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Solenn Wayland

United States Representative to the ICW
Ilvermorny Almuna 🌷 International Lawyer

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Basic Information
AGE 25
NATIONALITY British American
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
MODEL Crystal Reed



Victoria Forbes grew up in a very restricted environment, especially under her father’s very strict gaze. She longed for days when she could just do whatever the hell she wants and not to have to follow her parents’ - well her father, Victor’s - plans for her to become an international entrepreneur and perhaps take over the business in the future. Honestly, she blamed her older brother Edward for getting himself disowned and excommunicated, because then all of their father’s expectations transferred down to her, being the second child. She did not want to be added to her father’s long list of disappointments, so she strived to become what he wanted her to, even though she hated it so so much. She eventually got her degree in wizarding business and started taking over some satellite branches of their businesses abroad - including the one in the United Kingdom where everything started to change for her. Victoria had always loved the arts, had always wanted to be a painter, but her father forbid her, so during her free time she’d sneak off to go to museums and showcases and the like, just so she could appreciate art. One day, at an art exhibition in London, Vic’s attention was caught by a certain painting, something that she really liked, and she got the chance to meet the painter, Ethan Wayland. They hit it off instantly, and before Victoria left the exhibition, Ethan had managed to ask her out on a date - to which she agreed. Now, Ethan was a muggle, but Victoria didn’t care about her father’s stupid policies, at least not anymore. She found the right one, and she was happy. That’s all that mattered to her.

Except that her father eventually found out about her relationship, and demanded that she break up with him. She refused, and they started shouting at each other, like they were in a cage fight. The tension was so intense that it triggered Victor’s heart condition, and he collapsed. Victoria panicked and immediately brought him to the hospital, blaming herself for what had happened. The doctors soon revealed that Victor was dying, and he didn’t have much time left. At that time, Victoria’s older brother, Edward, returned to them as a changed man and made peace with their father. Victoria decided to do the same. With Edward back, he inherited their various businesses as first-born child, and Victoria didn’t really have a problem with it because it wasn’t was she really wanted. She wanted to be with Ethan, and before her father died, after realizing his mistakes, he had given his blessing for Victoria to go ahead and marry Ethan. She grieved for a while, having lost her father, but she eventually became happy because at last, she was allowed to marry the love of her life. And so she did.

They traveled the world during their first year as a married couple, until Victoria became pregnant with a beautiful baby girl who they decided to name Solenn when she was born. The couple then decided to settle in New York City and they raised their daughter there. Solenn grew up to be an independent and smart young lady, qualities that she obviously inherited from her mother. She also got her father’s goofy and artistic side, and she’d often do paintings with him during their free time together. Solenn attended muggle school during her early years, until she got her letter from Ilvermorny at age 11 - which she excitedly attended.

She graduated with flying colors and at the top of her class. By this time, Solenn had developed her “activist” side and her inkling to always be on the side of justice. She started joining civil societies shortly after finishing her magical studies, and became an advocate for various movements - like anti-race discrimination, LGBT equality within the wizarding world, and even fighting for the welfare of House Elves. After about a year of doing this, she decided that she wanted to take up Wizarding Law. And so she did.

Her passion for work was amazing, and once again she graduated with Honors. She became an international lawyer, and continued fighting for different movements all across the globe. Eventually, she was hired by MACUSA, and in there she worked under the legal department. That’s where she met her would-be first boyfriend, Leon Berkeley who was an auror. And because Solenn had been very busy with all the work she’s been doing, she didn’t really have the chance to try out dating before, and so when Leon asked her out, she was very reluctant. But she eventually agreed. They went out on a few dinner dates, and Solenn found herself falling in love with him, something she did not really expect.

They became an official couple, and their first year together was, to say the least, healthy and amazing. Things started changing on their second year together, though. Solenn had started working at the ICW as well - which was her long time dream - and she became so busy with work that she’d sometimes forget about Leon. She’d forget about the dates they’ve already planned a couple of weeks prior, forget about monthsaries, and sometimes she’d even just straight-out ignore him because she had too much work to do. And so, Leon decided to break up with her, unable to take it anymore. He loved her, but he didn’t want to be just a side priority. It broke Solenn’s heart, and she realized the gravity of her mistakes. They didn’t see each other for months, because Leon left on an overseas mission. When he returned, she tried to win him back, but her heart only broke further more. She discovered that Leon had started dating another woman who was also from the Auror Office, and Solenn had started to accept it. She tried her best to not cry whenever she’d see them together, whenever she’d see Leon happy, because it had always stuck on the back of her mind that that could’ve been them, that if she didn’t mess up, they would still be happy. And so she decided she was gonna win him back - she’d spend a lot of time “platonically” talking with him, because well, they remained friends, and she’d also try to be with him as much as possible, just hanging out. Eventually, she decided that it was time to take her plans to the next level, and during a night out, she tried to seduce Leon and sleep with him. But alas, Leon was not drunk enough, and caught on to what Solenn was trying to do. He told her that he’s not a cheater, and he rejected her. That was the last straw for Solenn, and her heart broke all over again.

With that, she decided that it was time to leave everything behind her, and so when she was offered the job to become the United States Representative to the International Confederation of Wizards based in the UK, she immediately took it and moved to Britain, leaving America and everything else behind her.



Solenn is an independent, strong, young woman. She is an international lawyer who is known all around the wizarding community as someone who has brains of steel, as well as the wits that could save people’s lives - in the context of court trials. She is hardworking and dedicated and would make sure that she accomplishes anything she sets her sights on. She is also very meticulous, and very detail-oriented, allowing her to spot even the teeniest-tiniest errors in the documents that she processes. She is also a perfectionist, and is actually diagnosed with mild OCD. She doesn’t see it as a weakness though, if anything, she thinks it enables her to focus more and make sure that whatever she does is nothing short of perfect.

She is also very passionate, and would fight hard for what she believes in. That’s why she decided to become a lawyer in the first place. She has been a dedicated activist and fought for a lot of different movements, advocating for the rights of different interest groups - other races, the LGBT community, the welfare of House Elves, and a lot more. She always wanted to be on the side of justice, and so she would not let any injustice get past her, if she could help it. These are Solenn’s best qualities, but there are also some drawbacks from this. Because of her passion and dedication to work, sometimes she tends to prioritize her career over the people that she’s close with. For this reason, Solenn doesn’t have that many friends, and it even caused her first ever boyfriend to leave and break up with her.



FATHER Ethan Wayland
MOTHER Victoria Forbes
RELATIVES Edward Forbes
Milo Forbes (adoptive cousin)
Serena Forbes (adoptive cousin)
WAND 9 inches Poplar Phoenix Feather
SCHOOL Ilvermorny
HOUSE Pukwudgie
BIRTHPLACE Portland, Oregon
FAVE CLASS Wizarding Law
FAVE FOOD Roasted Chicken
FAVE MOVIE Anatomy of a Murder
FAVE SONG Stone Cold


Victoria Forbes
Solenn and her mom are very close and they do almost everything together. Her mom also supports her in her advocacies and things she wants to do.

Ethan Wayland
One of Solenn's greatest role models is her dad, and she loves him very much. She learned all about art from him, and they often do painting collabs together.


Leon Berkeley
Solenn and Leon had quite the dating history, but in the end it didn't work out. Solenn left America because she wants to forget about him.


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Solenn Wayland - United States Rep. to the ICW
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