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Birthday june 1st
Age 17
Status Alive
Pronunciation so‧fee‧yah yo‧han‧ov‧na kree‧stehn‧sehn
Family Polina Romanova, Yaroslav Tolstokozhev, Vyacheslav Tolstokozhev, Lucille Beauvilliers
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual, biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality Russian
Speaks Russian, Norwegian, Polish, German, English, Irish
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Half-blood
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'5"
Model Anya Taylor Joy

Generally, Sonya sticks to the one face: her natural one, with perhaps a few enhancements here and there. She's long since discovered the art of changing her natural features to look makeup-enhanced without the actual makeup - it does wonders for the skin, not using any of those nasty products - and every aspect of her appearance is carefully calculated to be exactly as she wants it, just enough like her mother that nobody at home dares question her when she asks for something. Her hair alternates between dark and light depending on her mood (and on which parent she likes most that day).

Otherwise, Sonya likes to impersonate people. What? She likes drama, and when there's no drama... why not just make some? That's the pettier side of her, though. On missions, too, she has a myriad of disguises she uses, all of whom she has detailed backstories for. The most important of those? Sorcha. It's morbid, yes, but Sonya knows knew Sorcha like the back of her hand, and in a way it feels like letting her live on, using her face on the missions she should have been on.
Sofiya Kristensen is not exactly the world's greatest truth-teller. It's almost impossible to tell when she's being honest compared to when she's lying; a good rule of thumb is to simply expect her to be lying at all times. There is a very short list of people that Sonya isn't willing to throw to the wolves, growing shorter by the day, and her skewed moral compass sure as hell isn't going to stop her. Those few people on that list, though? They're more important than anything else, and following the loss of Sorcha, this assertion has grown teeth.

If you're talking to Sonya, chances are she's mocking you. She'll be perfectly nice, of course - didn't you know Sonya Kristensen is a lovely person? Any insult taken from her words is entirely imagined. The best word to describe Sonya is two-faced (quite literally: she's a metamorphmagus). She finds people fascinating, in the way that you might find an exhibit at a museum fascinating, which is what motivates her most to impersonate others. Partially it's just because she wants entertainment, of course. It's all resulted in one thing: if Sonya Kristensen wanted to become an actress, she'd be acclaimed. Sad she'd rather become a criminal.

A product of her environment, Sonya's never really been taught the concept of boundaries. Her parents have pretty much let her run wild since childhood, as long as she did what she was told and studied hard. It's turned Sonya into a whirlwind - she does what she wants, when she wants, and she does it well. There's no room for sloppiness in her family. Her parents recognised her natural intelligence quickly when she was a child, and they've certainly harnessed it in the years since.

Of course, being intelligent also means being easily bored, and anyone who's known Sonya long enough to know the girl beyond the bubblegum façade knows how much she hates to be bored. It all culminates in a girl who's absolutely wild, unafraid of consequences and without any concept of what's right and what's wrong. Well- perhaps the consequences part has hit her now, but if anything it's made her more dangerous. Everything she does now has a deliberateness that it didn't before, and with very little empathy for the common person behind that, still.








Boggart sorcha.
Amortentia cherry chapstick, woodsmoke, pelmeni
Patronus arctic fox
Wand acromantula web, red oak, 11"
Interests duelling, causing havoc
Pet Peeve boredom
Habits nail-tapping, switching her accent depending on who she's with, impersonating people for fun.
Star Sign gemini
Dreams/Goals make viktor ukhtomskii pay.
Color red
Song killer queen
Show deadly class
Movie baby driver
Book deathless
Food sunflower seeds
Drink cherry cola

- she only has one kidney and she's mad about it. scar's kinda cool though.
- her home's actually under a fidelius charm. it's annoying.
- her idol is sonya goldenhand, the famous thief whose name she shares. she's everything sonya wants to be and more.
- she likes to use her metamorphmagus ability to cause drama.
- she changes her hair colour based on which parent she likes more that day. she's a daddy's girl at heart, though. mama likes to nag.
- she's a talented duellist (kind of hard not to be when you've been trained to fight by your assassin parents from the moment you could walk) and a great shot. sonya loves guns.
- she uses sorcha's likeness as her alter-ego, now. it feels like she's honouring her somehow.
- she likes to twist her hair up around her wand.
- she calls everyone darling.
- her pet cat is the most important being in existence.
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