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Shop Name Purpose of Shop Owner Username Date Accepted or Not
Flourish and Blotts Selling books to wizard witches a like Alfred Gruff 10:26, March 10, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Honeydukes Candy Shop Alexis Marks User:Peislandgal 14:39, March 10, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
The Hog's Head Pub Charles Burbadge User:Colin687 17:50, March 10, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Borgin and Burkes Dark Artifacts shop Caractacus Burke User:Colin687 18:01, March 10, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Quality Quidditch Supplies Selling Quidditch supplies Calen Gilcrease Alyssa 05:12, March 11, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
The Leaky Cauldron Pub Jennifer Thompson Jiskran 05:48, March 11, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
The Apothecary Apothecary Emeric Deverill Frejah 05:07, March 14, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Dervish and Banges sells and repairs magical equipment Xylianne Molyneaux Kira 04:17, March 19, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Norman Furniture Emporioum Sells Furniture Harvey Norman (character yet to be made) Yugi   Yugimuto1    Owl Me!   [[Special:Editcount/ Yugimuto1|Special:Editcount/ Yugimuto1 edits ]]  20:26,4/22/2013  ACCEPTED
Obscura Antiques & Oddities Sells everything from old pocket watch to a Victorian stomach pump to a double headed cat to skulls. Sells to muggles too. Evan M & Mike Z Madeye 17:36, June 12, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Flood Take-out food Employee run (I hope to provide some jobs with it) Rabbitty Rabbitty (talk) 03:12, August 3, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED

Raimi's Recommendable Potions & Hats

Sells Hats and Potions and in the basement is a black market where you can get illegal materials at low prices and at night the basement is a fighting rink. Harry Raimi JacktheCat JacktheCat (talk) 20:03, October 6, 2013 (UTC) ACCEPTED
Rosea It sells dress robes and everyday clothes for girls. Blanca Campos MelMione MelMione (talk) 22:57, October 12, 2013 (UTC) ~sent an owl~