St. Mungo's Clinic


St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries opened up a clinic and ward in Lincliff City shortly after its grand unveiling due to the quickly increasing population there. The emblem of St. Mungo's is a wand crossed with a bone, and sits right above the entrance doorway. People are free to walk in for a check up in the main building, and right next to it lives the chronically ill and terminal patients, allowing the main hospital to care more specifically for emergency patients. It's most commonly home to ill children, seeing as they have a floo connecting solely to Hogwarts to facilitate transportation to and from the castle during the school year. There is also a Floo network system to the main hospital, to facilitate more care if necessary. A small Emergency Room has also been added due to the growth of the city to allow for any critical medical emergencies that may arise.

The mains hospital staff takes turns working at the clinic and main hospitals so on any given day healers with different specialties are available for appointments or to treat a wide variety of injuries or diseases.

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