Sixth Floor: Maternity Unit and Pediatric Unit Waiting Rooms

The right wing is the Maternity Unit those who are in labour and about to give birth, and the Pediatric Unit for the younger generation of witches and wizards. Wait here before being called to your appointment.



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Scarlett and Charlie


Scarlett OllivanderWitch Weekly • Starving

「 Age 」
22 y/o
「 Species 」
Part nymph
「 Occupation 」
「 Relationship 」
Happily married

Scarlett didn't know how exactly this was going to turn out. She'd never done this before. Gosh she hoped it wasn't Theo who saw them today. It shouldn't be. He worked in a different department but still. Theo was nice enough. He was just the ex husband and Scarlett didn't feel that comfortable around him. Sitting in the chair, she tossed popcorn into her mouth. She was stress eating. Well, not stress eating. Nerve eating. She wasn't stressed just...nervous. But who wasn't nervous about this sort of thing?

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Adelaide J

Charlotte, Duchess of CambridgeRavenclaw Alumna

「 Age 」
20 y/o
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
Royal Princess
「 Relationship 」
Married to Scarlett

"You should stop stress eating," Though she knows it's moot to tell her wife this, she still does so gently, if not blatantly amused. "It's not healthy, and I don't want your heart giving in. Especially not now. I'll kill you if you die from a heart attack."

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Hope Black

Hope Black Hufflepuff Alumna - Head Healer at St. Mungo's
-"My family is my strength and my weakness."

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She walked into the waiting room. "Princess Charlotte?"
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