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Shop Name Location Purpose Owner Username Accepted or Not
Nine Galaxy Cluster Lincliff City
Dance studio. Offers classes for different dance styles for all ages. An international branch of a chain of dance studios whose headquarters is located in Seoul and is a subsidiary of South Korea's Byulsung Entertainment.
Selywn Studio for the Arts Hogsmeade
An art school and studio for anything from voice lessons to acting to painting. It would provide a place where Hogwarts students and others can have access to a creative outlet. It's near Monde Irise in which the students could display their work.
Owned by Carlisle Selwyn but would have teachers and workers to help run Soc ACCEPTED
Cobb & Webb's Knockturn Alley
Cobb & Webb's was a shop in Knockturn Alley, London, where one could purchase items related to the Dark Arts. It was located next door to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, down the street from Borgin and Burkes.
Yaroslav Tolstokozhev Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Tallow and Hemp Toxic Tapers Knockturn Alley
Tallow and Hemp Toxic Tapers was a shop that specialized in poisonous candles. It was located in Knockturn Alley, close to Trackleshanks Locksmith.
Yaroslav Tolstokozhev Filoksenia ACCEPTED
Shyverwretch's Venoms and Poisons Knockturn Alley
Shyverwretch's Venoms and Poisons was a shop in Knockturn Alley, in the wizarding quarter of London, that specialised in venoms and poisons.
Yaroslav Tolstokozhev Filoksenia ACCEPTED
The Coffin House Knockturn Alley
The Coffin House was a business located in Knockturn Alley. It may have sold paraphernalia related to the Dark Art of necromancy. From here, Yaroslav also communicates with the dead, making a living from poor souls who want one last moment with their loved ones.
Yaroslav Tolstokozhev Filoksenia ACCEPTED

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