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Sun-Mi Pae
Sun-mi Pae1
Birthdate June 3rd, 2028
Birth Place Iksan, North Jeolla, South Korea
Hometown Manhattan, New York, USA
Accent American (New York)
Heritage Korean
Bloodline Muggle-born
Family Pae, Wanzer
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 8⅞
Wand Wood Maple
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Boggart Watching her family be dismembered
Patronus Salamander
Amortentia Apple pie, Mint, Cinnamon
Hecate Grimm

Sun-Mi Pae - Mentalist · Performance Artist
Send Me an Owl! - “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
“Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.”

Vital Information

Sun-Mi Pae is a Muggle-born (Claircognizant) witch of Korean descent. She is the daughter of Min-Jun Noe and Pyong-Ho Pae.

Full Name: Sun-Mi Pae
Meaning of name:
Sun (Seon) - "to announce" "first"

Mi - "beautiful"

Nickname: Sun (Everyone)
Birthdate: June 3rd
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Type of childhood: Pleasant
First memory: Teaching Edwin sour face/lion face
Most important childhood event: Learning muggle magic
Why: It became her passion
Do you want some cider too?

– Edwin Phillips

Only if the little ones got some first.

– Sun-Mi Pae

Life Before Hogwarts

She was born into a wealthy family. She had all the potential to be a happy child, who would grow into a well adjusted, and successful adult. Unfortunately, she was orphaned as a baby. Her parents were killed in a car accident, one which she miraculously survived with minor injuries. She was a part of various families following the death of her mother and father. None of those families kept her for longer than a few months. Around her second year of life she finally found a stable home with a nice American couple; Julie and Patrick Wanzer. They went on to adopt a number of other children, and Sun-Mi became their eldest. Sun-Mi was ecstatic to have little brothers, and sisters. What she was the most grateful for was that they were not babies. Julie and Patrick adopted toddlers who were at the age where they could walk or talk. Sun-Mi always had fun teaching them things. Like making faces, or adopting some of the sounds she made, and some of her gestures. She never expected the things she saw from them until she caught herself once. She immediately saw her little brother copying her, and laughing about it.

Her magic was discovered fairly late, a number of her younger siblings had shown signs years before she ever did. It was not extraordinary by any means. Sun-Mi had always been a magic enthusiast. She knew a great deal of No-maj (Muggle) tricks to say the least. She was excellent at slight of hand, and she was a talented magician and stage illusionist. She gained her preferential nickname "Bae" on the streets of the most densely populated borough of New York City. Preforming with a small group of friends for enough money to splurge on the kind of junk food that Patrick and Julie never let her have. Sun-Mi, and her friends were at a convenience store spending some of the money they just earned. They divided it even despite knowing they had all been the ensemble for "Bae", it was something they laughed about. Nonetheless she insisted they all get equal shares of the profit, they only did it for play not for real. Sun-Mi roamed the aisles while her friends grabbed bags of chips, cookies, and candies. All she wanted was ice cream, and this time the little packaged frozen treat came floating to her from the back of the store.

Neither Julie nor her husband Patrick, who were both descendants of Magical and No-maj families, were surprised to learn that not one but four of their children had magic. Patrick's younger sister is a witch, and Julie's elder cousin is a wizard. Sun-Mi was glad that magic was not something that terrified her new family, even with three members of the immediate family being No-maj themselves. She was afraid of what might have happened had her situation been different. She refused to tell anyone, aside from one of her friends who witness the 'floating ice cream'. Her talks with her friend Mari made her feel more confident about talking to Patrick and Julie which after a couple of weeks she did. Aside from the outings with her friends Sun-Mi spent a lot of time with her family, and she enjoyed being around her younger adoptive siblings; Edwin, Cheri, James, Bobby, Nikole, and Richard. Of the six only four of them followed her to Ilvermorny. After her Special Messenger arrived, shortly before she turned eleven, they received the same type of visit. Sun-Mi wanted to be a paragon, not just for her younger siblings with magic, but for people in general.

Horned Serpent

She began attending Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry shortly after her first sign of magic. She was eleven years old when she was chosen by Horned Serpent. She was expecting Pukwudgie, and she was quite frankly surprised that Horned Serpent wanted her at all. After being chosen she would never say that she was not worthy, she never thought her mind was her strongest asset. She assumed it was her heart, maybe even second to her spirit. She was disappointed to see her siblings each go to other houses. Because not a single one of them ended up with her. She was still proud of each one of them, she told them so and encouraged them never to question why they where in their specific house. She wanted them to live up to their all of the potential they were capable of. Again, trying to lead by example, Sun-Mi tried to be the best Horned Serpent she could be. It was absolutely exhausting 'trying' to be smart all the time. Eventually she had to give up, she had to be content being who she is. Flawed, but beautiful. She has never had a problem being herself in an empty or crowded room.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Horned Serpent
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — E
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — A
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Ancient Runes — A
Potions — A
Care of Magical Creatures — E
Astronomy — P
Divination — T
Arithmancy — T
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — E
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — E
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — A
Care of Magical Creatures — E
Astronomy — P
History of Magic — E
Muggle Studies — E

Talents (hidden or not): Charms
Extremely skilled at: Transfiguration
Extremely unskilled at: Potions
Good characteristics: Friendly, Unassuming
Character flaws: Tyrannical, Demanding

Color: Dark teal
Food: Black and white cookie
Music: Varies
Clothing style/Outfit: Eccentric
Literature: Realistic fiction
Expressions: “Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”
Quote: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”


Amicable - Tough, Charming, Modest, Iron-fisted

She has a hard edge to her, she sometimes looks like she might literally take a bite out of another human being. That is a tough act she puts on for show. She is as soft as a silk, and a delicate a porcelain. Being someone who prefers to be gentle does not make her weak, as a matter of fact in her mind it makes her stronger than the person next to her. She has a tender heart, and her biggest weakness is her siblings. She does what she can to look like someone who should never be trifled with as a defense mechanism. She may not seem like it at first glance but, she is the type of person who does things for other people without calling attention to it. If someone were coughing she would slip them a bag of cough drops. For someone with a case of the sniffles or frequently sneezing they would find some tissues on them. She gets her satisfaction out of doing something, not receiving thanks for having done it.


She has Asiatic features inherited from her birth parents. She has naturally jet black hair, that is impossibly straight. If she were to mess up her hair, with one flip it would fall right back into place. She uses various charms to change the style, length, thickness, and color of her hair on a weekly basis. She has a pale skin complexion, a dull beige with yellow undertones. She lovely grey eyes with a dramatic upward slant. She often accentuates this feature with heavy eye makeup such as thick, false lashes or a bold smoky eye. Sun-Mi has a strong preference for Muggle/No-maj clothing. She does not have the typical fashion sense of the average female. Sun-Mi wears whatever makes her feel the most the comfortable.