Song Chanjoo
full name Song Chanjoo
age 15
birthday July 9th
sign Cancer
nickname Chan
nationality British
ethnicity Korean
home Seoul, South Korea
status Single; Alive
sexuality Homosexual
location Magical UK
occupation 5th/SR Trainee
house Gryffindor
species Wizard
family blood Half-Blood
wand core Unicorn Hair
wand wood Holly
wand arm Right
boggart Fire
patronus Pomeranian
model Choi Chunghyeop
eye color Brown
hair color Ginger
height 5"7
distinguishing marks N/A
disorders PTSD
Slight Claustrophobia
Inferiority Complex
Anorexia Nervousa
mental state Stable
favorite color Blue
favorite music genre R&B
favorite food Naengmyeon
favorite animal Flamingo
favorite book N/A
favorite drink Apple Juice
favorite song Angel in Your Eyes by LSD
favorite movie N/A
favorite sweets Sour Gummy Worms
quirks N/A
skills N/A
languages Korean, English
mother Shin Gyeongmi
father Song Jaehyun
full siblings Channie (Older brother)
half siblings N/A
other Rin (Unofficial additional guardian)

At first glance, you would never conclude that Song Chanjoo and Song Chanmyeon are brothers. Besides sharing different hair colors and different physical builds, the two seem to act nothing alike. Where Chanmyeon is quiet and blends into the background, Chanjoo is boisterous and stands out in a crowd. Wherever he goes, he must be the center of attention. Not because he wants to, but just because more often than not he's typically the most distracting in the room whether it's due to his extremely extroverted personality or his dramatic appearance. He's quite charismatic and naturally draws people towards him, especially with his friendly and inclusive nature. His innate desire to be liked by everyone also plays a role in this, more of a role than he'd like to admit actually. He's still a very easy person to talk with and typically adapts to whoever he's interacting with to make them feel more comfortable.

In comparison to his older brother, Chanjoo seems naive and innocent, and not nearly as deceptive. But that's where the lie hides. Like Chanmyeon, he shares an amazing ability to deceive. People's image of him could be a hundred different things, and small aspects of those things would still be correct. The fact of the matter is, he does whatever is the most efficient, regardless of morality. He might be a highly more morally obliging person than his brother, but he's still known to cut corners often. Knowing his brother engages in multiple illegal activities to make sure he has something to eat every night and a place to sleep makes him feel guilty, so in retaliation, he started trying to find ways to compensate for all the work that Chanmyeon did. Refraining from asking for money, he developed a habit of tricking strangers into giving him money or buying things for him. This indirectly caused him to become more and more deceptive as well as manipulative. He learned to ignore any potential guilt he feels from it too. He figured it's just simpler to commit the acts like that.

Shadiness aside, Chanjoo's typically a highly trustworthy person. He carries a secret with his life and has never been known to break his promises. His loyalty is unmatched, and often one of his most apparent qualities. He will never abandon you, especially in your time in need, and you'll more often find him suffering in place of someone else than let them suffer by themselves. He's a little too selfless, in fact. To the point where it interferes with his own goals and ambitions. He's so willing to sacrifice his time for other people that he rarely spends time on himself. You'll more often find him helping people than anything else. He's a generally social person too, and it's much more common to find him surrounded by people than by himself. When he's by himself, things tend to go downhill really quickly. Although he typically self-sabotages himself with his own inability to say no to helping other people, he is a very focused person, and knows exactly what he wants to achieve, how, why, and when.

As a result of constantly striving for perfection, Chanjoo is terrifyingly critical of himself. He'd rather overwork himself to the point of exhaustion and collapse than admit defeat and rest. He's so judgmental of himself and it shows in his habits. Any flaw he finds in himself, he makes it a problem a hundred times bigger than it is in his head, and then beats himself over the head with it. This has only furthered his developed inferiority complex, and in a twisted cycle, his self judgments feed his inferiority complex, and his inferiority complex feeds his tendency to make these ruthless convictions of himself. To add fuel to the fire, he takes criticism horribly. Constructive or not, the moment he hears anything negative about himself he'll break down into a state of pure self-hatred. It's common to see him practicing a dance routine till he's worked himself to the bone or exercising to the point of fainting. When stressed, he turns to untraditional forms of self harm like starvation and periods of extreme physical activity as if he's punishing himself for essentially being human.

If there's one thing Chanjoo won't show, it's weakness. He utterly refuses to let anyone get inside his head under any circumstance. Showing people how much he's really struggling scares him, as well as makes him feel even worse because he greatly dislike worrying people. Making people worried, while seeming like an unreasonable fear, is a very drastic one that he has. It partially stems from his self-formed perception that he isn't worth being worried about. Just having his brother (and in extension, his boyfriend) worry about him makes him feel undeserving and selfish, which is, ironically, quite the opposite of his personality. But telling him that isn't gonna get you anywhere because the chances of him actually believing you are slim to none. He's so rooted in his own false self-made beliefs, in an ironic turn of events, trying to reverse the damage he's already done to himself somehow makes it worse. So whenever you try to reassure him about anything, it's like treading on thin ice with hungry sharks immediately beneath the ice.

Although Chanjoo can be very controlling, his ability to make beneficial calls and decisions as well as guide other people is just short of remarkable. For someone who seems to have no control of himself despite how much he tries to control himself, he can sure command a room like he was born to do it. Unlike Chanmyeon, he has this natural inclination towards leadership, however he's not a giant fan of this particular personality trait. He kind of believes he's the worst man for the job regardless of what you tell him, but if you really need him to take charge, he will and he'll do it well. Whether he'll admit or not, he's a naturally dominant force, and it's rare to catch him off guard or keep him on his off game. He's a quick adapter and very versatile in different situations, and although it's a highly toxic habit that he has, his ability to push aside his emotions makes him often think with a more clear head and work towards the good of everyone.


Shin Gyeongmi and Song Jaehyun shared a problematic love of danger. There was a thrill to it all, knowing you could die but also knowing how much your name would be proclaimed for completing such feets. That problematic love brought them into a problematic relationship that brought them a problematic marriage with two innocent, un-problematic children. The two settled down in a cottage in the Korean countryside where they lived with their children in peace and quiet, free from the busy life they had once lived. Chanmyeon and Chanjoo, four years apart (Chanmyeon being the older), were at first, wary of each other. Well, Chanmyeon was, an infant's not really capable of actively avoiding people, but regardless, they weren't very close. This quickly changed as Chanjoo got older, and the two of them became virtually inseparable. While Chanmyeon found Chanjoo annoying as a little brother sometimes, he still went out of his way to make sure his little brother knew he was always there for him and cared for him. Always.

Several years after Chanjoo was born, the family made a move to Britain after Chanmyeon finished his third year at Mahoutokoro. Here, tragedy struck, as well as Chanjoo's first magical sign. He had been a late bloomer, and up until then, his family had been convinced he'd be a squib. The ten-year-old didn't mean to cause any trouble, he just wanted toast and ham and no one was around to make it. He tried to get Chanmyeon's attention, but his older brother was busy so he decided he'd just set everything out by himself and then ask Chanmyeon to toast the bread. Everything went wrong when he got on the stool to get the toaster from the cabinet. He remembers it clear to this day. He reached for the toaster but felt a weird spark and the next thing he knew, the cabinet caught on fire. He stumbled, falling off the stool and hitting his head on the ground, knocking him out. When he awoke, he was lying on the grass outside his burning house while Chanmyeon frantically hovered above him, tears streaking his face. Their lives changed dramatically after that.

The two went into hiding in Chanjoo's insistence, the younger believing he had killed their parents after discovering what happened. Chanmyeon, being the older, naturally took the lead and kept them hidden in an abandoned house on the outskirts of Lincliff. They managed for several months on their own, Chanmyeon often being the one to scavenge food and other items they needed. During this time, Chanjoo developed a strong case of pyrophobia and slight claustrophobia, his brain subconsciously responding the the bits of and pieces of time Chanjoo had been semi-conscious throughout the fire. Both brothers would constantly wake up to nightmares, and while Chanjoo managed to get over the worst, it was clear as time went on than Chanmyeon wouldn't be able to recover without professional help. It was around this time that Chanjoo also developed a fear of his older brother's psychosis episodes.

Due to a slip-up on Chanjoo's part, (he's like ten, what did you expect?), the authorities were alerted of the possibility that the children of the Song family may indeed still be able, and a search ensued. Chanmyeon, debating his options, decided for Chanjoo's own good to approach the ministry. From there on, the two were placed in Lil Bundles. They were never adopted due to Chanmyeon's refusal to be separated from his brother despite his desire to stay off the grid. When Chanjoo started attending Hogwarts, his older brother picked up highly questionable jobs in attempt to support him on his own, and once Chanmyeon graduated, he took Chanjoo under his custody. The two moved to an apartment in Lincliff, and then once Chanmyeon had made enough money, moved them to a more comfortable flat. As the years progressed, Chanjoo's mental health detoriated, not to the state of Chanmyeon's, but enough to the point where he'd been approached by mental health specialists several times (due to suggestions from his professors), and even diagnosed twice.

Chanjoo had no desire to make his brother worry though, so he did everything in his power to hide his struggles from Chanmyeon, in turn, worsening his own mental state in the process.

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