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Stella Starr[]

Stella Magnolia Starr is a 2nd Year in Gryffindor. She was born on 20 May 2001 and is best friends with Lyrica Stone. Stella's parents are pure-blood Radius Starr and muggle-born Luna Starr (née Moonar).When Stella was 6 and Crysthia was 9, Luna, their mother went on a trip to Bulgaria and was killed in a dementor attack. Radius was heartbroken and had to go to hospital a few years after Luna died. Stella had to go and live with her aunt Sylvie and uncle Goldwhite for 6 months. Radius came back home fine but became blind for the rest of his life. Crysthia was at Beauxbatons then so she didn't know. Sylvie and Goldwhite had to look after Radius then. Her sister is Crysthia Starr who is in Beauxbatons which is a great French school. Sadly Stella could not get into Beauxbatons as she was meant to go to Hogwarts. Stella was magical from the day she was born when she cut her own umbilical cord with her mouth. Sparks flew out. Crysthia is three years older than Stella and is 14. She misses Crysthia lots even though they used to hate each other and had revenge. Stella once turned Crysthia into a snail for a week because in a race Stella had lost and Crysthia had called her a snail for being so slow. She loves her house Gryffindor. She wanted to be in Gryffindor in the first place with her best friend Lyrica. Her favourite teacher is Professor Fang and her favourite lesson is Care of Magical Creatures and she wants to sign up for it next year. Stella is very helpful to all the teachers and students and is very caring. She tries to make people feel better when they have had fights or takes someone under her care when they have hurt them selves. Radius is very proud of Stella and thinks that she will become a great and helpful person in her future at Hogwarts. Stella is a half-blood witch and even though some people might not care for her, she cares for them.

Spell List[]

1st Year Spells

  • Expelliarmus
  • Protego
  • Accio