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Shop Name Location Purpose Owner Username Accepted or Not
Gladrags Wizardwear Hogsmeade Grounds
A clothing boutique
Alexandria Malfoy EvilhariboMadness ACCEPTED
The Retro Hogsmeade Grounds
An retro-themed American-style restaurant
Angus Thayne EvilhariboMadness ACCEPTED
Alohomora Entertainment Building Lincliff City
The headquarters of Alohomora Entertainment, where most of its proceedings occur and the CEO works.
Circe Kim IconicUsername APPROVED
The Hub Lincliff City
Originally, the Hub was supposed to be a safehouse for vampires, but as the UK became increasingly hostile towards non-wizards, it became an underground "country" for all those persecuted.
Tiamat Altair Ildsjel ACCEPTED
Lincliff City & Diagon Alley
GMN is a newly surfaced television network that's quickly becoming one of the biggest empires in the UK. The Wizarding Wireless Network is the UK's most relevant radio station focusing heavily on music and important news in the country.
Tiamat Altair Ildsjel ACCEPTED
Lakeside Center for Education Hogsmeade
Created as an outright defiance to the oppressive government, Lakeside's goal is to teach students (sixth and seventh years) and adults alike about muggle subjects. Maths, sciences, languages, history, all of it are taught during flexible hours to prevent conflict with Hogwarts and work. There are summer programs for underclassmen at Hogwarts & year-long programs for children under 11.
Undecided, but will be RPed. Ildsjel ACCEPTED
Syzygy Management Lincliff City
Syzygy Management is a talent management company covering sports, actors, musicians, and any other profitable branches. It counts with an impressive ensemble of over 150 agents who are well-versed in their respective industries and are at any newbie's disposal, given the right salary.
NPC-Owned (Anyone who wants to make a manager/agent, or needs one, can use)

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