If you have a character and you wish for them to work as an employee in a shop, please sign-up here. If you are wanting to create a new store, please go here instead. Also, please remember once you accepted to update the roster.==Help==
  • Under the column that says "Name", enter your character's name and a link to their page, if an actual char and not just a bubble.
  • Under "Shop", the shop you want your character to work for.
  • Under "Full Time or Summer Employee" column, put what kind of employee your character is, choosing between the two. Full Time employees are for adults, while Summer Employee is for student characters fifth year and above.
  • If the store has an active owner then they will also need to provide their approval. If the store doesn't have an active owner then only C&L approval will be needed.


Sign ups

Character Name Shop Name Type of Employee Username Store Owner Approval Accepted or Not
Freddie Lovelace Honeydukes Part-Time/Student Sirene APPROVED


Jodie Bristow The Hmm Cafe Part-Time Baker Filoksenia


Azriel Cagan The Apothecary Summer Asteriea Approved
Felix Dane The Apothecary Summer Ateleia Approved
Marius Lý Lumos Broadcasting Center Intern Ellie Approved
Vilja Mäkinen Aumberden Planetarium Part-Time Gaby APPROVED Approved
Flora MacLeod Shyverwretch's Venoms and Poisons Full-Time Potioneer Blue Butter APPROVED Approved
Adonis Oleastro The Leaky Cauldron Full-Time Blue Butter Approved
Vidyuta Adhikari Global Media Network Full-Time Talent my girl has a show proposition Jay Approved Approved
Jocelyn Jiménez The Human Canvas Part-Time/ Apprentice? Ateleia Approved
Lunette Byrne Point Zero Part-Time Ateleia APPROVED Approved
Marisha Gorski WizCo Building Intern Ateleia APPROVED Approved

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