Spencer Kipling

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Spencer Kipling

Head Chef and Owener of Sally's Restaurant

Vital Statistics
Born February 15, 2016
Age 25
Family The Magical Five
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature [[File:|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Muggle-born
Patronus TBD
Boggart TBD


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Spencer Marvin Kipling was born into the "Mr. Kipling" cakes empire on February 15, 2016 (40 years after they became UK's largest cake manufacturer) to his two Muggle parents. His parents were thrilled to have a son to continue carrying on the Mr. Kipling persona. Spencer grew up around sweets and baked goods, and certainly inherited the family gene for baking, but it wasn't long before his interests grew beyond just baked goods. All of those notions would go on hold when, after several magical happenstances (which began around the age of 6 by cakes swelling in size in the kitchen), at the age of 11 the Kipling family was informed that Spencer was a wizard. Spencer had two younger siblings-- a younger brother (Stewart) and a younger sister (Sally). Spencer and Stewart were never very close, and Spencer was fine to have his brother take over for him as heir to the Mr. Kipling fortune. But he was always close with Sally... and he was disappointed when it seemed that they didn't share the magical gene. Only Spencer was destined for Hogwarts. As might be expected for a nice boy coming from a family of bakers, he was Sorted into Hogwarts.

Spencer's Sorting gave him a prime opportunity to hone his culinary skills. He worked with the House Elves, frequently helping prepare some of the feasts throughout the year. He fared well in many of his classes, but his notes were always littered with recipes in the margins. In his fifth year, while his classmates were fretting about O.W.Ls, Spencer was fretting about something entirely different from his grades. He knew by this point that a career in the culinary arts was for him. He'd also come to realize that he wasn't thrilled so much by asking a girl to a dance as he was about asking a boy. He didn't look at girls the same way he found himself daydreaming about the well-cut figures of some of the boys in his House. It took another year or two... but he eventually came out to his close friends, and then his family. His family wasn't thrilled, but given that they realized that Spencer was more keen on living a wizarding life, than one with them in the Muggle world, they continued to embrace him, and did their best to help him advance his career. Living in the Muggle world was making it difficult to make connections over the summers, when he really would've wanted a job in a kitchen. So he convinced his parents that just baking alone wasn't going to be enough for him, and they let him apprentice over the summer with some highly acclaimed restaurants, using their influential connections. Spencer thrived doing so.

By his seventh year, Spencer strongly considered skipping out on his final year. He didn't at the bequest of the Head of Hufflepuff, insisting that NEWTs would serve him well, if he ever decided to do something different. Despite knowing that he wouldn't, Spencer finished school. His grades were mediocre, but the menu he knew he was building certainly wasn't. Straight out of Hogwarts, he got a job in the kitchen at The Leaky Cauldron. It wasn't where he wanted to end up, but it was a good place to hone his skills. His specials were frequently put on the menu to generally positive reviews. Five years of saving up money later, Spencer decided it was time to start up his own restaurant.

He called it Sally's. He loved his sister, and even though there's a very good chance she'll never see the place, he wanted to keep her close to his heart. It took a little longer than he wanted it to before it started to grow. Eventually, after several good reviews, business started to take off. His success, at such a young age, brought him to the attention of a television network. He was asked to join a show called The Magical Five, which he happily signed onto, after confirming that he'd still have the time to run his restaurant. It wasn't long before the other four men became the second family he never realized he needed.


Spencer is a go-getter. His work ethic is what made him a Hufflepuff, and he lives up to that trait most of all in his life. He believes that hard work can get you anywhere, and rarely settles for those who take the easy way out. He always encourages the folks on the show to make an effort in everything they do, because seeing the fruits of your own labor can be one of life's most satisfying things. Everyone at the restaurant knows that Spencer will help with everything from planning the menu, to seating guests to doing dishes, if the job warrants it. He doesn't look down on any position in the business he runs, because he believes people will work harder when they know they're appreciated. He is a hard-working team player, through and through.

When he's not leading the charge at his restaurant, Spencer can be very laid back. He loves bringing people together in his home (and cooking for them) and letting them relax from life's worries and stresses... and then after the dinner has been made, relaxing right along with them. He believes that much of life's worries can be eased away with a good cuddle. He's very touchy-feely, and doesn't mind sharing physical embraces with his close friends. When he's around anyone-- client, or family-- he frequently wears all of his emotions on his sleeve. His face is always a dead giveaway for how he's feeling, and he's never really minded that. He'd rather people be honest with their feelings than bottle them up.


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Spencer is on the shorter side of average for men his age, and doesn't cut the slimmest figure. But he has kind brown eyes, and a smile that lights up for almost anything, bringing in even the stodgiest of souls. He rather likes playing around with his facial hair, either growing out a full beard or wearing just a mustache. Which he can totally pull off. When he's at work, he dresses for the role he's playing that day (usually the chef), but if he's at home, he likes to wear fun, loud, printed shirts. His faceclaim is Zeke Smith.


*Spencer means: keeper of provisions

*Marvin means: lives by the sea

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