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Shop Name Location Purpose Owner Username Accepted or Not
Silencio Records Lincliff City
Silencio Records was the first well-establish record label in the magical UK. Founded by the Conwyn-Riverty, it has produced some of the best known musical artists in the United Kingdom.
Conwyn-Riverty Family Koserein ACCEPTED
Tanilon Incorporated Diagon Alley, Lincliff City and Hogsmeade. The 'base' is located in Lincliff though.
Essentially, it's the private company mentioned in Coral Gates that specialises in real estate. It offers citizens suburbs, apartments and houses across the wizard world. Both rental and for purchase. Essentially, the purpose is too provide characters with already made places too live. 
Roselyn Robincheaux-Louboutin TimeForTheTea ACCEPTED
McWitches Crave Various locations throught the wizarding world
This is a chain fast food restaurantsoley for magical beings. It is Wizard's equivalent of McDonald's
No owner; it's a chain store, meaning each location is owned by different people SocialCasualty ACCEPTED
The Petit Pink Hogsmeade
Part of 'The Pink' chain owned by Kye Paea; serves as an LGBT cafe within Hogsmeade. Created with the intention of under aged LGBTQ+ people being able to enjoy all the gay goodness of The Pink chain 
Kye Paea EvilhariboMadness ACCEPTED
Yoosnacks Various locations (Lincliff, Hogsmeade)
A fast food chain part of the infamous food company owned by the Lee Family
Owned by Yoonsacks Enterprises; each location has an individual manager IconicUsername ACCEPTED

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