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In order to make a new shop, restaurant, museum, or any other sort of organisation, you'll have to register here. Likewise, if you want to create a shop keeper please sign up here. Once accepted, you should appear on the Shop Employee Roster. Furthermore, if you are wanting to sign up a character to be an employee/owner at an already established store, please go here. When creating a shop please only make the shop after you have been accepted, seeing as the C&L team reserves the right to deny any requests if they see it overlaps with any of our existing locations.


Sign up[]

Shop Name Location Purpose Owner Username Accepted or Not
Warwick Broadcasting Corp. Lincliff City
Wizarding world's most popular public service broadcaster. Though previously having its TV channels, those were liquidated and the company now stands as a radio powerhouse.
Cyrus Brixton-Warwick Filoksenia ACCEPTED
The Chef's Connection Diagon Alley
Foodservice equipment supply store, upscale culinary school and fine dining restaurant. Operating from 8AM-11PM. In-store cooking classes offered weekly to the community, the restaurant also makes itself available for catering of public or private events.
Jude Cresswell Hecate Grimm ACCEPTED
Bucklebury Festival Bucklebury, England

The wizarding version of Glastonbury & Coachella

Barclay Cabot EvilhariboMadness ACCEPTED
The Imperial Theatre Lincliff City

It was once a theatre in Lincliff until it was recently purchased by Henri Rhee who has converted it into a bookstore-cafe. She kept the name.

Henri Rhee Time ACCEPTED
Puerta del Sol / Sun's Door Lincliff City

It's the most popular bar and quick-serve restaurant in Lincliff Beach. It specializes in seafood and leans heavily into the sale of alcohol — for all species. They do sell virgin drinks, though.

TBD... Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Wanderlust Lincliff City

Affordable restaurant on top of one of Lincliff City's iconic skyscrapers.

Aleksandra Romanova Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Happy Petals Diagon Alley It's a florist NPC but I'll be making an employee User:TimeForTheTea ACCEPTED
Juicebox (Lincliff) Lincliff City blood bar Emilienne Sabine is a co owner GaySea ACCEPTED
Optical Office Supply Co. Lincliff City office supply company NPC for the moment GaySea ACCEPTED
The Spellbook Café Lincliff City Student-focused café with built-in bookstore and stationary supplies NPC atm BlueAndGrey ACCEPTED
Pop's Place Lincliff City Sister diner to Nan's NPC, will be made Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Dominic Maestro's Music Shop Lincliff City Music store NPC Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Warm Delights Lincliff City Bakery Venus Lufkin-Moon Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Revival Café Lincliff City Coffee House NPC (for now) Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Jollibeee Lincliff City Filipino fast food chain NPC Hara Ynaguinid ACCEPTED
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