Birthday March 27
Age 19
Status Alive
Pronunciation soo‧jin ehk‧mong‧kol‧pAI‧san
Family Han Seung-Heon
Handedness Right
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual; Biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality Thai
Speaks Thai, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, English
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Muggleborn
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Varies colour charms
Height 5'4"
Model Lalisa Manoban

As expected of a member of the Charm Girls, Cherry is beautiful. Her makeup artists and stylists are without equal - Reducto Records hire only the best, after all, and no expense is spared on their new girl group. Her body is enviable, too, due to the sheer amount of time she spends dancing and practising (and her equally well-paid personal trainers.) She'll never be caught on camera looking anything less than perfect. In fact, the only place you'll catch her dressed informally, makeup-free and with her hair in a messy ponytail is at home. Heels aren't any use when you're helping your parents give medicine to a dragon.
Sujin Ekmongkolpaisarn (สุจินต์เอกมงคลไพศาล) was born into a wealthy Thai family: her mother was a social media starlet and her father an American-educated businessman. Given the nickname (chue len) Cherry at birth because of her mother's pregnancy cravings, she joined her older siblings Apple, Lychee and Mango in the house their father had affectionately dubbed the Fruit Bowl. The family of six was tight-knit, and Cherry had a better relationship with her siblings than most anyone else she knew did with theirs.

To be completely honest, the children were spoiled - especially Cherry, as the youngest. She was prone to tantrums as a child (what can she say? she's a theatre kid at heart), and rarely reprimanded for anything: in the eyes of her parents, their children could do no wrong. Lychee made another child cry in the playground after mocking their shoes? People should teach their children not to be so easily offended. Mango punched another boy? Well, boys will be boys. And so on.

While her siblings went to school, a five-year-old Cherry was her nannies' worst nightmare. A whirlwind at the best of times, one moment she'd be perfectly happy to do as she was told and the next decide that no, actually, that's not what she wants at all. It was on one of these occasions that Cherry did something that would change her life forever: had her first sign of magic. She burned down the nursery (and subsequently the rest of the house).

Her nanny barely got both of them out alive, and even then her burns were catastrophic. She'd be living with the scars for the rest of her life. Cherry, though, was completely untouched by the fire (yet another burst of accidental magic), but that was where the Ekmongkolpaisarn family's luck stopped. After the loss of their house, everything went downhill: Cherry's father's company went under, and unable to face his wife he killed himself. As for Cherry's mother, she simply vanished one day. Her four children were left alone on the streets of Bangkok to fend for themselves. Quite a lifestyle change.

Cherry adapted quickly - she had to, really - and became very good at doing what her brother Apple told her to. He'd joined a gang, you see, for safety, and gave Cherry the least dangerous jobs he could: begging, selling flowers on the street, etc. The danger was everpresent, however, and when Cherry was six she was snatched off the street by traffickers. She hasn't seen her siblings since.

Soon enough, Cherry found herself in a place which was definitely not Bangkok - Hong Kong. Over the next year or so, she learnt Cantonese out of necessity so she could understand her captors. Eventually, she'd learnt enough to make a break for it, and when her accidental magic vanished her window... well. Clearly some power above wanted her to get out, so she climbed right out of that window and ran for her life.

Hong Kong's streets were similar to Bangkok's in the way they were structured, and Cherry soon learned which areas to avoid. She got by by begging in tourist areas (they were the most generous, after all), watching the dance groups who'd sometimes gather to perform K-Pop choreographies to post on youtube. Ask her now and she'll tell you that's where her love for dance began, watching those groups on the street with their pretty clothes and fluid movements. She wanted to be like them.

Now, a wizard child begging in such a busy area is bound to run into a wizard adult someday, and that's exactly what happened to an eight-year-old Cherry. She'd been sitting on her favourite corner, focusing on making a flower unfurl its petals when she'd been approached by a Korean woman and her seven year old son - Seohyun and Seungheon, is what the woman introduced them as.

It took a few weeks for Cherry to work up the courage to trust the self-proclaimed witch, but they just kept coming back until she decided it was worth a shot. And that is how Cherry Ekmongkolpaisarn found her new family. And all the dragons. Of course, her trust was not given immediately, but built over the next few years - it helped that Seohyun and Taehyung, her new 'parents', had the unorthodox parenting method of figure it out yourself. Cherry fit right in.

Cherry learnt Korean soon enough (Seungheon liked to babble at her, and she wanted to babble back), and Quidditch, of course - beating is her ultimate calling. The dragons on her new parents' reserve were downright awesome, and Cherry fully supports her brother's attempt to raise one in the Mahoutokoro dorms (even though it got him expelled). Even day school at Mahoutokoro was fun - magic is real. How cool is that?

Being a year older than Seungheon, it often fell to Cherry to defend him from bullies, and Merlin, did she enjoy that duty. Her childhood, combined with her new family, made her completely and utterly fearless, and also completely and utterly clueless about what the acceptable response to most situations is. So she'd go in, (metaphorical) guns blazing, and make some children cry.

Cherry calmed down considerably by the time she turned eleven and began boarding, and since she's developed something important called impulse control. She came to terms a while ago that she'll never be the most academically gifted person in the world, but she makes up for that with the common sense she developed as a child, and her sheer talent. That's something she discovered since starting Mahoutokoro - she's a natural performer. Singing, rapping, theatre, and especially dancing are Cherry's calling.

Focusing on those meant that Cherry's quidditch fell to the wayside, but she's still often found helping her brother to practice, just as he'd humour her by coming along to her performing arts clubs. But Cherry got good, and by the end of her fourth year she'd been scouted by a British company, Reducto Records, and became a trainee for an upcoming girl group called The Charm Girls. As such, when Seungheon got himself expelled from Mahoutokoro and sent to Hogwarts, it wasn't overly difficult to convince her adoptive parents that Hogwarts was the best place for her, too. So for the last two terms of her seventh year, Cherry Ekmongkolpaisarn is coming to Hogwarts.
Much like the rest of her family, Cherry is a whirlwind. She's very loud, and her outlook on life is along the lines of here for a good time, not a long time. At first glance, she comes across as one of the bubbliest people ever to draw breath, and honestly that's accurate. Her friendliness is on a superficial level, though. At least at first.

Due to her childhood experiences, it's pretty hard to break through Cherry's façade and make it onto her 'friend' list - so far, only her groupmates, her adoptive parents and her adoptive brother have managed. Not that her outward manner changes overmuch when they do, but when she decides she really, truly trusts someone she becomes the most loyal friend they could hope for.

Cherry shares the same disregard for people's delicate sensibilities as the rest of her family, doing what she likes when she likes. You can imagine the hatred the Charm Girls' PR team have for her. Of course, sometimes this is a positive: she's all for standing up for the downtrodden and giving people equal opportunities, mostly because of her own childhood.

As you can imagine, her methods often cause controversy. She'll straight up @ people on Witchagram if they say something insensitive (what's a subtweet?) or call out rude interviewers if the situation calls for it. As you can imagine, her fans love her for it. Talk shit, get hit, after all. The compilations of her most iconic drags are everywhere.

Cherry just doesn't understand why people think it's okay to be mean to people who don't deserve it. Sure, some people do (i.e. why she likes to subtweet), but in general she sees belittling others as weakness. And Cherry sure as hell isn't weak. In fact, she's so nice to people that it comes across as flirty. Usually it isn't, but you know the drunk girls you meet in the bathroom at parties & they declare their undying love for you? That's Cherry sober.

Charm Girls stans think Cherry's hilarious, and that's stoked her ego to the point where she thinks she's a comedienne. Spoiler: she's not. She's just fluent in memes and quotes shitposts and vines in a completely deadpan voice. ("What the fuck, Richard," in response to the Prince when they did an interview together. "Then perish," in response to Seung Heon telling her he'd do anything for her, and so on.) She laughs at every single one of her own jokes, rather like a dad who thinks he's the funniest person alive. This has given rise to popular fandom nicknames for her: Meme Charm and Dad Charm.

Finally, Cherry is an adrenaline junkie, as can be expected from someone who lives with the Han family. Of course, her years on the street taught her to be careful and her new family haven't yet completely gotten rid of that, but she's still prone to complete idiocy at times. She's also completely incapable of saying no to any dare or challenge, ever, regardless of who it's from. There's very little she's afraid of, and death is not one of those things. She'd gladly face God and walk backwards into Hell.
wand: ever since she discovered her ability to do magic, Cherry's been obsessed with it, and her wand represents that. it's an unusually pretty one, but that's just another thing to boast about, isn't it? the wand wood is spruce - for bold spellcasters with a good sense of humour - and core is dragon heartstring, which learns quickly. just like her.
pink cockatoo: she found rose in a pet shop in wizarding tokyo and just had to have her. they regularly have lengthy conversations, though sometimes they don't make sense. it's one of cherry's favourite things to post on witchagram.

Boggart human trafficking
Amortentia cherry lip balm, pad thai, burning firewood
Patronus dragon
Wand spruce, dragon heartstring, 8 3/4"
Interests dancing, music, dragons, acting
Pet Peeve mean people
Habits playing with her hair
Star Sign aries
Dreams/Goals world domination, find her siblings
Color pink
Song thank u, next
Show scream queens
Movie mean girls
Book to all the boys i've loved before
Food pad thai
Drink green tea

her charm name is officially electric charm but all the fans call her meme charm bc she likes to recite shitposts & post memes on the official witchagram (which are usually taken down a few hours later).
there are fanpages dedicated to collecting these posts and keeping a record of how fast Reducto Records catches them. the current record is 2 minutes, 14 seconds.
the nickname meme charm is cherry's favourite thing. she doesn't think she can top it.
her life goal is to find her biological siblings again.
she owns a pink cockatoo called rose (i know, so imaginative) just because she thinks it's cool - and more acceptable than a dragon.

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