not be the worst player in the team since he was been away from professional Quidditch for 4 years.

After playing/losing in the first round in the World Cup, Sobek started to settle down, plan to get married and a family and for some reason start teaching Mythology at Hogwarts until it was stopped being provided at Hogwarts were he moved to History of Magic until he got fired for bringing up the attempted assassination of the Minster of Magic at that time and causing four students to walk out of his class, one of them hitting him.

Sobek recognizes strength first and foremost. As such, he respects those who have proven their might. Sobek is normally very slow but sometimes burst of speed until he gets up in the air where he is all speed. He is quiet and closed man, hidding in the shadows but once someone gets to know him, he is very talkative and open, telling people his whole life story or talking to them for hours on end

Skill Set
*Has more strength than a normal person thanks to being part giant

  • Is an amazing beater

  • Has a working knowledge of Egyptian mythology


Appearance & Gallery

Sobek is a rather tall and bulky man, standing at roughly 2.30 metres tall. He has a tattoo on his right forearm that looks like crocodile scales.


*His grandparents for some reason had a crocodile as a pet, which happens to be his Patronus


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