Full Name Song Chanmyeon
Age 18
Birthday November 18th
Sign Scorpio

  • Nickname
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Home
    Seoul, South Korea
  • Status
    Dating; Alive
  • Sexuality
    Has 0 idea, doesn't really care
  • Location
  • Year/Occupation
    Don't make me list all his illegal jobs
  • House
    Slytherin Alumnus
  • Species
  • Family Blood
  • Wand Core
    Dragon Heartstring
  • Wand Wood
  • Wand Arm
  • Boggart
    Small spaces, Chanjoo dying
  • Patronus
  • Model
    Lee Jongsuk
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Distinguishing Marks
    Tatto on neck, scars on arms
  • Disorders
    PTSD, Pyschosis, Disassociative Amnesia
  • Mental State
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Music Genre
  • Favorite Food
    Energy bars
  • Favorite Animal
  • Favorite Book
  • Favorite Drink
  • Favorite Song
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Sweets
  • Quirks
  • Talents
    Prefers not to disclose
  • Skills
    Prefers not to disclose
  • Languages
    Korean, English
  • Etymology
  • Mother
    Shin Gyeongmi
  • Father
    Song Jaehyun
  • Full Siblings
  • Half Siblings
  • Other

At first glance, Chanmyeon seems like a highly innocent and well-mannered boy. Often appearing as if he's in his own world, he's very quiet and speaks very little which an observed preference of avoiding most social interactions. Despite being so quiet and strikingly antisocial, it seems he intentionally puts himself within the presence of people constantly regardless. In an odd notion, almost as if he's comforted by the presence of other people even if only silence penetrates the air. With a naturally small stature, a charming smile and masked eyes, he seems to radiate an aura that just sends out the message of "protect with your life" to everyone he meets.

Unfortunately, that is not the true persona of Song Chanmyeon. A case of a wolf in sheep's clothing, once unmasked, Chanmyeon is brutal and vicious. Cold-hearted and often toted as a pathological liar, the only person he works for besides himself is his younger brother. His younger brother is one of the few things he still loves in life and would literally kill for, save you even briefly endanger the life of Chanjoo. Not to mention, he is quick with his tongue. Stocked with petty rebuttals and witty remarks, he doesn't let much go and always finds some time to hand back what was given to him, sometimes physically with a punch to the face.

While manipulative and deceptive, Chanmyeon doesn't presence guilt the same way as everyone. In his mind, as long as it's for the greater good of both him and Chanjoo, anything goes. While he still has an established set of morals (like don't kill anyone), when needed, he'd easily bypass these morals to protect himself and more importantly, Chanjoo. Can they really be called a moral system if he barely lives by them? Probably not, but he likes to think he isn't too much of a monster. He's also a kleptomaniac, although he's managed to tame his urge to steal anything within sight to levels where its become more bearable to live with.

Chanmyeon might as well just be stamped with the label "Mentally Unstable" five times over because he really isn't in his right mind a good majority of the time. It seems like it, as he often pertains a persona of normal human behavior to keep attention off him and pedal money to his younger brother, but he's in dire need of therapy or some type of psychological care. Suffering from a tragic combination of Disassociative Amnesia, PTSD, and occasional Psychosis, he spends a good chunk of his time just mediating to keep his troubled and broken mind at bay.

Regardless of his mental state, you have to admit the kid's a genius. Much more intelligent than many give him credit for, he has a way with, well, everything that bends it to his will in a matter of minutes, maybe seconds. Showed him one fun programming trick? Now he knows how to create a whole entire illegal website from scratch and mask himself in the deep web while he sells things on the black market. Cast a spell in front of him once or twice? Now he can do every spell that begins with the same letter. A dedicated and determined learner, he picks everything up instantaneously, so quickly it's become quite problematic.

Chanmyeon's intelligence has led him to do some clever things to evade suspicion of not only his activities but his crumbling mental health. By assuming the position of a quiet and innocent boy, he has effectively blended himself into the background. If that doesn't work, he simply scares them off with rumors of psychopathy (which are all started by him ironically). While some find it annoying to be underestimated, Chanmyeon delights in it, enjoying the ability to surprise his opponents with his skills. Evident by his surprising physical physique despite his size. He appears to be very nonchalant and apathetic regardless of which story you believe about him, both are untrue anyway.

As he usually operates under a high level of anxiety and instability, Chanmyeon regularly suffers from mental breakdowns, which for his own sanity, he titles "visits from his 'friends'". They can occur once to three times a week and usually prey on one of his biggest fears: his claustrophobia. Chanmyeon hates small spaces with every fiber in his being. If he can't fit in between somewhere with at least a little bit of wiggle room, he freaks out and has a panic attack (which only makes the situation worse, but what are you supposed to tell him?). This also contributes to his overall cynical nature and negativity.

With the ability to perform both nonverbal and wandless magic at the same time (due to immense practice, almost every night of Sixth year spent up till three AM trying to cast basic and intermediate spells without his wand and eventually nonverbally) if he focuses hard enough, he's certainly a force to be reckoned with. Let it be known, his sleep schedules are highly irregular and he's pretty much just been reduced to sleeping when he has the time. This merely worsens his overall health and makes him quick to irritation on a daily basis. At this point, he essentially lives off of energy bars, sarcasm, and the blood of his enemies the knowledge of his brother's wellbeing.


Shin Gyeongmi and Song Jaehyun shared a problematic love of danger. There was a thrill to it all, knowing you could die but also knowing how much your name would be proclaimed for completing such feets. That problematic love brought them into a problematic relationship that brought them a problematic marriage with two innocent, un-problematic children. The two settled down in a cottage in the Korean countryside where they lived with their children in peace and quiet, free from the busy life they had once lived.

Chanmyeon and Chanjoo, four years apart (Chanmyeon being the older), were at first, wary of each other. Well, Chanmyeon was, an infant's not really capable of actively avoiding people, but regardless, they weren't very close. This quickly changed as Chanjoo got older, and the two of them became virtually inseparable. While Chanmyeon found Chanjoo annoying as a little brother sometimes, he still went out of his way to make sure his little brother knew he was always there for him and cared for him. Always.

Their parents, once magical daredevils, lived on the more quiet side of things now and hadn't thought to tell either of them about the wizarding world until it came up on its own. The conversation became a result of Chanmyeon's first magical experience when he was seven. A show of sheer brilliance and danger, just like his parents. See, if he had managed to get stuck in a tree, no one would be too particularly worried. But he hadn't gotten stuck in a tree. He got stuck on their roof. How? He kind of just subconsciously appeared there and didn't think much of trying to get down. In fact, he sat up there for a solid hour before his parents decided enough was enough and levitated him off the roof which was a whole different discussion for a whole different day.

He began attending Mahoutokoro when the new school year came around. Everything was pretty standard and uneventful. During this time, Channie had always been an energetic person, constantly bouncing around and getting himself in trouble (sometimes intentionally). He was also very charismatic and seemed to have befriended a large crowd of children. This all severely changed during the summer vacation between his third and fourth years. They had been preparing to move to Britain for a while, and they had settled in quite nicely for a few weeks. But then, Chanjoo, a late bloomer, had to have his first magical experience near their stove.

The fire originally wasn't bad, it was something that could've been put out in an instant, but Chanmyeon was distracted and their parents were enticed with ventures beyond the quaint house. You see, they lived near a cliffside in a clearing in the woods, mostly secluded from the rest of the world. So when the stove caught on fire, no one could put it out. Chanjoo had tried but it seemed the fire only got worse every time he tried to douse it, so he fled to a "safer" part of the house. Chanmyeon reacted too slowly and nearly died from being crushed to death as well as smoke inhalation (the fire later becomes the source of his extreme claustrophobia, PTSD, and to an extent, his psychosis but the last one is due to a traumatic head injury he receives much later in life).

The parents' attention was drawn by the smoke and so they rushed to find half their house on fire and slowly collapsing. Desperate and worried, they attempted to purge the fire as they searched for their sons but in an unfortunate turn of events, the house collapsed on them just as Chanmyeon managed to pull his brother outside of the burning wreck. The tragedy drew the attention of magical authorities but when they arrived at the scene, there was nothing but char and burnt structures. At some point, Chanjoo had run off into the woods, lost and distraught. After a three-week-long search (during this time, Chanmyeon had heard the news and had found Chanjoo, they ran away), the authorities concluded that the Song family was dead and left the search at that.

Now orphans, the fourteen-year-old and the ten-year-old (mainly the fourteen-year-old though) contemplated their options. They could show up in Lincliff and look for help (Chanjoo considered this turning himself in no matter how many times Chanmyeon tried to persuade the younger that he was not a murderer) or they could continue living in hiding (Where? The woods? In town? Sneak onto a boat to France?). In an attempt to sanctify Chanjoo, Chanmyeon went with the latter option. They snuck into town often, improving their thievery skills (also helped that Chanmyeon was a kleptomaniac and pretty much stole everything he saw) as time went by, living on the outskirts in an abandoned house that was only ever checked out by older kids who thought it was fun to go poking around an abandoned old house. This was their life for several months until Chanjoo (it was always Chanjoo, sheesh) slipped up and brought attention to them.

With sightings of what appeared to be the two Song sons, some magical authorities and social workers were dispatched to find them. While Chanmyeon personally refused to be on the grid, he saw what was best for his younger brother and willfully approached the ministry. The two were placed in Lil Bundles, but of course, Chanmyeon soon disappeared without a trace. When he showed up at Hogwarts anyway for fifth year, it simply became a game of, "Can you spot Chanmyeon?" which no one bothered with by the time he graduated because he appeared and disappeared as he pleased. Meanwhile, as his brother got old enough to attend Hogwarts, he started dabbling in certain activities to make money to buy things for Chanjoo. While his supplies would be provided, Chanmyeon couldn't bear the thought of Chanjoo struggling with no money, so for the sake of his brother, he started... committing a few crimes.

Small, quick-witted, and stealthy, Chanmyeon was almost a perfect fit for pretty much every illegal activity he was involved in. It had been no secret that in school he had been incredibly talented in potions, so selling illegal potions? Seems legit. At some point he started dabbling, no full out diving into new trades, expanding to but limited to drug dealing, rare magical herbs, magical creatures and the like. He's been on the black market before, practically knows it like the back of his hand and even though he knows he should find a cleaner source of income before all this came back to bite him in the butt, it made too much money for him to resist, especially if he could pay for his own apartment and move Chanjoo in with him. Besides, he can turn a new leaf over later when he has all the money he needs.

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