Stella Lenton
Fourth Year Gryffindor
Owned by: Lyss

Full Name: Stella Evelynn Lenton
Born: July 30, 2028
Age: 14
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: European

Sexuality: TBD
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: English
Birthplace: London
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English

Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand Wood: Elm
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 10 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Unknown

Schooling: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor
Year: Fourth
Year Joined: First

Emilee Stanton and Andrew Lenton first met as teammates on the Hufflepuff Quidditch. The two made an unstoppable beater team, bringing several championships to their house. What started off as a great friendship eventually morphed into much more. In their sixth year the two started dating, and about a year after graduating the two got engaged. The two were so busy with their Quidditch careers, the wedding was put on hold for about another three years, but eventually, it happened, and the two were finally. After a few years of marriage and wrapping up there Quidditch careers, the two decided to start a family, bringing Wesley Thaddeus Lenton into the world. A little over a year later, little Stella made her way into the family.

Since both of her parents had saved up quite a lot of money, both from their jobs and Emilee's inheritance, neither parent really had to work. They put all of their time and focus into raising Wes and Stella. Her first few years were great. She had a caring family that she got to spend all of her time with. Her parents wanted her to build a love for Quidditch just like they did, so they took her and her brother all over the world to see different Quidditch matches. She wasn't really into them as much as the rest of her family, but was happy spending time with her family.

A little before Stella's 6th birthday, her parents took in the child of one of their friends who had passed away. His name was Oliver. He stayed with them for quite awhile, trying to get accustomed to the change. Eventually, Andrew and Emilee decided to adopt the boy, making him Oliver Lenton. He and Stella got along pretty well, especially when Wes ha his particularly annoying days. He was a goo role model for her and started to treat her like she was actually his little sister.

As much dislike Stella showed for the sport, both her mom and dad pushed Quidditch on her. By the time she was 7, she could fly as well as most kids at Hogwarts could. She saw how happy it made her parents to see her flying, so she kept it up, not wanting to let them down. Coming from a family of such high achievers, she felt the pressure to extraordinary, and even if she hated it, Quidditch seemed to be her best shot.

Now 11, Stella has surpassed her brother's Quidditch skills, constantly making him mad. She's learned to tolerate the sport, thinking she might as well make the best of the situation while she figures out how to tell her mom, who was now the Head of Magical Games and Sports, that she wanted to quit.

Stella definitely got the athletic trait from her parents, more so taking after her mother. She picked up Quidditch much faster than her brother did, which has since become a point of contention between the two. AS she's continue to practice, Stella has become quick and has shown a great sense of instinct and reflexes, showing the qualities of a great chaser to be.

Stella has also taken after her mother in a few other ways. She is definitely confident in her abilities and who she is as a person. She knows that she's good at what she does and won't let you forget it. This sometimes causes problems for her, thinking she can handle difficult situations that she may not actually be suited for.

Along wither her confidence, Stella has developed a very assertive nature. She knows how to take control of a situation, always trying to be the one in charge. She doesn't do well with delegation and will try to take on too much by herself. If given the chance and proper guidance, she could me morphe into a strong leader.

Model: Jaycee Wilkins
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'0
Weight: 80lbs


Father: Andrew Lenton
Mother: Emilee Lenton
Siblings: Oliver Lenton, Wesley Lenton
Grandparents: Estella Tyrrell †, Thaddeus Stanton †, Silas Tyrrell
Aunts/Uncles: Julius Tyrrell, Renée Delacroix-Tyrrell, Juliana Stanton, Selena Tyrrell
Cousins: Philip Tyrrell,Amelia Tyrrell, Elyse Tyrrell

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